DHA Quetta Early Bird

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DHA Quetta Early Bird

This scheme is an exclusive time-limited scheme which offers prelaunch Discounted rates to only first 1200 customers to get a plot in Sector A, Phase I, DHA Quetta. Sector A is located in Phase I DHA Quetta, it is the closest Sector to the Main Entrance Gate and currently in Early Bird Scheme. There are only 1 Kanal, 1200 plots being offered for sale in the DHA Quetta Early Bird Scheme.

Its the first time ever for DHA Pakistan to offer such exclusive deals in which the plots are being offered for sale

  • At Discounted Price
  • Exclusively for a Specified Sector
  • The location of the sector will be Released Before the Balloting.
  • Sector A Phase I is the sector in which these plots will be Offered to First Come First Serve Customers or Investors.
  • You will get 1 Kanal Plot in Sector A, Phase I, DHA Quetta. If you miss this chance, one can only get a plot in other sectors but not in Sector A Phase I.Your Plot will be located closest to the Main Entrance Gate of DHA Quetta.
  • Payment Plan and Payment Method

    Anyone can get exclusive advantage from this DHA Quetta Early Bird scheme. There are some requirements and some payments which are required in order to get the benefits.

    If you have an Open file/ affidavit,  Intimation Letter or Allocation Letter, you can invest or Buy in this scheme.

    The development charges are to be paid in Full i.e. PKR 23,50,000 only. These charges are to paid to the authorized dealers of DHA Quetta Only. All the authorized Dealers are mentioned on the DHA Quetta Website.


    . DHA Quetta.

    DHA Quetta is the first housing scheme Launched by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in the Balochistan Province. DHA is famously known for bringing us very beautiful and well-developed societies in  Major Cities of Pakistan. DHA societies are always lavished with state of the art Amenities and ALl the luxurious and modern features in Pakistan.

    . vision

    DHA Quetta Smart City Quetta is a primary catalyst of “Khushal Balochistan Vision” encompassing United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. With its futuristic features and quality living standards, DHA Quetta will bring Socio-Economic harmony and secure lifestyle for the people of Balochistan.

    DHA Quetta Management envision to play a pivotal role in the welfare of bereaved families of martyrs, war wounded and disabled heroes and alleviate the life style with the provision of state-of-the-art amenities for our esteemed natives of Balochistan.


    1. Develop state of the art urban communities.
    2. Provide secure living & congenial business environment.
    3. Offer sustainable infrastructures.
    4. Generate environment friendly developments.
    5. Provide essential civic facilities and centres of excellence in Health, Education & Entertainment sectors.
    6. Build our socio-cultural fibre by connecting communities.

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