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Eid is a festival of Muslims. It is an official holiday in all Muslim countries. The Eid holiday lasts for at least 4 days. Eid ul fitr starts with sighting of the moon. Eid ul fitr comes after Ramadan.

Eid ul fitr ki sunatein
Eid ul fitr ki sunatein

August 12, 2019



Preparing for Eid

What to do before Eid

Clean your house. Clean your room, decorate all the places that you will be staying in for the Eid. Paint your house if possible.

Call your friends and family in before the Eid and make your plans for a visit or picnic.

buy Eid cards if you want to send Eid cards or gifts to someone.

Do all your shopping in advance. Buy new cloths, foot wear and other things that you may need on Eid day. The Chand raat shopping can be a fun and a problem at the same time. so, avoid the last-minute shopping strategy. Check your cloths and shoes before Eid and make sure there is no problem.

Iron your cloths one day before Eid.


What to do on Eid day. 

Wake up early, take shower clean.

Go to mosque for Eid prayers. After the prayers meet people. Specially those who are alone.

Come back home meet and greet your family members.

Go to your close relative’s house to meet them in person.

Those people who are far away from you and you cannot go to visit them. Call them send them SMS or WhatsApp messages. You can prepare you Eid greeting messages in advance and send it to your friends on Eid day. You can also share Eid message on your social media account.

Make decision to have a good mood and good behavior one Eid. Make a pact with your self that you will stay happy and keep everyone else happy. Tell your kids to do the same thing. Live and let live policy.

Prepare good food for the Eid. Make some thing unique. A sweet dish is one of the important elements of Eid menu.

Stay in contact with your neighbors. Exchange gifts and food items that you prepared.

Visit all your relatives, friends and neighbors.

After all this you can arange a picnic . select a good spot with your friends and relatives. Click on the link below for the list of locations near you.

Wishing all our clients and every one else a happy Eid. May this bring more joy and success in your life.



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