The trend of apartments in Pakistan

Trend of Apartments in Pakistan
An apartment is a small kind of house that contains bedrooms, baths, a lounge, kitchen and maybe a drawing room sometimes. most of the apartments has reserve parking and they are located in colony type areas. An apartment looks a like a room from outside and a building contains several apartments. An apartment may also be called as a flat.

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Everybody likes to live in a huge house that contains big bedrooms, huge halls lawn etc. But as we all know Pakistan is a developing country, here most of the people are unemployed. Jobs are less, people searching for jobs are more. Even those who have jobs don’t get much salary to fulfill all their needs. In this situation, a good house is enough for these people. People search for cheap houses but a separate house nowadays is not at all cheap. Even if you build a house by investing your money still it would be really difficult. So apartments are a solution for this problem. An apartment is just like a house but it’s cheap. It has several other advantages too. So people in Pakistan are getting attracted towards it.

Let’s talk about trends


now let’s talks about the trends of apartments in several big cities of Pakistan one by one. First talk about the capital of Pakistan that is our beloved Islamabad. Islamabad is not a big city but it is one of the famous cities of Pakistan. It is mostly known for its peace and beauty. It doesn’t contain that rush other cities have. As Islamabad is a beautiful city so it’s not that cheap. In fact, it is really expensive. It is included in the ten most beautiful cities in the world. The rate of the property is quite high there. According to dawn news the following areas of federal ca