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Quetta master plan

Quetta master plan

Keeping in view the rapid and unplanned growth of Quetta City, Quetta Development Authority
under took the preparation of Quetta Master Plan through NESPAK in 1985, on the direction of
Government of Balochistan for Quetta City to guide its present as well as future growth in
scientific and planned manner.

The Project is divided into the following three components:
i. Urban Planning
ii. Project Preparation
iii. Action Studies
Urban Planning: In the Urban planning context, future growth, form and direction of the
City has been visualized up to the year 2008. Major zoning and land uses have been identified
and recommendations made for housing, education, medical care and public utilities etc.
Action Studies: In the action studies, recommendations have been made for beautification
of Chaman Road, Zarghoon Road and Sariab Road and detailed plans have been prepared.
Outdated building bylaws and zoning regulations have also been revised. Quetta being within the
seismic zone, a study was conducted to identify high risk and very high risk zones so that
different types of buildings could be planned and designed accordingly. Included in the study
are recommendations to enforce seismic code through legislation to minimize the loss of human
life and property.
Recommendations have also been made for strengthening the functions of QDA through
necessary amendments in the current Ordinance.
It is the fervent desire of the Government of Balochistan to implement the recommended projects
so that Quetta could be restored to its original character and transform into a physically more
comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing City.

Action Taken In Enforcement Of Quetta Master Plan
 Fruit Vegetable Market shifted from Sirki Road to Hazarganji in 1998.
 Truck Stand shifted.
 Bus Adda shifted
 Garages shifting in process.
 Oil Depots shifted.
 Cattle Market shifted.
 Slaughter Houses shifted.
 Whole Sale Markets shifting in hand.
 Dairy Farms shifting in hand.
 Show rooms shifting in process.
 Construction of Eastern & Western Bye-Passes, completed.
 Construction of Link Roads and Housing Schemes.
 Land use Control.( Under process)
 Up-gradation of Katchi Abadis.
 Coal Depot shifted.
 Environmental improvement with above action

Roads & By Passes
1. Eastern By pass
2. CGS link road
3. Gharib abad link road
4. Link road between Sariab road & Sariab By-pass near Kechi Baig.
5. Western By pass
i. Samungli road P-I
ii. Samungli road P-II
iii. Samungli road P-III (Dual ways)
6. Construction of link connecting Mastung Road through Mian ghundi.
7. Link road between Zarghoon road to Chamman Road through Khojak road.

Major Works Completed By QDA
1. Bus / Truck stand Sirki Road.
2. Fruit / Vegetable Market Sirki Road.
3. Dual Carriage
4. Sports Complex
5. Widening and improvement of Joint Road.
6. QDA Office Sariab Road.
7. Widening / Improvement of Whyte Road.
8. Overhead Bridge Sariab Road
9. Eastern Bye-Pass
10. Hazarganji Complex CGS link Road,for Hazarganji Complex.

Master plan is the most important element of any expanding city. The Master plan for Quetta is in planning stage since 2008. Below is the cutting from the newspaper that was printed on 14 january 2020. 




Quetta-master-plan-news 14 january 2020




Below is an example of gawadar master plan.

GDA master plan
GDA master plan



For further reading click on the link below

Quetta development projects


Qda city

QDA city

QDA city is a new housing society development project. Qda city is launched by Quetta development authority. The purpose of this housing is to make a new city. Qda city is located near takatu mountain at the northern side of Quetta. Qda city will have a size of 230 acres almost the size of zarghoon housing scheme. Qda city is a step towards green future as this area is said to have plenty of ground water. the housing scheme is at a distance of 3 kilometers from Quetta airport and 12 kilometers from GPO chok.  Qda also have other housing schemes in Quetta which are in progress.

location map of qda city housing society quetta


The housing project will include the following developments.


Sports complex


Community hall

Boundary wall


Plot sizes

Plot sizes: 600, 400, 300 and 200 yards residential.


Booking will start form 27 december 2017. there will be a draw latter.

Price details: form price 10000 rupees. 10% down payment. 5 years installment plan. 800 rupees per foot.

For forms please contact MCB bank, Jinnah road, airport road, satellite town and manan chok branch.


Some people are asking for a more transparent system. the heading in the local news paper says that the draw must be carried out under the supervision of numerous authorities.

The 10000 rupees price for the form might be expensive for the general public.

There are no smaller plots in the Qda city like the 80 yards plot in chiltan housing scheme.


Qda city is after all a great initiative. Quetta needs town planning.



(More information about QDA city prjoect …….   coming soon……

Please share information with us. specially Qda officials)


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Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

Chiltan housing scheme is located on Airport road Quetta. It is developed by Quetta developemeny Authority. It has residential and commercial plots.  Chiltan housing consist of two parts main chiltan houisng scheme which is close to airport road and chiltan housing scheme extention, which is behind it. chiltan housing scheme is one of the most green housing society of Quetta.

House for sale in chiltan housing scheme click here


Size of residential plots in Chiltan housing scheme.

80 square yards (720 square feet)

200 square yards (1800 square feet)

400 square yards (3600 square feet)

600 square yards (5400 square feet)

There is a Family park at chiltan housing scheme close to the commercial area. The size of the park is 78,500 square feet.




Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

Chiltan housing scheme extention


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