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Dha quetta balloting

Dha Quetta

Dha Quetta balloting was on 14th of March 2020. Balochistan Governor retired Justice Amanullah Khan Yasinzai on Saturday performed the balloting of plots in DHA Quetta Phase-1.

ڈی ایچ اے کوئٹہ فیز 1 میں پلاٹوں کی بیلٹنگ کا کام  بلوچستان کے گورنر ریٹائرڈ جسٹس امان اللہ خان یاسین زئی نے کیا۔

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Previous details

some time ago people submitted forms along with the fees. All those forms were now part of Dha quetta balloting. only the lucky winners will be able to recieve a Dha Quetta files. than these owners of files will submit down payment and isntallments. They can also sell there files on profit whic is also called own. The profit rate depends on the demand of the public and development.

This draw will produce a Draft. A version of documents to be filled out in the future. Some people call it balloting which is fine but the right word is Draw or lottery.


dha quetta balloting 2020 makanpoint
dha quetta balloting 2020 makanpoint


Dha Quetta installment payment plan table
Dha Quetta installment payment plan table

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