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Shahbaz town Quetta

Shahbaz town Quetta

Shahbaz town is a housing society situated in Quetta city. Shahbaz town is a residential and commercial project. This aea is considered to be the centre of the modern day Quetta. it has unique culture. and high living standards. It is administered by cantonment board Quetta. Shahbaz town is the prime location in Quetta. This area has both its stories of how it helped the location and location helped it. It’s a mythical and philosophical place. its an artistic place it’s a scientific place, it has commercial and residential, it has a food street, it has educational institutions, it has a new fly over on the eastern side, it will host the construction site for Quetta mass transit system. this will provide for the further expansion of samungli road. This location is a very important location. And it looks like that it is preparing for it. Because I have never seen this much construction in this area before. Clcik here to see available properties in shahbaz town  
Shahbaz town main samungli road commercial area
  Location of Shahbaz town Shahbaz town has a very good location. It is situated on both sides of samungli road. It is also in the center of Quetta city. It links western bypass, airport road, samungli road, Quetta cantt and main bazar area. On the east side of shahbaz town is koyla phatak , On the West side lies the jinnah town, on South side merck factory is situated and on the north side lies chaman housing scheme.      
Shahbaz town
  Plots sizes in Shahbaz town Residential plots sizes are 120 square yards to 600 square yards. Commercial plots are 900 feet to 6000 feet.

The commercial area.

Shahbaz town has different commecial areas. Tha main commercial area is from shahbaz town mosque to central jail. This is the property of highest demand. The southern side of road is occupied in the evenings because people are going from office to house. These commercial plots has approximately the size of 100 yards or 900 feet. Most of the plots are constructed. Small plazas with two floors are common in this commercial area. Below is a picture of the shahbaz town chorangi . office is near this chorangi. Shahbaz-town-commercial-area-highlighted with red line
Commercial area at night 1 am. office is near this chorangi.
shahbaz town Mosque
            When the koyla phatak fly over started, this commercial area saw a fast change. Many plazas were constructed here. The new shiny look of the plazas differentiate present day shahbaz town from the nineties. This commercial strip now houses 3 new banks. Although there are other banks near this location. This area accommodates prominent names and brands. Commercial rent can go up to 140000 for the full ground floor and basement of a shop. Which has a plot size of 900 feet. Samungli road expansion work will start soon. The samungli road will be extended 30 feet on the north side and 15 feet on the south side. The north and south side of samungli road will be redeveloped after the plazas are demolished. Offices in Shahbaz Town There are many huge and beautiful buildings present in shebaz town. These buildings are double and triple storey. These buildings comprise of offices like banks, property dealers and restaurants. Banks in shahbaz town The banks in shahbaz town comprise the large double and triple storey buildings. The banks situated in shahbaz town are Islami bank, allied bank, Faisal bank and NRSP bank. Schools in Shahbaz Town Shahbaz town is famous for its schools and educational institutions. The schools in shebaz town are big and of good quality. These schools are presented in pleasant areas of shahbaz town. The schools situated in shahbaz town are Meridian public high school, wipro public high school, Horizon public high school, Royal comrade grammar school, radiant grammar school, fledge public high school and the first step school. These schools are present in the pleasant areas of shahbaz town. Shahbaz town food street. Shahbaz town has many restaurants. Shahbaz town always had restaurants. They started to rise in numbers after 2000. Table top sittings areas are visible in front of night star complex. When plazas were built in Shahbaz town Phase 4. This area also attracted many top restaurants. From Bushra tower to tcs office this food area is still present. Hot chilli green and spicy Italian pizza and other restaurants are situated here. These restaurants include Italian piazza, Hot and Chili, hot and spicy, Green and spicy, Saigon restaurant, Al-haram kitchen, pizza point, Bar B Q Home Restaurant, saeed hotel tasty Bar B Q and traditional Italian pizza.

New roads and the expansion of existing road

There will be a road that will cross through shahbaz town. Chaman phatak will be connected with koyla phatak with a direct road. This will directly connect the 2 flyovers. this road will be built on the western side of the railway track as you can see in the picture below. This road will go straight from koyla phatak towards GOR colony. Than it will link to the new Ba mall and Quetta askari mall and airport road. Markings are already on the walls . These markings can be seen through out Quetta. People will be compensated accordingly.
New road will be built on the left side of this railway track. experimental train will travel between Buitems and Baluchistan university.
This picture shows the famous koyla phatak. It used to be a coal depot till the nineties. back than shahbaz town was a very quiet place. Most of the bungalows were been lived by original makers. first owners who built the house. Large Plots were vaccant. now it changed so much.  
killi ismail road expansion aerial view
Green line shows a new road expansion work
road expansion work behind phase 1 shahbaz town
ATTACHMENT DETAILS Shahbaz-town-road-development-work
Shahbaz town will always enjoy the prime status that it has. More information about shahbaz town coming soon.   Further reading: click here to see houses for sale in shahbaz town Click here to see our address or to contact us. click here to read about Jinnah town click here to see houses for sale in jinnah town Jinnah town Quetta Samungli road Killi ismail road expansion  City Nala Quetta click here to see houses for sale in samungli road House services The development of city Nala in Quetta click here to view our office address at shahbaz town Internship Coming soon Shahbaz town Pics Shahbaz town Maps Shahbaz town Google satellite maps Check other housing schemes articles in Like Jinnah town. Zarghoon housing.