Save water stay healthy.


This year the weather is good. There has been a long rainy season. it is still continuing even in April. There is water visible in Hanna Lake. The weather tv channels are predicting more rains. but there must be general awareness of saving the water.


Pakistan loses water worth 21 billion, in the ocean every year. says a report published in 2017. 

With a first glance a visitor can understand the green lands on google maps aerial view. Those locations which are green has properly utilized their water. In the past earlier population resided on the banks of rivers. Over the time people built irrigation systems. There are examples where people constructed long canals in hard conditions. countries are using huge amount of energy to operate upstream shifting of water. generators, pumps and dams are used in the process. 



July 2018

Water reservoirs are ending. The water shortage in Baluchistan is getting worse.

Stopping illegal water boring wells and the making of dams is important says “Pakistan council for research on water reservoirs”.


There will be serious water crisis by 2025. Baluchistan will suffer the worst water shortage. Underground water reservoirs are ending. Cultivation is decreasing. There is a danger of drought. Says PCRWR. The council also warned that water shortage will get worse by 2025. According to a research carried out by this research council, Pakistan was added to the list of countries where population is more than the water reservoirs in 1990.  The situation got worse in 2005. Now the authorities need to take measures. Make dams. Stop the wasting of water.


5600 cubic meter water was available per person in 1947 now its 1000 cubic meters. By 2025 it will decrease to 800 cubic meters.

The water shortage is becoming a bigger problem than electricity shortage.



Source Jang newspaper Quetta. May 20, 2018


Jang news- 22 July 2018

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