Kuchlak Bypass Quetta

Kuchlak bypass

Kuchlak bypass is a newly constructed road near kuchlak. this New road will bypass the bazar of kuchlak. it starts at new baleli bypass and connects with kuchlak road N50. it lies at the south side of kuchlak bazar.




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Dha Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta Blog

Dha Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta

Dha is making a new housing scheme project in Quetta. Dha Quetta project is said to be better than all other dha housings of Pakistan. Defense housing authority make housing schemes, maintain them and provide municipal services in its region. Dha is already present in other cities of Pakistan. Dha is planning a new housing society in Quetta. The office of Dha is already in place. Documents clarification facility is available. Land has been bough and marked on the ground. Dha notification sign boards are also in the area.

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Dha Quetta main entrance design



Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view

Dha Quetta
Dha Quetta

Dha Quetta is happening. This development is vital to the region. with widening of the roads in Quetta. soon this region will become a hub. The biggest real estate enterprise on the highway N25. The proposed location that is outlined in the notification of Dha quetta is large. This location offer engulf the present day Quetta city. The size of the project is so enormous that it will take long time to complete all its phases.


Land buying and providing to Dha 

Land providers (LP) are those people who buy land from the people and provide it to Dha. These are the authorized people of Dha. Land providers started buying land long time ago. In the last couple of years the property prices in the defined area between airport and kuchlak rose by 400 percent or even higher. Those early years were beneficial for land providers and the locals.  Land providers made big deals. This area of Quetta is almost un populated. Investors at the top level and well-connected locals were focusing on Bacha agha to kuchlak. Land providing to Dha happened mostly in the recent years. Dha know has acres of land. Dha has also marked its land on the ground with cement polls and diging line on the ground  This area of Dha Quetts is called the PHASE 1.  

Location of Dha Quetta phase 1 

Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location
Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location


Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view

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Affidavit file and Size of plots

1 kanal 4500 feet afidavit files are available. There is only size available now. smaller plots will be available in market at later stages. CLICK HERE for more details of file. 

Dha Quetta affidavit file 1 kanal
Dha Quetta affidavit file

The fututre of the project

The future looks bright. Quetta needs housing schemes more than any other city. Quetta also need master plan. Because right now Quetta city is expanding without any master plan said The Prime minister.  Now prime minister also announced the starting of work on the western root of CPEC. This will also benefit Dha Quetta.  The launching of Dha in Quetta will normalize the high price of land in city center. The price of land in Dha area has gone up. Now that people are showing confidence. Dha is becoming a success. 


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Zarghoon housing scheme Quetta

Zarghoon housing scheme.

Zarghoon housing is a housing project developed by Quetta development authority. Its one of the biggest gated housing scheme in Quetta.  It is located at the northern side of Quetta city. Before the abadi of  sra ghurgai. at the back side of nawa killi. Located ahead sra khula. A housing colony with complete boundary wall and two main entrance at western and eastern side. The western gate connects to old nawa killi bazar road while the eastern Zarghoon extension gate Links to zaiarat bypass. It is connected by Nawa killi bypass, cantt hanna by pass and new road which will be from baleli to zarghoon housing scheme. Currently zarghoon housing scheme is the biggest stretch of land available for development in Quetta.

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Zarghoon housing Quetta
Zarghoon housing western entrance Quetta

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The total area for the development project is 252 acres. The land was allotted in 1992. Zarghoon housing has different plots for parks, schools and hospital. The size of the plot for the hospital is 22500 feet. The land located for making parks is 398000 square feet. A new police station is also built near the housing scheme.  80000 square feet land is chosen for schools. 27000 feet land for play grounds. 45000 feet land for the Masjid.

Commercial is very important for every major housing scheme. Zarghoon housing also has commercial area. 90000 feet land is available for making hotel. Different size commercial plots are the size of 4500 feet, 1800 feet and 2500 feet.

Zarghoon housing scheme
Zarghoon housing scheme
Zarghoon scheme model
Zarghoon scheme model

It is more than 250 acres in size. larger than university of Balochistan. One of the best planned housing society in the area. It has more plots than Jinnah town and Chiltan housing scheme . This will become something like chiltan housing scheme because it is designed by Quetta development authority. The width of the main road in zarghoon housing scheme is more than any other housing project in Quetta city.


Payment schedule and method for installments of plots in zarghoon. 

There are 20 installments for each plot. these are quarterly installments. every installment is paid after 3 months. below we will discuss the installments amounts for different sizes plots.

Installment amount for different sizes of plots. 

The earlier plots in zarghoon housing scheme were sold to people by 600 rupees per foot. so one way to find out total amount of installment is to multiply the total size of the plot with 600 rupees and than divide it by 20. 

For example 600 rupees multiply by 1800 feet (which is the size of the plot) is equal to 1080000 rupees. now divide 1080,000 rupees by 20 installments is equal to 54000 rupees. it means that each installment for 1800 feet plot is 54000 rupees.   

SizeInstallment PriceNo. of InstallmentsTotal

Zarghoon housing scheme extension  (توسیع)

For more details about zarghoon housing extension click here


Zarghoon housing extension is near bypass gate. The main gate is visible from ziarat bypass. straight double road connects extension gate to bypass by wide road.  The grid station have security guards already.


Prices of Land files in Zarghoon housing scheme.

Prices fluctuated many times since the announcement of Zarghoon housing scheme Quetta. The profit that people demand on plot files went up and down so many times. no one knows the exact reason. a lot of poor people lost their money and investors gained huge profits. but than this is the nature of the plot files. The smaller plots are the  main interest of investors as they are cheap. In the beginning of 2016 when news of construction of electricity grid started circulating the prices started rising. In january 2016 the profit for 120 square yards plot was less than 6 lakh rupees which grew to up to 7.5 lak rupees in the next few months. After the announcement of new property taxes the prices started downturn in july 2016. In december 2016 12o square yards was trading for 4 lakh rupees. From 4 lakh to 8 lakh back to 4 kah rupees in 16 months. But now its recovering again and the average profit demand for 120 square yards plot file  is 5 lakh rupees.

In 2019 the price jumped to a record level. In January 2019  Zarghoon was a very valuable business commodity. But than the prices came down. Now the market is stable. its slow but continuous. This rise of prices marketed the project very well. People of Quetta realized that zarghoon has a new bypass. it is almost complete for living. it is said that many people has applied for map and site plans to construct house. 

Future dynamics of the Location

The water of mangi dam will enter Quetta through the mountains on the northern side of zarghoon housing scheme. Zarghoon housing may get its water supply from Mangi dam when the project is complete.


Park in zarghoon houisng scheme

Government building in zarghoon

This area has more open land available than any other location close to Quetta city. Which provides more options in planning more. One of the Problem of Quetta bazar area is the mountains in the east. It doesn’t allow to construct further towards the east in that area. Usually cities are designed from east to west so when the sun rises it is visible on either side of the main road. That’s what is present in zarghoon housing scheme. It is designed east to west.

The construction of houses is  allowed in zarghoon housing scheme . There is no sui gas yet.  But it will be provided because zarghoon housing is already in good shape. wapda housing society has also been provided sui gas. And now they are saying that they hit another big reserve somewhere in the ocean.  The grid station is in place and linked to supply poles from the bypass.

Zarghoon housing scheme is said to be the focal point in the future. When it is built it can compete Chiltan housing scheme in standards only much bigger and better planned. 2019 is the zarghoon year.

now is the best time for the controllers of the housing scheme to visit the place. To give more importance to zarghoon housing than other projects. because Zarghoon housing is almost complete. 



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