Development of killi ismail

Killi ismail is located at samungli road. today we will discuss the making of new road that extends in to killi ismail. this new road will bring development to this area.


Construction work has started on the road on the eastern side of killi ismail.  ACC agha construction company is making this new road. this is the same company who made the new road near askari park. They are working very fast. Their night shift work is bringing some good results.


The property prices in this area will see a rapid increase in the next coming days. Specially the commercial property near the road. If the traffic from joint road Dukani baba was diverted towards this road than it will be a lot of traffic. more traffic means more customers for shops which means new business. In Quetta most of the new roads are going towards west, towards central Asia.

killi ismail road expansion
killi ismail road expansion


killi ismail road expansion aerial view
The green line shows the proposed (suggested) route of the road.


More informatin coming soon.


We request Acc agha construction company to share maps pictures and other information with us. it will be beneficial for their own marketing


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