Preparation for exams


Its exams time. matric exams started in mid feburary 2019. Do you know that? Check on your friends or call them. Its cold and rainy and it takes quiet a stamina to show up. We respect the hard workers, the challengers, the students and the examiners. Behind every effort is a goal.

Examinations are compulsory in very field of study. Exams take place after specific time every year or every six months. Exams can be tough business or it can be easy and fun. It all depends on practice. Examinations are the most necessary part of academic studies. Online exams are common these days where one can apply to different types of online exams and receive a degree.

Types of exams



Technical (experiments)

Preparing for exam

Before exams

First of all, make a studying routine for your studies. There are those things that you can learn yourself. and than there are some tough maths which needs a second source like youtube or udemy.

Make mind map, make a list of what needs to be done. make a list of our routine in microsoft excel. excel keeps things very compact in those lines.

of course first of all you need to attend all classes and study till the exam day.

Revise your course many times as possible

Each day practice one past paper of all subjects especially science subjects

Studying in groups is one of the most effective way of preparing exam, find or arrange a place where you and classmates can study in group helping each other

Gather all the material that is useful for you in your studies like books and notebook. 

old question papers. YouTube. Google scholar. keeping a diary. Online study groups like WhatsApp study groups.

Ask someone to Quiz you about what you learn

Try to teach someone what you learn like your friend

Take a short break while studying

If you can’t understand something take help from your teacher, classmate or the internet

During exams

start your day one day before the exam. your diary and routine page will help this day.

double check every thing. the venue, the timing to reach there, your roll number slip, all the stationary you need.

on exams day wake up early. have some kind of alarm that is not easy to turn off or snooze. search “puzzle alarm” in google play.

as you recieve the question paper read it care fully. solve the smaller questions first. start small.

students plan the 3 hours time very well. they have practiced it earlier. timing oneself can identify the number of pages per hour.

At the end keep some time to re check your sheets. check the roll number.

Submit the paper. prepare for the next day. its all about ROUTINE OF EXAM DAYS.