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Immune system

What is immune system?  قوت مدافعت

Immune system is the health safety barrier to unhealthy objects. The body parts and activity that provides defence against germs, toxins and virus.   Immune system is the structure available in the body. It is like any other system. Like nervous system, or endocrine system that is present in living organisms. immune system try to protect you from dying.

Immune system has different layers and various kinds of workers. It is like chess game where every piece has certain usages and moves but all of them protect the king. These cells are so reluctant that they die to quarantine the virus and bacteria. When a person has a wound on finger. White blood cells come to the injured place and protect it from the outside world. The wound gets yellow and watery that is where the fight is going on between virus and immune system.


Immune system is present all across human body.

Parts of the immune system

1 white blood cells, 2 spleen. 3 complement system. 4 antibodies. 5 bone marrow. 6 thymuses. 7 lymphatic system.

Parts of immune system expalined
Parts of immune system expalined

Signs and symptoms of weakness of the system.

Increased stress levels

Frequent attacks of cold

Digestive problems

Injuries and scars take more time to heal

Regular infections

Feeling tired all the time

Improving Immune system

A healthy lifestyle can affect immune system.


Where there is sickness there is sleep. Sleep cures all our disease. A body builder lifting 300 pounds tearing his muscle than cures it with sleep. 10 pm to 2 am is the peak time for immune system to operate on the reconstruction of body. The last time is 9 am in the morning. If you don’t see sun light before 10 am than you also lost the production of dopamine. So early to bed and early to rise.

No smoking: smoking tobacco and consuming substances can seriously hurt your immune system.


Wash hands keep your body and surrounding area clean.

Normal body weight

Reduce stress

The level of happiness will greatly affect the state of your mind, will power and immune system.

Food: honey, lemon, garlic, ginger, mint, yougurt, chicken soup,


foods to make immune system stronger
foods to make immune system stronger

Final solutions

Government should impose late night curfew for people under age of 25 in Quetta city. 1 am to 3 am.  I think this thing is already present in the law that you cannot waste your time. This sleepless generation don’t have a strong immune system. How will they cope with Congo, dengue, tb, or zika virus? Sleep on the right time will make the immune system better. Sleep is cheaper than Corona mask.


Notes provided by asst professor at one of the renowned educational institution in Quetta. edited and typed by makanpoint. 


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