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A Real Estate Guide

Real Estate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting with the definition of real estate marketing, the very first definition that appears on Google define it as:

“A process where a person promotes his or her brand as an agent by which they grab buyers and sellers leads using various trending mass communication sources”.

Real estate definition on Google

When it comes to “Real Estate Marketing” the first thing that appears in a person’s mind would be like; some marketing agents promoting seller’s property to attract interested clients.

Whereas, real estate marketing was trolling around before the existence of any mass communication medium.


While real estate marketing is all about brand promotions for making commissions out of buying and selling deals; where mankind is into commission generation since the business was all about barter system.

Real estate is the reason behind that one of the biggest real estate developer lui Che woo’s entertainment galaxy received about US$ 7.9 billion.

While real estate was behind the popularity of real estate tycoon Li Ka-Shing.

In the riots 1967, when most of the people leave Hong Kong and the property prices in Hong Kong was downed. Li Ka-Shing believed that these crises are temporary and will end after sometimes.

He bought properties from the fleeing residence of Hong Kong on low prices from the market’s prices.

When the crisis ended and the market was back in action, Li get strong profit and officially started his Real Estate company, and named it Cheung Kong.

Then he sold “The Center” The fifth tallest sky scraper in Hong Kong for about US$ 5.15 billion, This was the biggest Real estate deal made in Asian-Pacific region.

Afterwards the company was counted in the biggest Real estate companies of the world.

How can someone use Real estate contents to market a property?

Almost from the starting and from the present procedures of Real estate buying and selling a lot has been changed. There are a lot of mass communication channels has been developed and been developing, while making tough competitions for others in every field.

The following list of contents might be help full in understanding the word Real estate an Real estate business 

List of contents





Why Real Estate?

Mapping based on the customer’s journey

Awareness stage

Consideration stage

Decision stage

Additional forms of Real estate marketing

Social media

Live video

Paid advertising 

A few extra tips and tricks 





Real estate:

A person’s home, office and a piece of land is called his Real estate.

In other words, the property consists of lands, buildings, houses, shops and apartments is known as Real Estate.

Even roads, railways, bridges and airports are counted in real estate.

Now what exactly Real estate is?

And what does It mean?

How does it work?

Real Estate Business:

Real estate business is a little bit different thing form Real estate.

The buying or selling of Real estate is called Real estate business.

Every day all around the world people buy or sell their properties, this real estate business runs all over the world.

It means Real estate business is really a very huge topic. Because people all around the world have Real estate offices.

As old as this real estate profession that vast and big is this business of selling or buying properties.

This business really requires an excellent experience.

Experience of selling and buying houses and understanding the statistics of the marketing.

Approximately Real estate business work all around the world, because all around the world people buy or sell houses, that’s why the real estate business is a very large business.

People around the world are involved in this business on a large scale.

Names of 44 real estate businessmen from all over the world are included in the top 500 billionaires of the world. Starting form number 29.

Now as you know that the real estate business is a very large business and growing day by day.

A single person cannot handle his clients alone.

That’s why in the today’s real estate office there are more than one agent as well as employs to help each other.

That’s why Real estate marketing has been divided into many types.


When Li Ka-Shing first started the Real estate business he has the idea how people do the real estate business. He thinks that he can make success in this business.

However, he makes really good success in the real estate business, and created his own real estate company.

Real estate over view

On his retirement in 2018 he was the world’s 28th richest person in the world.

A real estate is the business that employs a team of agents who helps and facilitate the talking, dealing and the transitions between the buyers and the sellers.

Real estate dealers set meeting between the buyers and the sellers.

These real estate agents are the link between you and your buyer or seller.

Their work is to help those people out who wants to buy or sell any kind of property.

The only way to learn and understand any kind of business is by examples.

However, The Real estate business is also a little bit tough.

So, you are going to read that “How the Real estate business really works”.


A lot of different kinds of real estate strategies exists and are present in the today’s market.

Like the can only make visiting cards, magazines and newspaper ads etc., These sources exist even now.

That’s why the strategies were less, but now with increase in the sources the strategies are more than it was and yet vast than it was.

While at the very beginning of the real estate business there were very few options for the agents to do this business.

The strategy of every business based on the following types

  1. Map the advertisement to the main point.
  2. Then use the right type of content for that problem.
  3. Finally map the advertisement to a cycle way from where your costumers to you.

This type of strategy helps you in moving the focus of the marketers from your costumer and he come to you directly.

While making your own business strategy is a very important step in every kind of business.

When your mapped contents and advertisements didn’t reach to the people, or doesn’t solve any one’s problem then you are all hard work is good for noting.

Whatever the situation is you should always try to do your mapping by your own.

Who else more then you will want you to grow your business?

You will have to make your contents in such a way that the right people automatically get to you.

Understanding your costumer is a kind of art, when you learn that art than you can easily make create your mapping according to your costumer’s journey.

Marketing strategy tips from content marketing institute 

In the above picture, read the point number three, it says” your strategy should outline your key business and costumer needs, and how your content efforts will address them”, what does it means?

It says that you have to understand your costumer and create mapping according to your costumers.

This will help you in growing your business.

The optimum target of content marketing is making a business popular among people.

On the contrast you cannot do this thing unless you attract paying customers.

About attracting paying customers, in the today’s world with help of social media, internet space and the advertising companies, there are a lot of new marketing strategies with the help of which you can attract paying costumers easily.

To clear these Questions about Real estate businesses.

The following is the list of some important things that might be helpful in creating real estate contents.

A list o real estate content List

Now it the time to know something about Real estate, something like the history of Reals estate.

When was real estate started? How this business become so vast?



How old the real estate would be?

Real estate is one of the oldest professions of mankind like.

In the late 1704, the first Real estate advertisement was published for the first time. The advertisement was about a fulling mill with a barn for sale in oyster Bay, long island, New York. The advertisement was in Boston News-letter readers.

The first ever real estate advertisement in 1704

The owner of the mill does that only for selling his property.

Afterwards real estate agents started printed advertisements on these Boston Newsletters.

This incident was about 300 years before.

At that time all the business men were in search for easy, adorable, effective yet cheap ways of doing business, while the real estate agents have found one.

The one thing was advertising on not only Boston Newsletter, but in newspapers and printed phimplets.

However, the real estate agents took a real advantage of newspaper advertisements in the late 19th century by creating listings of different houses.

The first real estate advertisement on newspaper was about a piece of land in Beverly hills, Los Angeles, California, united states. The advertisement was with a picture of the land. The advertisement had the full detail of the land.

As you can see the heading of the advertisement is “BEVERLY HILLS”, while subheading is “BETWEEN-THE-CITY-AND-THE-SEA”

The first real estate advertisement on newspaper with a picture

After that in late 19th century to satisfy and make more and more paying customers, real estate agents create printed lists and advertise them in the newspapers.

They do this for themselves for their customers ease.

They present a lot of selective options in front of their customers.

The first real estate listings in a newspaper in 1965

This thing really boosts the business at that time.

After that every real estate agent tried to advertise his on listings in the newspapers.

Back to the late centuries when radio was invented, and it was started to use for the commercial purposes.

It was a small revolution in the advertising world, When New York Radio station broadcast the first Real estate paid advertisement in radio, the advertisement, was about the promotion of an apartment building in Queens city, Jackson’s height, New York.

The company bought 10 minutes radio advertisement for 50$.

The first real estate advertisement on radio in 1920

They do all this thing because they had learn the art of understanding their customers, and then create advertisements one after another.

The radio advertisement was really great thing in advertisement at that time.

At that time many new radio stations was established.

All kind of business companies of that time started paid radio advertisements.

The invention of Television has changed the scenario totally.

The first real estate advertisement that was launch on TV, that was for the promotion of a Real estate company named “Century 21”. The add run only for 30 seconds only.


After that the real estate business started growing more fast.

Moreover in the 1970, 80, and 90, The real estate agents also started the direct mailing to their customers. they send these mails through simple mailing and through in-depth brochures. The industry pros has also seen a great length of flyers and pamphlets.

In 2016, a report from the Data and marketing association, it says that the brand companies including real estate companies has spend an amount of $6 billion on direct mailing. Because companies like real estate still see some value in the old methods of advertising.

Together TV, Radio and other print media based sources of the advertising industry, did a great job till the 20th century. Until in 1990 the thing named “The INTERNET” entered for the first time in the market, and changed almost every thing, especially the methods of advertising.

The internet has brought the biggest revolution of all the time in the advertising market, as it offer the cheap easy (like just on one click and done) and more effective then the other sources of advertisements.

But, real estate agents started using internet in the early 1999. Till 2000 every real estate company was using internet for their advertisements.

Although the term real estate was first used in 1666 for “Actual” or “genuine property”. While in 1670 the word ‘Real Estate” become a legal term to identify the royal grant of estate land from king of England.

In the united states of America, the first record for home sales begin around 1890. More people started investing in this business and earned good profits in this business, then More people get involved in this and started the real estate business, With the business growing that fast the real estate agents then try to make a national real estate association to make their business easy and more reliable but they failed.

However, In the late 1908 “The National association of real estate Exchanges” was founded to bring brokers and real estate agents together to make selling of homes easier.

After that real estate business spread all around the world.

At the early starting of the business it was quite simple and a bit easy.

Although after sometime the business started growing rapidly, becoming vast day by day and become unique than the first time, it is now a little bit hard than the early time, because of time and competition around the globe.

One of the reasons is that the new generation has too many sources of doing business than the previous generations.

Now the real estate become this vast that most of the real estate offices has become large offices on company scales, where a single person can’t handle his clients by his own.


Why real estate?

Before hiring a real estate agent, you should know

who is a real estate agent?

How can he help you?

How can you contact him?

Who is a real estate agent?

A person who runs a real estate office or who works as an employ is called a real estate agent.

The job of a real estate agent is either to the buyer or to support the sellers.

Real estate agents act as the representatives of wither the buyers or the sellers.

As you read above types of real estate, a real estate agent is well experienced in on or all of the types.

The real estate agent is a well experienced person and well aware of his neighborhood, aware of today’s market prices.

Real estate agent with his experience, helps you find houses fast by saving a lot of your time.

A good and experienced real estate agent is always aware of the increasing and the decreasing prices of the area you are going to deal in.

No buyer or seller can deceive you in the prices.

‘How can he help you?

Why should I take help from a real estate agent in buying or selling my properties?

With much information ready online people sometimes ask that why should I take help from a real estate agent in buying or selling my properties? They wonder that they can sell or buy properties buy their own with the help of regular marketing and online advertising, well some of them succeed but many of them don’t.

For example, if you want to buy or sell properties yourself you have to learn all the ups and downs of the real estate marketing.

If not then you have to hire a real estate agent who is much more experienced than you in this field.

Like there is saying that “Hiring a person for your work who is more intelligent and experienced than you, it proves that you are more intelligent and more experienced than him”.

If you want to sell your house you do not want to know everything about the property business. Every real estate agent charges the same. Then why don’t hire an educated, experienced and neighborhood professional, that can find you houses fast. Hiring a person who knows more than you in this field will be more helpful. A good real estate agent will help you understand the today’s price of the area; where you can negotiate with the person you are dealing with.  On other hand, the agent you hire will also help in your negotiation. They also make you understand the condition of the house according to the price. They will also help in your paper work for you.

People new to an area or city for them there is nothing best than a property dealer in finding out the desirable houses.

A man who wants to buy or sell his property, but he knows nothing about selling or buying houses. He will take help form google. Google provide the address of a real estate, when he visits the office and tell about his problem, the agents there help him out in selling his house and buying new house or him.

How can you contact him?

You can easily find a real estate office through internet or through adds.

Real estate agents are not that difficult to find, however finding an experienced real estate agent is also not that difficult task.

Read the content mapping and social media sections for more information about how to find real estate offices.


Real Estate Development:

The renovation of houses, construction of buildings and houses on raw land, renting, leasing and selling to the end users. These real estate developers earn profit by adding value to the land of their work.

The real estate developers invest by buying lands and making constructions on them, the land they buy they that this will make profit that’s why they invest in such land.

When they get all the information about the land, then they make investments in it.

After buying the land they make the plans of the construction on it. plans making maps and designs with the help of engineers and architects.

Then they start constructing on the land.

After construction they the calculation of the amount that is spent on the project, then include his profit and fix a selling price for the project.

The development stages may be varying that depends on the scene there.

This job of developing properties is a bit different from the buying and selling business.

Because constructing a new house or renew the old ones is a different job from selling or buying.

Land development includes buying a land for construction or buying land for cultivation.

Sales and Marketing:

After renovation or construction, now it is the time make profit.

The owners of the property and the real estate agents fix a price for the property in which both them are profited.

They set a selling price for the property according to the market. The real estate agents get their commission from the property owner, after selling the property on profitable price.

The real estate agents help the owners in fixing the profitable selling price for the property.

The very first step of sales and marketing is to find a good investor for yourself.

When you find that kind of investor than you can offer him your services of earning money.


You have the experience of your neighborhood; you know the market rate of area in which you are going to invest and you know that it will than earn some profit.

Then you select a house or a piece of land for your plan, and you convince your investor about investing in the place.

You Showed him the place of investing and tell him your plan for earnings.

If it is land, constructing on it or, if it is house renewing it.

The first rule of making profit in real estate is to wait and watch after you buy any kind of property for yourself or for your any investor.

Because there are much more property dealers, and all of them also deals in the same market and knows about every dealing on the properties. They know everything, like which price the dealings are made.

Property management:

Property management agents help the owner of the properties in managing their business of renting, buying or selling properties, for which they charge fee for their service.

Those people who do not have much time to look out for their properties, when they hire a property manager.

These managers look after their properties for the owners.

The maintenance of the property is also the job of the property managers.

The owners who want to rent their house, these agents rent their houses on a profitable price.

Similarly selling the house on the same profitable price is also job of the property manager.

In spite these services are helpful for those people how do not have time to look up for their properties or for those people who do not know how to manage a real estate property.

Most of the real estate agents knows that how to handle someone else property and how to keep maintain the property.

Otherwise most of the real estate owners manage all their properties by their own.

Mapping based on the customer’s journey:

Ever heard of content mapping?

When you understand who your customer is?

What he wants to Buy?

How he will you find you?

The way you set through which he finds you is called the content mapping. Content mapping is totally based on the costumer’s journey to you, now that’s up to you how you set way for your costumers.

That was the time when people only have the facilities of advertising in magazines and newspapers, now the internet like everything also changed the world of advertising.

Now when someone wants to buy anything, he first g the internet and search the product on google. Google give him a thousand of results. He will look for the desired product on different websites including your website, now he will compare a lot of offers on the product and will spend a few days thinking about the product and then he will buy it.

People take too much time in buying especially online.

You have to make your mapping this strong that people after discovering your website make their shopping with you.

Awareness stage:

Customers before making any deal or buying products, aware themselves of you, your company or your product.

Google to the online shoppers mostly prefer those companies or websites who gave all the details about their products, and rank them on the top.

While Google consider those sites compatible for the first post in the result whose content to the point and easy to understand.

These might be the sites that are present in the market from a bit long time.


Like you are about to buy something online, google show you a lot of results you will first click on the results that are from google snippets not from paid ones, because you trust google, and not everything but something you know about google beside that company.

Giving every information about the product makes the customers visit and make deals with you again and again, and they also recommend their friends to make deals with you.

After awareness about the product, now they will do their consideration.

Consideration stage:

Now when your costumer is aware of you, he will just consider buying your product.

Now you will have to guide your costumers through consideration phase, like what should they buy or what not or what is a good quality or bad.

You can also give an offer to your costumer in the consideration stage, like cash back offers.

When they start sign-up to your email list then they are likely considering it.

This is the stage where you have to focus on the costumer and have to answer their e-mails

Decision stage:

This is the stage where customer finally buys a product.

Decision stage is one of the most difficult step in making new customers, although it is the easier one if you have prepaid customers or if you are on the top the list, if not then it became a little bit complicated.

Prepaid costumers like, when people search about a product and you come on the top in the google search. Then you have prepaid costumers.

Those companies that are on the top sell their product to the costumers easily.

If you are not on the top then you have to do a bit more for your product. Like you have to pay to google for your advertisements, write articles about your product, make people know about your product and give advertisements about your product.

You can show the costumers the different varieties, their varieties, their differences, qualities and their services.

In this step you can give offers to the buyers like discount offers, cash backs, free trials, free home delivery or free service for some time. So that they do business with you.

When they do business with you and you give them your best, then they will also tell their friends and other relatives to do business with you.

Additional forms of Real estate marketing:


Residential Real estate

Commercial real estate

Industrial real estate

Land real estate

Residential Real estate:

The properties that are constructed for the purpose of living in it, are included in residential real estate business.

While Residential real estate business means buying or selling those houses that are constructed for residential purposes.

These types of houses are sold or bought only for residential purposes. Most of the houses bought or sale are the houses for single families and joint families.

This is one of the largest forms of real estate.

Commercial real estate:

Commercial property includes shopping malls, hotels, offices, medical and educational buildings.

While commercial real estate business means buying, selling, renting or leasing these buildings.

Apartment buildings are considered commercial even though they are used for residencies, that’s why they are owned to produce income.

Industrial real estate:

The buying, selling, constructing and renewing of building, factories and industries is included in the industrial real estate business.

This is one of the vastest forms of real estate business.

It also includes the construction of research centers, warehouses and production storage.

These kinds of product producing industries and factories are constructed far from the urban areas like cities, towns and villages.

Land real estate:

The buying and selling of land only is the land real estate business.

Land Real estate is the very third type of real estate business.

The land may be bought for construction purpose, or cultivation purpose or for-profit purpose.

This the second largest form of real estate business after residential real estate.


Social Media:

Not a very long time ago, there was only a few sources of advertisements.

Those advertisement sources were very competitive, but very less facilitated and they do not make business that popular like today’s advertisement sources an facilitates.

In the meantime, social media is one of the most important things to make your business larger and popular.

The social media things like Facebook, YouTube etc. has bring a revaluation in the social media world by bringing easy and reliable advertisements with more facilitates and sources.

These updated social media advertisements are more popular and make the business also more popular than the past sources of advertisements.

Comparatively, social Media contents not only make your business popular but also help you create a good relation with your customers and remain in contact with them.

Where Social media nowadays is one of the most important things of all for success in business.


Social media has the following types:

The following contents are the forms of social media, which help you make your business grow that are:

Live videos:

Comparatively in the online marketing videos are one of the important and yet the most powerful thing that helps you in making your business popular.

Nowadays in the light of social media videos are the most powerful source of delivering your products and ideas to the people.

In the meantime YouTube is the site where you can upload any kind of video about your product. In contrast there are also some social media sides that do the same job of uploading images and videos. In the present time some people prefer videos more than the written things.

Because they do not have much time to read too many things that’s why they watch videos about different products.

Videos are of two types:

Doing business through Videos is the strongest way of growing business. Because for some reasons people watch videos more than reading blogs and advertisement.

For example, people watch the live matches on TV or internet, did they also watch the highlights? No.

On the other side these online videos became uploaded ones after the day.

Not only customers watch videos more than reading, marketers also watch videos more than reading.

More powerful thing than a video is the live video, because people watch a live video three times longer than an uploaded video.

Most people like to watch the person on the other side of the video to be honest and making no mistakes. Because he can’t edit a live video.

Give four or five videos a week, fix a time for the video, so customers can get you on time. This will save a lot your and your costumer’s time.

All the live video need is Facebook and a smartphone.

Although not only the live videos but the uploaded videos also play an important role in doing the online marketing.

On other hand uploading videos is also important part of the social media advertising.

As a real estate agent when you make the video of a house and upload it to Facebook or YouTube and give it the name your business.

Because the people add with you or online at the moment can only see your Live videos, while everyone everywhere can watch your uploaded videos.

In the present time YouTube is the largest online site for uploading videos.

You can find very kind of videos related to any kind of categories.

Downloading converts the videos in to offline form online.

Paid advertising:

Giving an ad online or offline for which you have to pay is called paid advertisements.

Paid content can be done free of cost or can be done by paying.

Any kind of offline advertisement source like newspapers, billboards, visiting cards, TV and radio for which you have to pay all are the examples of paid advertisements.

In contrast any kind of online advertisement source like social media, YouTube and the online advertisement companies for which you have to pay is also an example of paid advertisements.

Like you are a new businessman and you want to make your business popular, you can add other marketers or businesses advertisements on our website to grow your traffic and to make your business popular among people.

Why should you play other’s advertisements on your website?

Because it makes your business and website become popular fast. When your business grows an become popular than you can charge them for their advertisements. The charges can be fix according to the market.

These advertisements charge pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression (PPI), charges based on the charges set by the company.

The visitors click on your site you have to pay an amount for the click.

In the meantime, on the other hand when have an advertisement company then you will have get paid per click from your client company.

Same is the PPI system the owner of one company is paid by the owner of the other company.

In other words, one company owner is paid by the other.

The online advertisements are more popular than the offline advertisements.

These paid or free advertisements really boost your website or your business.

A few extra tips and tricks:



Advertising in newspapers or magazines is the offline part of your business.

Making your business popular and larger with the help of print media other than electronic media. It is also an important part of growing your business.

Other forms of offline marketing are making and distributing business cards, attending business seminars, going to trade shows and making cold calls etc.

TV and radio are the other forms of offline marketing, although both of them are counted in electronic medias but, they work offline.

In the offline marketing the most popular and expensive source is advertisements on TV.

Advertisements offline on TV are sometimes more worthy than the advertisements online.

The advertisements on TV has different prices like the advertising online on the internet.

Due to the arrival of internet and its very fast growth, the print-based media is nearly to be vanished.

One of the largest examples of offline marketing is the While Zameen is the largest online marketing site for buying or selling properties in Pakistan.

What did they do?

They give other property dealers adds on their websites.

Like they do the job of a kind of some marketing company.

Zameen advertise their site online as well as offline.

Offline like they advertise on the television most of the time.

They print their magazines.

Organize business seminars in different cities of Pakistan.

They also organize seminars in Dubai.

As it advertises its business online on YouTube or other sites.



As you all know that social media and it’s all types only work when you are online, so we can say that being online or doing marketing online is the most important thing when it comes to doing business online.

online marketing not only make your business grow, but also keep you inform with the strategies and the updates of your business and the market.

Comparatively, online marketing includes wider, larger and bigger range of marketing than the traditional business marketing, due to larger space, extra channels and marketing mechanisms.

On other hand, online marketing connects organizations and companies with the potential customers and take the business level of the company to a higher level.

The largest marketing companies in the world make their advertisements most of the time in some kind of downloading sites.

Important to realize that most of the animated studios like Disney, Pixar and Blue sky, run a lot of social media campaign for the promotion of their movies and products.

At the same time Disney studios run an online campaign on twitter. while in contrast making buyers and viewers is a bit hard then the other social media sites, because you have to catch audience attention.

Disney had brought 150 characters in message at the same place and together they made a living Hashtag and earned 2000 tweets and 3000 favorites in one day.

Where the popup blockers didn’t work some times.

Online marketing gets done this by combining selling and advertising, designing tools and development, focusing on lead-based websites, local searches and affiliate marketing.

When you search about a product or something in google, the very first result that google shows you is the lead-based website. Becoming the Google’s first choice for buyers is not that easy.

The very first result that google has showed you contains the product your are searching for.

The very first example of online business is guides and e-books of your business.



Different from all the sources hybrids helps in growing the business by mixing up the old tradition sources of advertisements and the modern sources of advertisements.

In a more simple way hybrids connects your business with the market through online(advertising in the online companies, social media sites and YouTube etc.) and offline marketing(advertisements in the newspapers, Televisions, radios, billboards, business seminars and business cads etc.).

The word hybrid itself means the mixing of two different things.

In addition, hybrid marketers not only focus on the online marketing or the offline marketing, but they focus on both of the marketing strategies at the same time.

In the meantime, all the companies are using hybrids for the promotions of their business especially the multinational companies do these things on a higher level for their promotion.

You will see them adds everywhere like, in the newspapers, in the magazines, on the billboards, in the internet websites and in the social media sites.

At the same time, you will find there 5 to 30 seconds video adds in YouTube after playing a video.

The business hybrid is also one of the most important things for success in business.

Just like you have read on the top about the offline part.

In the present business strategies, the biggest example of business hybrids is business seminars and worldwide shows that anyone could participate in.

Doing this will make you and your business popular more than the billboards, magazines, newspapers etc.

When you attend others business seminars and give people your business cards is also an example of hybrids in business.

Nowadays every marketing company uses hybrid, because without using hybrids they cannot compete in the today’s marketing, where everyone is using hybrids.

Hybrids needs a bit more time than the other sources of the online marketing.