Samungli road introduction to different housing projects.

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Samungli road.
In this article we will look at some of the locations that connects to samungli road. These locations are explained below.
Samungli road is one of the main locations in Quetta city.The housing societies starts at zarghoon road near ufone office. At this location first is the commercial area including Dalaan restaurant and other showrooms. It is better area for Restaurants furniture store and shops of high end.
Driving down west model town is on the south side of the samungli road. Model town is Porsche area. Model town extension is good for residential bungalows and offices are located in apartment buildings near the old “Pishin bus stop”.
After a small drive towards west comes “Koyla Phattack” chok. Koyla phatack is a main location. A new fly over is built at this choke which is near completion. the road to the right goes to airport road and Askari park while crossing the railway pahtack you enter “Shahbaz town”.
Shahbaz town has commercial and residential areas. The main commercial area is situated with samungli toad. Shops and small buildings populate the road from Shahbaz town Jamia masjid to central jail. Shahbaz town has three phase. Phase one is the considered to be the best location while Phase two comes at second position and Phase 3 and 3rd position. Residential land price is around 6000 rupees per feet. Shahzbaz town also contribute to samungli road food street restaurants. Its famous restaurants are hot n chili, and Saigon restaurant. Shahbaz is one fun place to be. Also has top schools and education centers.
Driving on samungli road towards sunset. We pass the board office area. There is Benazir Family Park. Opposite the family park is another food point. The shops in night star complex and nearby markets are part of this food point which spans over open ground. Behind night star complex is city school. This road is called city school wala road has some small private housing schemes. Including seven star colony, professor colony and other. This is also good place to call home. This road has shops schools and other facilities available. The price over here is from 3000 to 4500 rupees. It depends whether you want commercial or residential property. This road divide the private land from Jinnah town from north to south. City school wala road also has some apartment buildings. Omer heights is one of the best apartment building in this area. Many new apartment buildings are been built in this area. Do check this area if you are looking for some installment based apartment buying plan.
Next to Benazir Family Park is Sui southern gas office. In front of Sui gas office is Jinnah town. Jinnah town is a large housing scheme which has residential houses and commercial area. Jinnah is sided by IT university on the south, by city school at the eastside, Paind khan road at the north side, and samungli road on the south side. Jinnah town is a Porsche area. It has new villas type bungalows. If you want good design for your new house than look at some bungalows at Jinnah town. The commercial area is getting bigger with new buildings having apartments and front showrooms. The central chorangi of Jinnah town is populated by restaurant bakeries super store and recently a new bank branch. Price is around 6000 rupees/ feet. next to commercial area is a Jamia massjid. Jinnah town mosque is said to be one of the biggest mosques in Quetta.
Most of the population in this area of samungli road is on north side of samungli road. After some driving out of Jinnah town towards the south gets us to Samungli housing scheme.

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