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Commecrial plots of zarghoon housing scheme

Zarghoon housing commercial plots.

The auction for the commercial plots of zarghoon housing scheme will be held on 15 and 16 october at zarghoon housing . The notification has been provided as it is. The phone number for further information is available in this news papaer cutting. Call us For Zarghoon housing proerty information, advice, maps, dealing, buying and selling.

auction notification of zarghoon houisng commercial plots


Proposed layout plan for commercial bloks a n b




The auction must be on camera. brief detail must be provided to the media. auctions are often objected which must be addressed in this first place. The governing body must provide a mechanism of check and balance. The aution of the plots is a good thing. it will help make new plaza type buildings. The commercial plots has a very good spacious area around it. Development work is very visible now in zarghoon housing scheme.


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