Quetta development projects report

Quetta development projects report

Bushra rind advisor to the Cm said in a statement. Her statement is as follows.

“Cm jam kamal khan established a committee with the commissioner. We visited different construction projects.

first of all, we visited airport road and inspected the road construction work. We are also planning to make a sports complex in that area. This will be one of our main projects in the future.

We also visited sabzal road where the construction work is going on a fast pace. They are making a Dual carriage over there. This will decrease the burden of traffic.

We also visited Jinnah town and Shahbaz town. The main traffic circle at Shahbaz town is very crowded. We are also working on plan for that.

Than we visited sariab road. We are making u turns on sariba road that will ease the traffic burden.

Gahi khan choke is major bottle neck which is stopping the traffic. Two lanes road will be made from gahi khan to hazarganji.

We are making footsall and cricket pitches in WASA ground near tariq hospital. Same facilities will be made in sitara football ground. We are also making foot sole ground in girls polytechnic”.

These are the projects which the special advisor discussed in her latest statement.

Shalkot housing scheme western bypass near hazarganji. Blog

Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta

Shalkot housing is a land development project for housing. Shalkot housing scheme is an initiative of Quetta development authority. roads marking and electricity polls can be seen from the main byass road. Shalkot housing scheme can be a major attraction for investors . because it is situated on the CPEC route and the main international highway N25.

Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta
Shalkot housing aerial satellite view

Location of the “Shalkot housing scheme”.

Shalkot housing is located at the  western bypass. It is located on the western side of main bypass road. It is close to hazarganji commercial center. It has two main entrances from the bypass road. A land is provided for green belt that separates the road from the housing scheme. It does not have any boundary wall yet. It can be reached through western bypass, sariab road, qambarani road or hazargnaji link road. It is located on a small distance from shalkot police station. Shalkot housing is almost empty with no houses. But there are houses and small villages types towns around the housing scheme. there is also a Dam behind the housing scheme. this dam is built on the nala that passes through shalkot housing scheme. a bridge is also built on this nala.  a couple of crush plants are also operational in the area. These crush plants are making gravel. Trcuks frequent the roads of shalkot housing scheme which load stones from the crush plants.

Google earth satellite map picture with headings and wrtitings and our logos.         

Map of shalkot housing ———-

Sizes and location of plots in shalkot housing

Residential plots are 200 400 600 yards.

200 yards plots are 478 pieces. Dimension 36 by 54 feet

400 yards plots are 260 pieces. Dimension 50 by 72 feet

600 yards plots are 134 pieces. Dimension 60 by 90 feet.

Also included in the panning is

Public buildings

Open spaces


Commercial areas.

Parks 5

Green belts

Paly grounds 2

Schools 2

Mosques 3

Hospital 1

Post office


Community centre

Reserved land for Qda


Prices are low in this housing scheme. as there are no utility facilities right now.         

Some recommendations

Shalkot housing scheme is almost uninhabited. Means no houses.

No facilities

Some land grabbing issues are also there.

Needs a total boundary wall.

Needs water sui gas and electricity.

Further reading

Zarghoon housing scheme

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Quetta development projects Blog

Quetta development projects

Quetta development projects


More than 17 billion rupees has been allocated for Quetta development.

The projects are as fallows. 

City express way

Sariab road expansion and reconstruction

repairs of roads and streets inside the city

Sabzal road widening and reconstruction

Joint road expansion and reconstruction

Gawamandi chok underpass/flyover

GPO chok underpass/flyover

Nawa killi fly over

Making of food street near railway station

Betterment of the sewerage system

Airport road, Jinnah road and zarghoon road maintenance and decoration.