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House for rent in Quetta

Houses available for rent in Quetta.

415 yards bungalow for rent in Jinnah town Quetta. Rent 200000 rupees per month.

property dealing and requirement in quetta Blog

New recent property dealings

Property dealings

This is the list of the some of the recent property dealings. This page contain information about newest property buying, selling and rentig.

1 january 2020

Plot required in zarghoon housing scheme

Large plot for sale at chashma achozai

An urgant buyer available of 400 yards house in shahbaz town.

Commerial plot available in Zarghoon housing.

2000 feet plot available at 1.5 cr.

Very Very large commercial land available near main bazar area. These plots can also be accuired on a building contstruction joint venture long term partnership basis. We can also put together multiple sources of funding for the project. Buyers and builders call us please. / 30000 feet at 13000 rupees per foot. 40 Crore.

2 january 2020

real estate dealings recent in Quetta  city

Today we will be showing a very luxurious house at jinnah town. These two hosue cost 90000000 and 7 crore. if you want to to visit these two houses than join me at 3pm.

Patwari required who can help in Tehsil.

Different sizes rent houses are required.

Plot required in sra khula area at zarghoon bypass opposite zarghoon housing scheme. for details of this area. click on this link

3 Friday is Off

4 january 2020 , Saturday 

Saturday is active day. Always call in the morning to fix a time for meeting. We are available at our office at 7 am while the market opens at 10 am.

2 pm jamat, than lunch break till 2:30. Join us for lunch.

3 pm. Join me at Serena hotel at killa saifullah hall. Property expo. 

5 pm. general meeting. If you want short meeting and a quick adivice? than this is the time to drop by our office and have a cup of tea.

8 pm. Office closing meeting.

A very proper negotiations is going on about a 60 acre piece of land. A housing scheme will be built on this land. on a partnership basis. some money with down payment and more from selling the land. A housing scheme will cost you 100 rupees per feet development charges at the minimum. Boundary, sewage,water electricity, gas, noc and other costs are carefully calculated .  This deal cost our colleagues some serious time. We want to buy land. Call us For baleli areas. 

5 january 2020 , sunday (more…)

shahbaz town quetta Blog

Shahbaz town Quetta

Shahbaz town Quetta

Shahbaz town is a housing society situated in Quetta city. Shahbaz town is a residential and commercial project. This aea is considered to be the centre of the modern day Quetta. it has unique culture. and high living standards. It is administered by cantonment board Quetta. Shahbaz town is the prime location in Quetta. This area has both its stories of how it helped the location and location helped it. It’s a mythical and philosophical place. its an artistic place it’s a scientific place, it has commercial and residential, it has a food street, it has educational institutions, it has a new fly over on the eastern side, it will host the construction site for Quetta mass transit system. this will provide for the further expansion of samungli road. This location is a very important location. And it looks like that it is preparing for it. Because I have never seen this much construction in this area before. Clcik here to see available properties in shahbaz town  
Shahbaz town main samungli road commercial area
  Location of Shahbaz town Shahbaz town has a very good location. It is situated on both sides of samungli road. It is also in the center of Quetta city. It links western bypass, airport road, samungli road, Quetta cantt and main bazar area. On the east side of shahbaz town is koyla phatak , On the West side lies the jinnah town, on South side merck factory is situated and on the north side lies chaman housing scheme.      
Shahbaz town
  Plots sizes in Shahbaz town Residential plots sizes are 120 square yards to 600 square yards. Commercial plots are 900 feet to 6000 feet.

The commercial area.

Shahbaz town has different commecial areas. Tha main commercial area is from shahbaz town mosque to central jail. This is the property of highest demand. The southern side of road is occupied in the evenings because people are going from office to house. These commercial plots has approximately the size of 100 yards or 900 feet. Most of the plots are constructed. Small plazas with two floors are common in this commercial area. Below is a picture of the shahbaz town chorangi . office is near this chorangi. Shahbaz-town-commercial-area-highlighted with red line
Commercial area at night 1 am. office is near this chorangi.
shahbaz town Mosque
            When the koyla phatak fly over started, this commercial area saw a fast change. Many plazas were constructed here. The new shiny look of the plazas differentiate present day shahbaz town from the nineties. This commercial strip now houses 3 new banks. Although there are other banks near this location. This area accommodates prominent names and brands. Commercial rent can go up to 140000 for the full ground floor and basement of a shop. Which has a plot size of 900 feet. Samungli road expansion work will start soon. The samungli road will be extended 30 feet on the north side and 15 feet on the south side. The north and south side of samungli road will be redeveloped after the plazas are demolished. Offices in Shahbaz Town There are many huge and beautiful buildings present in shebaz town. These buildings are double and triple storey. These buildings comprise of offices like banks, property dealers and restaurants. Banks in shahbaz town The banks in shahbaz town comprise the large double and triple storey buildings. The banks situated in shahbaz town are Islami bank, allied bank, Faisal bank and NRSP bank. Schools in Shahbaz Town Shahbaz town is famous for its schools and educational institutions. The schools in shebaz town are big and of good quality. These schools are presented in pleasant areas of shahbaz town. The schools situated in shahbaz town are Meridian public high school, wipro public high school, Horizon public high school, Royal comrade grammar school, radiant grammar school, fledge public high school and the first step school. These schools are present in the pleasant areas of shahbaz town. Shahbaz town food street. Shahbaz town has many restaurants. Shahbaz town always had restaurants. They started to rise in numbers after 2000. Table top sittings areas are visible in front of night star complex. When plazas were built in Shahbaz town Phase 4. This area also attracted many top restaurants. From Bushra tower to tcs office this food area is still present. Hot chilli green and spicy Italian pizza and other restaurants are situated here. These restaurants include Italian piazza, Hot and Chili, hot and spicy, Green and spicy, Saigon restaurant, Al-haram kitchen, pizza point, Bar B Q Home Restaurant, saeed hotel tasty Bar B Q and traditional Italian pizza.

New roads and the expansion of existing road

There will be a road that will cross through shahbaz town. Chaman phatak will be connected with koyla phatak with a direct road. This will directly connect the 2 flyovers. this road will be built on the western side of the railway track as you can see in the picture below. This road will go straight from koyla phatak towards GOR colony. Than it will link to the new Ba mall and Quetta askari mall and airport road. Markings are already on the walls . These markings can be seen through out Quetta. People will be compensated accordingly.
New road will be built on the left side of this railway track. experimental train will travel between Buitems and Baluchistan university.
This picture shows the famous koyla phatak. It used to be a coal depot till the nineties. back than shahbaz town was a very quiet place. Most of the bungalows were been lived by original makers. first owners who built the house. Large Plots were vaccant. now it changed so much.  
killi ismail road expansion aerial view
Green line shows a new road expansion work
road expansion work behind phase 1 shahbaz town
ATTACHMENT DETAILS Shahbaz-town-road-development-work
Shahbaz town will always enjoy the prime status that it has. More information about shahbaz town coming soon.   Further reading: click here to see houses for sale in shahbaz town Click here to see our address or to contact us. click here to read about Jinnah town click here to see houses for sale in jinnah town Jinnah town Quetta Samungli road Killi ismail road expansion  City Nala Quetta click here to see houses for sale in samungli road House services The development of city Nala in Quetta click here to view our office address at shahbaz town Internship Coming soon Shahbaz town Pics Shahbaz town Maps Shahbaz town Google satellite maps Check other housing schemes articles in Like Jinnah town. Zarghoon housing.

Commercial rental property – Renting property to multinational company for commercial use.

Renting property to multinational company for commercial use.

Commercial property is used for work and business purposes. Work location has more public and more sale. Commercial location has an influx of people from surrounding areas. office property usually have front on main road. Large ware houses and other commercial property could stay vacant for longer period of time as it requires the right marketing plan to find the right tenant. renting out commercial property requires more effort. Most property owners favor contacting professional property advisers to find the suitable tenant for their property.

Organizations rent places for their offices, workshops, service centers, medical centers, health services, ware houses, shoping centers, hotels, restaurants, gyms and schools. Real estate communication defines the parameters for matching the right tenant to the space. Makanpoint has more options for their clients while further utilizing its marketing resources.

Quetta city is preparing for the new economical business atmosphere. Commercial Hubs are forming with bypasses. Samungli road  (click here) connected with the bypass is getting more traffic and is an ideal location for business activity. More billboards and road signs are visible in this area. The making of flyover made it easier for the expansion of samungli road. The expansion of samungli road is visible in front of Dalaan bakers. thus creating more commercial activity. Shahbaz town commercial area  is the hub to get to half of Quetta.  More companies are moving to shabaz town.



Advantages of renting your house to a company with the help of “makanpoint property administration”.

Renting property for commercial use with the help of makanpoint can be beneficial in many ways. organizations while searching for house prefers online marketing presence which we offer. area managers pursue the search for new location to rent. Commercial firms require houses for longer period of time. They spent money for extra fixtures and maintenance. The house does not get used much as the office closes at 5 pm and nobody is using the house at night. In metropolitan urban communities, land is hard to discover. Organizations that have representatives on broad travel will secure a property for long haul rent bargains. Commercial rental property brings higher rent when rented for the right cause of productivity.


  • On time rent

Property administration organizations will remain in control with the lease agreement. Reliable lease gathering is the way to accepting rent installments on time, and a property administration organization will uphold rent arrangements if installments aren’t gotten. That way when there are lease installment confusions.

  • Reduction tenant turnovers.

Increment occupant maintenance with property administration organizations. Occupants who make the most of their stay in their property will need to expand their stay and recharge their leases. Property management requires knowing how to keep their tenants upbeat. Glad leaseholders are more averse to leave to locate to a superior place to live.

  • Advantage: Less issues with tenants

Experienced property administration organizations like see hundreds of tenants. Their prepared eyes realize what signs to pay special mind to while neglecting a candidate’s printed material. Giving them a chance to understand inhabitants is an awesome method to get top notch tenants for your home.


What should you do as an owner of the property?

Call us and we will do all the work for you.

Market your property to organizations that work in the neighborhood. Substantial partnerships will frequently have ventures that set aside a long opportunity to finish, making inn remains unfeasible. Counsel the Better Business Bureau or nearby business exchange distributions to learn what organizations are in the region. Set up together a showcasing pack to convey to their HR offices. The advertising unit ought to contain photographs and general data about the house’s area and number of rooms and restrooms and in addition an estimating plan. Follow-up by calling following five to seven business days to guarantee the unit was gotten and offer to answer any inquiries.

Draw up a rental assertion or rent frame. These structures can be state particular, as proprietor inhabitant laws vary from state to state. The general arrangements ought to contain the rental value, length of rent term; states of utilization, right of utilization, late charges, store sums, and anything important to consent to your ward’s proprietor inhabitant laws.

Changing your Electricity and Gas Meters from residential type to commercial is required in some cases.

Demonstrate the property. At the point when reached by an organization to rent the house, plan a demonstrating time and be set up to answer any inquiries. Keep a few duplicates documents of the rent details in the house to disseminate to any agents that visit the house. Once a term and rental whole is consented to, have the organization consent to the rent arrangement and keep the first and furnish the organization with a duplicate of the executed record. Store any progress monies and give receipts for every installment.

Make a checking account for accepting deposits and rent as well as paying for maintenance and other expenses that may occur.

Organizations that lease or rent private property resemble to require utilities and property support is incorporated into the month to month or occasional rent

Contact a property administration organization like makanpoint to request a rental gauge in light of area and size of the property.

Familiarize yourself with the common landlord-tenant law in your area.



Makanpoint deals with multinational companies and large businesses on regular basis. We get calls from the head offices of the companies in Karachi and other cities within Pakistan to find them a house in Quetta. They email us their requirements. This is because of extensive marketing campaign of makanpoint website its partners and its other outlets. It’s hard to find ideal companies in city like Quetta. can help you out with numerous companies. We have rented numerous places to businesses and schools in Quetta that we can show you in order to prospect our services. We turn loss into profit (click here) by renting empty properties.

Call us and our staff will come to your location, evaluate your property and advice you about the right tenant for your house. We find the exact tenant for the property in order to seal a long term agreement. We provide all kind of house services for the convenience of our clients.

In the event that another person is stressing over dealing with your property and occupants, you get the chance to stress over it less. The property administration organization will do the greater part of the work for you. This will free up time for other activities as a property proprietor.

Less pressure and diminished occupant turnovers implies more noteworthy consideration can go towards development and change, rather than dealing with the everyday, littler parts of rental properties. At Makanpoint Property Management, we give brilliant property administration to accomplish ideal goals and incentives for the majority of our clients in contact. Leaseholders and financial specialists advantage from our viable administration methods in promoting, book keeping, support and relationship-building. Our experienced property administration experts work to guarantee long term success. We can find you exactly what you need.


Call or sms:   0316 800 1000   –   0300 381 6134


Address: shahbaz town. 



further reading.

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How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.

How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.


Take start from outside

Take a round of your entire home back and front. Observe carefully that if there is a crack or any other problem with the walls of your home, from which the heat of the sun can directly entre inside the house, Fix all the problems by yourself.

Take a round of the windows

If the windows in your house is probably old there is any other problem with the windows, and they need to replace. Then replace them, but if you cannot afford it then repair the old ones. By painting them with white color because except black color all other colors reflect the heat of the sun. If in the winter they caught rust, then first clean them properly and then give them paint.

Make shade of a big board

Make a shade of big plastic board. But if it is so expensive, then the same type of shade you can make from big cloth like the cloth of simple and cheap curtain cloth. Buy a big cloth and make a shade, then tie and fix it above the front door. Tie it before sunrise and untie it after the sunset.

Also take a round of the doors

See all the doors of your home carefully.

Take a start from the front door. If the front door is made of wood then there is no problem, but if the door is made up of iron or steel that can conduct heat then you have to paint it with white color like the roof and windows of your home, but if they are already have a fresh color then there is no problem with it.

Roof tops

Also have a look of the roof tops. Make sure that the roof tops of your house is in good condition. Paint roof with white color and look for any problem that need to be repaired then repair it.

Polystyrene Insulation


Also apply Polystyrene Insulation on the roof tops. Is another type of insulation that is used to keep houses cool in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. However, the solid form of polystyrene with no pores is a better option for insulation of house. While making house that is the best time for the installation of polystyrene with sheets are placed within the wall bricks and topped with cement. Unfortunately, if you missed the installation of the polystyrene sheets during the construction process, then you can still add polystyrene sheets after the construction and top them with a layer of cement later. But, this process is a little bit worthy.

Taking a look to the lawn

If you have a lawn in your house good, also take a round of it. Grow grasses and Shrubs in your lawn. If your lawn is large in size then also plant some trees in it. You have no need to keep a gardener, but you can maintain your lawn beautifully by taking help from the internet and reading some books. Help means that to know about the plants that which plant grows in summer, which grows in winter, which plant grows soon and which grows late. If you plant a shady tree like the tree of grapes and the tree of apples it will make your lawn and house cool and fresh.

Now take a look inside

First check all the electronic devices. Like refrigerator, AC, charger and other devices. If the devices like fridge and AC in your home are old, then you need to maintain them. Fro protecting yourself from high electricity bills, then you will have to use the electronic devices like charger, TV, fan, computer and AC with care, care means that when these devices will not be in use unplug them you will safe from high bills. Fridge and similar devices produces heat so keep them outside of living room or area.

Take a round to the windows from inside

Check all your windows from inside the house. Also white wash the windows from inside. If it is not in your budget than you can only color windows from outside, then you have to make curtains of such a thin type that only passes light.

How to make a room cool without AC

IF your AC is not working properly, you can’t pay the electric bills of your AC, You can’t afford an AC and you want to make your room cool. Then you have to keep open the curtains of the rooms after the sunset and close them back after the sun shine.

IF your room have a window which is open in your lawn keep it open all the time.

You have a fan, if you are not in the room then turn on the fan, but close the door and windows. When you come back to the room turn off the fan and only open that window which opens in the lawn of your home.

If your room have no such type of window then if possible make a window of such a type that opens in your lawn.

Professional services

There are a lot of companies who provide professional help. Makanpoint also provide similar services. So if polystyrene Insulation



Malik Riaz hussain

Malik riaz hussain is a Pakistani business man. He is a real estate tycoon, builder, developer, investor and philanthropist.  He was born on 8 feburary 1954. Malik Riaz hussain is a billionaire with the estimated net worth of 1.1 billion dollar which makes him the seventh richest person in Pakistan.

Malik riaz hussain was born in a rich family but latter his family was bankrupt and he has to start working at an early age. His father was a contractor who had serious losses in business. Malik Riaz than started as clerk and sometimes worked as a painter part time. He also worked as low level contractor for some time in 1980. Those were hard times for Malik Riaz and he often recalls them in his Tv interviews. He also tells the stories where he didn’t have money for his daughter’s treatment. Paving roads and painting walls.


The biggest turning point in malik riaz career was when Pakistan navy withdrew from a housing project in Rawalpindi and Bahria town was formed.  Since than malik Riaz has expanded his business many folds. News is circulating that Bahria town will also launch a housing project in Quetta, with the name Bahria town Quetta. Bahria town at the present has projects in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and murree. Bahria town was launched in 1996 with residential properties and commercial projects. In the early days of Bahria town it looked like a small project and people were not very confident in investing their savings in Bahria town. But latter on the project got traction it became as famous as DHA. Bahria town is now the biggest housing project in south asia.

Bahria Town

Bahria town

Bahria town Rawalpindi was first establish in 1999 and created the first gated community in the southern Rawalpindi on the great trunk road. The bahria town in 2000 was expanded in more nine phases and compounds. After the success of the bahria town Lahore, another gated community of bahria town was established in Lahore, southern Lahore. In 2013, another community was established in Islamabad. The under construction community of bahria town in Karachi is almost 44,000 acres. This one is the largest community of all other communities in the country. Over a million people can build their houses in this community. All the branches of bahria town have their own electricity.

Except gated towns, the bahria town branches also have jamia mosques, in the bahria town of Lahore the ‘grand jamia mosque’ which is the seventh largest in the world. The second largest is under construction in Karachi. The company owns and build many shopping malls. In which the mall of Lahore and the under construction mall in Islamabad. There also include cinemas like cine gold. Super market like green valley hyper market and skyscrapers. The ‘Bahria icon tower’ which is the tallest in Pakistan.

Bahria town usually contain houses for the upper middle and high income Pakistanis. All the communities of bahria town contain private security. Bahria town also contain private schooling system operate by the company. Private hospitals, hotels and commercial avenues.

Malik Riaz Husain is the founder of bahria town and he is the major real estate owner in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi

It was the first establishment of Bahria Town Company. This gated community has 100,000 people and have a series of projects. It is divided into small projects and phases. Bahria town project in Lahore and Rawalpindi running respectively with the production of 12 and 9 megawatts of their own, Bahria town also provide underground electric supply lines to its residents. There is no load shedding in bahria town.

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

It is the third establishment of Bahria Town Company. It launched in 2011 and, and it is located approximately 8km from chak shezad. The kuri road with access from Kashmir high

Way. The construction project of four lane road to kuri model village and kuri road and it is awarded to bahria town. The mall of Islamabad which is consist of 25 floors the largest mall of Islamabad.

Bahria Town Lahore

It is the third establishment of the bahria town company. This community is the gate way of grand jamia mosque which has the capacity of over 70,000 people.


Bahria town is working in different parts of Pakistan. It has many projects

Bahria homes

Safari villas

Safari apartments


Safari valley

Executive lodges

Bahria university

Ace academy

Commercial areas

Bahria town dastar khwan and philtanthropic works.


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Samungli Road

Samungli road.

In this article we will look at some of the locations that connects to samungli road. These locations are explained below.

Samungli road is one of the main locations in Quetta city. The housing societies starts at zarghoon road. There are housing schemes as far as kuchlak.

Houses for sale near samungli road

House Required in Samungli Housing Scheme

Rent houses near samungli road Quetta

Properties available near Jinnah town

Properties for sale in the same areas

Plots for sale near samungli road

Shop For Rent at Samungli road

Shahbaz town samungli road

Park and food point at samungli road

Park and food point at samungli road Quetta

Samunngli road expansion.

There is a massive plan on the table to make new roads. the expansion of samungli road is one of them. Samungli road saw a massive development that took them almost four years. and it is still going on.  huge roof was built over the spill way to make roads. Those people who travel through samungli road knows the difference of the road.


To rent your property to school, business or multinational company please click here

Beautiful new bungalow for sale near Jinnah town click here for more details