Jinnah heights tower


Jinnhah heights tower

Jinnah heights tower is a residential apartment building. Jinnah heights tower consist of flats. This tower is located near Jinnah town in private land ahead City School Quetta.All the facilities are avaialble including water, electricity, sewage, gas and security.

sizes of apartments” 1200 feet to 2000 feet
Payment: 40 percent downpaymen while the remaining amount will be paid in 24 months installments.

More details

For more details please visit our office. our offic eaddres is written below.
Makanpoint estate shahbaz town muzmil plazaseocnd floor office number 207. Near city marriage hall Quetta.

Or call us at any time to visit the house.
mobile number 03168001000 – PTCL number 0812841000, 0812842000

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