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Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta

Shalkot housing is a land development project for housing. Shalkot housing scheme is an initiative of Quetta development authority. roads marking and electricity polls can be seen from the main byass road. Shalkot housing scheme can be a major attraction for investors . because it is situated on the CPEC route and the main international highway N25.

Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta
Shalkot housing aerial satellite view

Location of the “Shalkot housing scheme”.

Shalkot housing is located at the  western bypass. It is located on the western side of main bypass road. It is close to hazarganji commercial center. It has two main entrances from the bypass road. A land is provided for green belt that separates the road from the housing scheme. It does not have any boundary wall yet. It can be reached through western bypass, sariab road, qambarani road or hazargnaji link road. It is located on a small distance from shalkot police station. Shalkot housing is almost empty with no houses. But there are houses and small villages types towns around the housing scheme. there is also a Dam behind the housing scheme. this dam is built on the nala that passes through shalkot housing scheme. a bridge is also built on this nala.  a couple of crush plants are also operational in the area. These crush plants are making gravel. Trcuks frequent the roads of shalkot housing scheme which load stones from the crush plants.

Google earth satellite map picture with headings and wrtitings and our logos.         

Map of shalkot housing ———-

Sizes and location of plots in shalkot housing

Residential plots are 200 400 600 yards.

200 yards plots are 478 pieces. Dimension 36 by 54 feet

400 yards plots are 260 pieces. Dimension 50 by 72 feet

600 yards plots are 134 pieces. Dimension 60 by 90 feet.

Also included in the panning is

Public buildings

Open spaces


Commercial areas.

Parks 5

Green belts

Paly grounds 2

Schools 2

Mosques 3

Hospital 1

Post office


Community centre

Reserved land for Qda


Prices are low in this housing scheme. as there are no utility facilities right now.         

Some recommendations

Shalkot housing scheme is almost uninhabited. Means no houses.

No facilities

Some land grabbing issues are also there.

Needs a total boundary wall.

Needs water sui gas and electricity.

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Defense housing authority Quetta Blog

Dha Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta

Dha is making a new housing scheme project in Quetta. Dha Quetta project is said to be better than all other dha housings of Pakistan. Defense housing authority make housing schemes, maintain them and provide municipal services in its region. Dha is already present in other cities of Pakistan. Dha is planning a new housing society in Quetta. The office of Dha is already in place. Documents clarification facility is available. Land has been bough and marked on the ground. Dha notification sign boards are also in the area.

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Dha Quetta main entrance design



Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view

Dha Quetta
Dha Quetta

Dha Quetta is happening. This development is vital to the region. with widening of the roads in Quetta. soon this region will become a hub. The biggest real estate enterprise on the highway N25. The proposed location that is outlined in the notification of Dha quetta is large. This location offer engulf the present day Quetta city. The size of the project is so enormous that it will take long time to complete all its phases.


Land buying and providing to Dha 

Land providers (LP) are those people who buy land from the people and provide it to Dha. These are the authorized people of Dha. Land providers started buying land long time ago. In the last couple of years the property prices in the defined area between airport and kuchlak rose by 400 percent or even higher. Those early years were beneficial for land providers and the locals.  Land providers made big deals. This area of Quetta is almost un populated. Investors at the top level and well-connected locals were focusing on Bacha agha to kuchlak. Land providing to Dha happened mostly in the recent years. Dha know has acres of land. Dha has also marked its land on the ground with cement polls and diging line on the ground  This area of Dha Quetts is called the PHASE 1.  

Location of Dha Quetta phase 1 

Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location
Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location


Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view

For more information about Dha Quetta location please CLICK HERE


Affidavit file and Size of plots

1 kanal 4500 feet afidavit files are available. There is only size available now. smaller plots will be available in market at later stages. CLICK HERE for more details of file. 

Dha Quetta affidavit file 1 kanal
Dha Quetta affidavit file

The fututre of the project

The future looks bright. Quetta needs housing schemes more than any other city. Quetta also need master plan. Because right now Quetta city is expanding without any master plan said The Prime minister.  Now prime minister also announced the starting of work on the western root of CPEC. This will also benefit Dha Quetta.  The launching of Dha in Quetta will normalize the high price of land in city center. The price of land in Dha area has gone up. Now that people are showing confidence. Dha is becoming a success. 


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How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.

How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.


Take start from outside

Take a round of your entire home back and front. Observe carefully that if there is a crack or any other problem with the walls of your home, from which the heat of the sun can directly entre inside the house, Fix all the problems by yourself.

Take a round of the windows

If the windows in your house is probably old there is any other problem with the windows, and they need to replace. Then replace them, but if you cannot afford it then repair the old ones. By painting them with white color because except black color all other colors reflect the heat of the sun. If in the winter they caught rust, then first clean them properly and then give them paint.

Make shade of a big board

Make a shade of big plastic board. But if it is so expensive, then the same type of shade you can make from big cloth like the cloth of simple and cheap curtain cloth. Buy a big cloth and make a shade, then tie and fix it above the front door. Tie it before sunrise and untie it after the sunset.

Also take a round of the doors

See all the doors of your home carefully.

Take a start from the front door. If the front door is made of wood then there is no problem, but if the door is made up of iron or steel that can conduct heat then you have to paint it with white color like the roof and windows of your home, but if they are already have a fresh color then there is no problem with it.

Roof tops

Also have a look of the roof tops. Make sure that the roof tops of your house is in good condition. Paint roof with white color and look for any problem that need to be repaired then repair it.

Polystyrene Insulation


Also apply Polystyrene Insulation on the roof tops. Is another type of insulation that is used to keep houses cool in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. However, the solid form of polystyrene with no pores is a better option for insulation of house. While making house that is the best time for the installation of polystyrene with sheets are placed within the wall bricks and topped with cement. Unfortunately, if you missed the installation of the polystyrene sheets during the construction process, then you can still add polystyrene sheets after the construction and top them with a layer of cement later. But, this process is a little bit worthy.

Taking a look to the lawn

If you have a lawn in your house good, also take a round of it. Grow grasses and Shrubs in your lawn. If your lawn is large in size then also plant some trees in it. You have no need to keep a gardener, but you can maintain your lawn beautifully by taking help from the internet and reading some books. Help means that to know about the plants that which plant grows in summer, which grows in winter, which plant grows soon and which grows late. If you plant a shady tree like the tree of grapes and the tree of apples it will make your lawn and house cool and fresh.

Now take a look inside

First check all the electronic devices. Like refrigerator, AC, charger and other devices. If the devices like fridge and AC in your home are old, then you need to maintain them. Fro protecting yourself from high electricity bills, then you will have to use the electronic devices like charger, TV, fan, computer and AC with care, care means that when these devices will not be in use unplug them you will safe from high bills. Fridge and similar devices produces heat so keep them outside of living room or area.

Take a round to the windows from inside

Check all your windows from inside the house. Also white wash the windows from inside. If it is not in your budget than you can only color windows from outside, then you have to make curtains of such a thin type that only passes light.

How to make a room cool without AC

IF your AC is not working properly, you can’t pay the electric bills of your AC, You can’t afford an AC and you want to make your room cool. Then you have to keep open the curtains of the rooms after the sunset and close them back after the sun shine.

IF your room have a window which is open in your lawn keep it open all the time.

You have a fan, if you are not in the room then turn on the fan, but close the door and windows. When you come back to the room turn off the fan and only open that window which opens in the lawn of your home.

If your room have no such type of window then if possible make a window of such a type that opens in your lawn.

Professional services

There are a lot of companies who provide professional help. Makanpoint also provide similar services. So if polystyrene Insulation




Balochistan Askari mall

BA mall is a new building project in Quetta city. A state of the art shopping mall project.  The construction work on this project is in its early stages but still everyone knows about its name and location, thanks to the good marketing team of the project. BA mall is located at baleli road, near Askari Park. The nearby places include Chaman housing scheme which is area of large bungalows and commercial area. Fc hospital is also near to this Mall. The BA mall is located on Airport road near the gate of Quetta cantonment. It is just a short distance away from the famous koyla phatack choke which is also having its new fly over. BA mall is at a good location which makes it easily accessible. There are many prominent names on board like ” YH associates” “BGA associates” “zaavia associates” “new green land services”

BA (Baluchistan askari mall) has many different investment opportunities. Ba mall consists of shopping mall, super store, hotel, banquet hall, restaurant, food court, clinics, offices, cinema hall, children play area, place for prayers (Masjid), open and covered car parking. The mall will be 3 floors with car parking in the basement.  Shops are the main attraction of the mall. Shops are of various sizes. Small and large shops are available which are the choice of the world famous brands and are high in demand. Shops are on easy installments with easy down payments method. Shops can also be purchased on cash payment.

BA mall is currently the top of the list standard property investment opportunity in Quetta. After the success of the Quetta millennium mall, Gold city mall, Mds store and now Jan mall. People are have more confidence in such luxurious properties in Quetta which was not that common ten years ago.

House for sale in chiltan housing scheme Quetta (click here for more details)

The project builders are new green land services who are working at full potential to make a major change in the shopping landscape of Quetta city. The construction work can be seen from the main airport road. A temporary boundary wall is set around the work site. Heavy machinery can be seen digging.

The mall has an area office which is located at the site of the mall. Brochure, pamphlets and other marketing matter is easily available. Information about the project is also available online on

BA mall will be providing all the basic facilities of international standards. Ba mall will be giving high standard earth quick proof construction, firefighting systems, spacious car parking, speedy lifts, modern escalators, full time security, elegant design, centrally air-conditioned, huge lobby and spacious overall design.

Actually these are two buildings with the the name of Baluchistan Askari mall and Quetta Askari mall.

Baluchistan Askari mall is near the main gate of Quetta cant. the front is to the main road. The parking is not underground it is an open air parking. The parking space has capacity of up to 800 cars. The present site offices of the mall will also be included in the parking space.  There are three entrances to Ba mall. lower ground consist of a super market and shops. The ground floor also has shops. on first floor an area is designated for a hotel, banquet hall or marriage hall. The banquet hall has separate entrance by an elevator. The rest of the first floor is for the mall. on second floor there are conference rooms and dining rooms. children playing area, Prayer area and food court. and there is  area for clinics for doctors. On the third floor there are rooms which are for the hotel. mall shops and clinics all with separate entrances. Fourth floor consists of cinemas and food courts

QA mall or Quetta askari mall is right in front of Chaman housing and between Askari park. It is situated on the triangle shape plot which is also called Golden triangle plot.  Quetta askari mall has three entrances. Quetta askari mall has an underground parking in the basement. On the ground floor there is banquet or marriage hall and shops. It is centrally air conditioned with state of the art security system. on the second floor there are food courts and shops. there is also space available for lawyers chambers. Quetta askari Mall has front on three main roads around it.



Ba mall price per square feet

lower ground floor     20000

ground                        25000

1st floor                       20000

2nd foor                      15000

3rd floor                      12000

4th floor                      10000


Quetta askari mall Price per square feet

lower ground              20000

ground                        25000

1st floor                       20000

2nd floor                     13500

2nd floor food court  18000

25 percent advance payment. 75 percent will be paid in 20 months installments.

To see properties at airport road Please click here

Note: This article is written by makanpoint staff. for further information please contact Ba mall site office.