Real Estate Billionaires

Real Estate
Real Estate is now one of the fastest growing business. Real estate now holds millions of investors all over the world. Real estate tycoons now got real money. Most of the real estate tycoons are from America, China, Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore. Pakistan real estate isn’t mentioned now but nobody knows what the future holds.
Some of the Giant real estate tycoons are listed below.
Real Estate Tycoons
These people became billionaires through real estate.
1. Wang Jianlin.
Chinese real estate billionaire real estate investor. He is 18th top billionaire in the list of top billionaire around the world, with the $28.7 billion net worth in total. Started his real estate career with commercial real estate developer, then started constructing Hotels, Buildings and shopping malls. Now he is proud owner of Wanda group and highest ranked real estate tycoon. Wang Jianlin is currently owner of many hotels, apartments and shopping malls. Wang is the top real estate tycoon in china

2. Lee Shau Kee
Lee Shau Kee is Hong Kong’s Real estate Giant with $21.5 Billion net worth making him the 31st richest person in the world now he is the proud owner of Portfolio containing real estate investment. He started from a poor family but like he said “Hard work pays off” and now he has his own hotels, buildings and shopping malls in Hong Kong. His empire is led by Henderson land development. He is on the way to further success. Lee is now top real estate tycoon in Hong Kong
3. Michael Otto
Michael Otto net worth $15.4 billion making him the 51st top richest man on the planet making him the top real estate tycoon in Germany. Michael Otto’s holds an ECE group of companies which constructs buildings, Shopping malls, Hotels, Luxury homes all around the world. Michael makes much money through real estate he also construct industrial buildings, special purpose buildings and headquarters. Now his company holds a project that contains 8,300 number of apartments.
4. Donald Bren
The fourth richest real estate tycoon in the world, this American tycoon with the total net worth of $15.1 Billion making him the 54th in the Billionaire’s list. Irvine company is owned by their projects are 500 office buildings, 50,000 apartments, 40 shopping centers, 3 hotels. Donald has a 97% of share in the Manhattan’s Met life building

5. Malik riaz hussain

Malik riaz hussain is a self made billionaire who made his billions in development. Click here to read More about Malik riaz

Amazing! Many people got rich through real estate.
The list is endless, we will stop the list here and continue some other time! Investors of Pakistan need’s to get a proper place in real estate to make big bucks and there is still a big place in real estate to make big bucks.