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Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

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Chiltan housing scheme is located on Airport road Quetta. It is developed by Quetta developemeny Authority. It has residential and commercial plots.  Chiltan housing consist of two parts main chiltan houisng scheme which is close to airport road and chiltan housing scheme extention, which is behind it. chiltan housing scheme is one of the most green housing society of Quetta.

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Size of residential plots in Chiltan housing scheme.

80 square yards (720 square feet)

200 square yards (1800 square feet)

400 square yards (3600 square feet)

600 square yards (5400 square feet)

There is a Family park at chiltan housing scheme close to the commercial area. The size of the park is 78,500 square feet.




Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

Chiltan housing scheme extention


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