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Expansion of Quetta city

Quetta is getting over crowded. The government is coming up with new ideas to ensure traffic flow. The realted authorities are in action and the public is very supportive overall.

The previous day. The Government sealed shops on Double road. But do they have an immediate alternative? no one knows for sure. even the reports in news papers are not mentioning the name of the new location. it looks like nobody has any solution. its not just about closing businesses. The real thing is what is next and next and next.

The new location could be

Hazar ganji.

chashma northern bypass, now buildings available open land good for car showrooms.

wasa road at chashma is still underconstruction

western bypass.

Planning for the new location must be carried out on 50 years basis.


Delay of some projects added to the chaos in traffic. for example the parking plaza at circular road. it looks like it will take several years to complete the first parking plaza of Quetta.

total traffic jam has been seen in the city. the traffic condition in Quetta is getting worse and worse.

Public transport is available in Quetta. but in a antic style.. these buses are not safe for traveling. Lets pay attention to the local buses. We can fix it with an APP. if you provide Public traveling alternative. most people will travel by bus. this will reduce the number of vehicles on roads.

Quetta inner city needs immedaite measures. bottle necks that slows the traffic must be taken removed. more roads going out than in strategy may relieve on mondays.

2 jan 2019. Shops were sealed at double road

Hazarganji to Quetta city bus transport
Samungli road expansion and development

11 jan 2019 news
Nawa killi ziarat bypass road underconstruction

We will be writing further about the development Projects of Quetta.

incomplete kuchlak bypass

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