Joint road Expansion and development

As per the order of chief minister Jam Kamal, contruction work is getting faster on Joint road. Contractors has worked on this road for 24 hours a day.
Work is in the final phase for the expansion and development of Joint road Quetta. There is a general guess that chaman phtak will be connected to koyla phatak with a straight road. This road will be made on the side of the railway track that goes through shahbaz town.

There are two bottle necks for the traffic coming from joint road. Hudda road or Pishin stop road. Both of these roads are crowded on the peak hours of traffic. When this road Completes there will be heavy taffic between Chaman phatak and koyla phatak. This new traffic will produce more business.


Work also started on a new section of road. this new section is at the western side of chaman housing. This new road will be on the eastern side of Killi ismail. This section will start at the back of chaman housing and it will connect with samungli road. To read more about this  section of road click here. This will be a game changer for development of killi ismail. 

Joint road  expansion map to samungli road
Joint road expansion map to samungli road



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