High rise buildings construction in Quetta Blog

High rise builidng construction will be allowed in Quetta city soon.

High rise tall buildings in Quetta. 

Deputy speaker Qasim khan suri said that he had a meeting with association of builders in Quetta . The association told Qasim khan suri that building act has not apporved the construction of High rise buildings in Quetta. while the prime minister has Given relief to construction industry. Qasim khan assred that he will convery this message to the Orime minsiter. He also added that he will talk to the members of the provincial assemble to pass a law to allow the construction of high rise buildings. This new law will provide a guide line which will allow the construction of high rise buildings according to he vision of PM. The building act in Balochistan is very old which will be renewd. There will be a SOP prvided by the Government. Quetta does need high rise buildings because of the increasig population.

The property pirces are very high. For example an apartment price is 1 crore rupees near Jinnah town Quetta.  which is very high for a flat. after the construction of high rise buildings the prices of Luxury flates will come down.

These are some high buildings already present in Quetta. for example baldia plaza, Balochistan askari mall and some other are buildings are good example. This proves that if proper contstruction procesdure is followed high rise buildings can be constructed in Quetta. Japan is also sitauated in an earth quake zone but they still have high rise buildings.