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Zarghoon housing scheme Plot file.

Below are the contents of the file of zarghoon housing scheme. These contents and samples are for the public informaion. for more details please call us.

Contents of zarghoon housing scheme file.

  1. N.I.C
  2. Allotment order book. Hard file cover shape. 
  3. allotment order form. This is important as it contains the name of the owner of plot. 
  4. Schedule of payment . pages of the book that contains details of installments and other charges paid. 
  5. Use after sale Purchase. Transaction or in case of death
  6. Agreement for sale/ Purchase of plot in Zarghoon housing scheme
  7. Application form for allotment of plots in Zarghoon housing 
  8. Instructions
  9. Depositors copy of installment reciept (check all copies for number of installmetns paid)
  10. Offer letter
  11. Applicant copy receipt
  12. Agreement stamp
  13. Transfer leeter (Open in case of transfering at letter date)
2. Allotment order book

Allotment order form. 
Application form
Agreement for sale and purchase of plot
Agreement for sale and purchase of plot page number 2


Schedule of payment of zrghoon housing scheme

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