Rent Houses Required at different locations

For Rent, Required ( Zaroorat hai ) - Flat, House, Lower Portion, Upper Portion

Houses required at different locations of quetta.

we need rent houses for parties at different location.

With all facilities

Contact us 0316 800 1000———–081 2841000

Range.                      Location.                                     Rooms.

1,20000                                Private locations for Company.                                              10 Rooms.

100,000                                Private Location for Private Company.                                   9 Rooms.

70,000                                  Private area for company.                                                       7 to 10 Rooms.

40,000                                  Shahbaz town Jinnah town Samungli Housing Scheme.        3,4,5 Rooms.

30,000                                  Shahbaz Town, Jinnah Town, Samungli road.                          4,5 Rooms.


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