Zarghoon housing welfare association Quetta

Zarghoon housing welfare association.
Meeting on 8th of novemner 2020

Zarghoon welfare association is a union of the allotees and residents of the Zarghoon housing scheme. This union has president, chairman, media representative, attorney and other board members and general participants. This Association carry out meetings on timely basis. They also conduct meetings with the DG QDA. The association also publish reports in the national newspapers. They have a website and facebook page. Zhwaq as they call themselves is working successfuly for the development of Zarghoon.




Agenda of the meeting in Feburary 2021

واٹر سپلائی
نیب کیسز
سنگل فیز الیکٹرک کنکشنز
بسنت فیسٹیول موڈیلییٹیز
میونسپل کارپوریشن کا وزٹ
مسجد۔ اسپتال کنسٹرکشن پروگرس
پارکس کی رینویشن
فیملی گروپ
پی ٹی سی ایل
زہواک یوتھ گروپ
زہواک آفس کا قیام




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