Fasting and medication during ramadan Blog

Welcome Ramadan


People refraining from eating and drinking is fasting. Fasting is an amaizing act. if you do it than there is no need to explain and if you dont fast than there is no way to explain it to you. its grief in the noon and joy in the evening moon. change of ones pscychology in such short period of time is a part of fasting. When all the limits been tested and checked for the rest of the year. its about how large is the mountain and how you keep the wind under the wings. Its a test of your passience. can you keep it or will you have a sip over here and a bite over there.



when one gets angry because of hunger is called hangry. its common. try not get angry and stay silent. we will talk abou it some other time.

Some suggestions might be to drink water, have more veggies and salads and save energy.



Meditation is an exercise of the brain. it is focusing on one single thing or mindunless. to gain more awareness about ones energy. The betterment of the brain the betterment of society.

For begginers it will be to start with breathing. than add words like SUBHAN ALLAH than count 1, than for the second third time and go on. Focus on your breathing. This way you keep the mind out of thoughts. try to clear the thought process. slow it down. as you are counting with the verse you can make it more complicated.

Count till 4 while you breath in (Inhale). than you hold your breath and count till 4. than you exhale while count till 7. Repeat this process 10 times and you will reboot your brain. the main thing is not to think. stop thinking. although you cannot stop thinking. but you try to do it to clear your mind. after a while you  feel relaxed. dont yawn too much as it will produce water in you reyes .

after your thoughts come to still and you feel light coming out of your heart. Now try to feel the presence of Allah.