How to paint your house

How to paint your house

Painting a house is not a big deal. But it covers up some of your time. Whole painting a house you have to decide that you either you’re going to paint first the interior or exterior.

To paint a house first of all you’ll need to clean the walls of your house, clean all the dust from your house. Clean the loose paint from your walls such that these loose paints will damage your new paint, also look for stains on your walls and clean them with a wet cloth. If you have a pressure cleaner then it will buy you some time but if didn’t then it is going to take some of your time, you can also clean your walls with a sponge by dipping it in clean hot water. Clean damage areas and repair them with chalk. Remember that when you’re about to paint your house cover the things like doors and windows, then paint it after painting the whole house.


If you’re going to paint your house exterior you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all clean the walls of your house doing this with a pressure washer is better.
  2. Repair all the damaged surfaces of your walls
  3. Remove the loose paint from the walls of your home
  4. Chalk the damages and where the paint is loose
  5. Look for satins on your wall
  6. If there is any stain clean it with a wet cloth
  7. During paint cover your doors, windows and other things
  8. Scrape until you reach a relatively solid edge


If you’re going to paint the interior of your house follow the following steps:

  1. Prepare the walls of your house by cleaning it like in the interior
  2. Mask the whole room with the painter tape if necessary
  3. Cover the furniture or move else where
  4. Cover the light bulbs
  5. Cover the fan
  6. Cover the door and windows

Here is the list of the local rates of painting a house in Quetta city

Paint Wall grease Paint with chalk Per feet
Only labor 15 6 12 Per feet
Labor with products 25 16 22 Per feet