Pending projects in Quetta Blog

Pending projects in Quetta

Pending projects in Quetta

Pending projects are those projects which has not been completed since long time. construction projects where some work is still remaing. there are a lot of projects in Quetta which is in uncomplete stage since many years. some of these projects which were suppose to be completed in 2 years are still uncomplete after 40 years. These projects needs some serious attention. uncomplete plazas in the middle of the city is a burden on the city. although it is very dangerous to mention the mistakes of rich and powerful people in Quetta.

Some projects were started only to embazzle money from the public. they were meant to be completed. for example these days the fruadster start private housing schemes selling plot files. these files has not guarantee and some times the actual project has no  visible sign on the ground.

But some projects were started with good intentions by good people. the market crahed the developers announced bankruptcy and the work on these projects was stopped due to financila probelms.


Some of these projects are mentioned as below.

Pasking plaza at circular road

Fc hosuing bacha agha

Chashma norther bypass and its bridges

zarghoon houisng scheme

ayub stadium projects

samungli road exapnsion

Takhtani and shalkot housing scheme



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