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Makanpoint is offering free internship.

What is makanpoint?
Makanpoint is a real estate digital marketing company. Its office at Shahbaz town for the past many years.

What is the difference between internship and paid Job?
A paid job is where a person work for the owner. The owner gives orders. Its paid
An internee is a student. The teacher gives advice and take tests. It’s not paid.

What you will learn in this class?
In this class you can learn the following subjects.
How to read write advance English Language.
Computer skills like Ms office and graphics including photoshop.
Most important google related softwares including spread sheets, my business and full opetions of Gmail.
searching the internet and solving probelms.

No sallary, we dont give any sallay.
No fees. we dont take fees from our students.

What you will get?
Computer to work on.
internet available all the time with ups.
You will get recommendation at the end of your course.


please do some research on internship before comming to us.

Who can apply, requirement?
Hard working people are required? People who are honest with their time.

For More details Contact us
For more details, please visit our office. our office address is written below.
Makanpoint estate shahbaz town muzmil plaza seocnd floor office number 207. Near city marriage hall Quetta.

makanpoint location

map for office adress

shahbaz town muzamil sqaure abad estate

Or call us at advance any time to visit the us.
PTCL number 0812841000, 0812842000 – Mobile number 03168001000

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Phone number: 03168001000