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DHA quetta

DHA Quetta
The first-ever Defense Housing scheme for Baluchistan has launched in Quetta named DHA Quetta Smart City (Phase-1). Its organizers say that it will be a state-of-the-art housing project in Pakistan. The project Administrator of DHA Quetta Brigadier Muhammad Javed Iqbal.

It will be a Modern residential structure with health, education and other related facilities that will be developed as part of the housing project in Quetta DHA.

DHA Quetta Phase 1 total size is 8000 Acres, but it will be developed in stages. 1st stage will be 4000 Acres approx. All DHA Quetta 4 Marla Commercial and 8 Marla Commercials will be allotted at Main Roads.

Zone A (Business & Residential) total area is 8000 Acres
Zone B (Education, Health & Sports) total area is 2200 Acres
Zone C (Farms Houses and Recreations) total area is 1800 Acres
DHA Quetta will use 33% of land for a large road network (as per National Reference Manual minimum is 25% approx)

DHA quetta smart city
DHA Quetta file Rate – DHA Quetta price
DHA Quetta File Rates are listed Below Currently, only DHA Quetta 1 Kanal file is available, and other options will be available at a later stage. Early purchase options can help you increase your future return on investment. DHA Quetta Balloting of files may be expected within the next 2-3 years.

DHA Quetta 5 Marla file rate today is not available, soon this will be available after balloting of DHA Gujranwala Files. Following the DHA Quetta Prices, you can call us for DHA Quetta Rates. We also deal in DHA Quetta files, contact us now for the DHA Quetta file rate and price.

DHA Quetta 1 kanal affidavit file 75.00 Lac 03168001000

DHA Quetta Latest News Update
Recently DHA Quetta Office Management arranged a meeting of Registered Real Estate Dealers from all over Pakistan about a detailed briefing of the project. There were more than 50 Agents from Quetta, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and other cities. All property dealers may deal as DHA Quetta Dealers or DHA Quetta Property Dealers in or outside of DHA Quetta. For DHA Quetta Latest News Update keep visiting Saiban Associates.
DHA Quetta Balloting 2021 – DHA Quetta balloting Date
The DHA Quetta Balloting has been successfully conducted. The first DHA Quetta Balloting date was 14th March 2020. The DHA Quetta Balloting result 2020 has been done and uploaded on its website. Now, you can easily check your ballot result online. Please stay tuned on social media or keep visiting Saiban Associates for DHA Quetta Balloting result 2021.

DHA Quetta installment plan
DHA Quetta Installment Plots Payment Plan:
Plot Size (Residential) Ballot Fee Total Price 1st – Down payment – 10% 2nd – Down payment – 10% 16 Quarterly Installments
2 Kanal 15,000 11,160,000 1,116,000 1,116,000 558,000
1 Kanal 12,000 5,760,000 576,000 576,000 288,000
16 Marla 10,000 4,896,000 489,6000 489,6000 244,800
10 Marla 8,000 3,285,000 328,5000 328,5000 164,250
8 Marla 6,000 2,718,000 271,800 271,800 135,900
5 Marla 4,000 1,782,000 178,200 178,200 89,100

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Payment Plan:
Plot Size (Commercial) Ballot Fee Total Price 1st – Down payment – 10% 2nd – Down payment – 10% 12 Quarterly Installments
1 Kanal 25,000 52,875,000 5,287,500 5,287,500 3,525,000
8 Marla 20,000 22,050,000 2,205,000 2,205,000 1,470,000
4 Marla 15,000 11,430,000 1,143,000 1,143,000 762,000

DHA Quetta payment plan
The payment plan of DHA Quetta is very easy to understand. Recently, the balloting of DHA Quetta Smart City Phase 1 has been launched. For that, filler residents have to pay 1% advance tax on each payment; however, non-filler has to pay 2% advance tax on each payment.

DHA Quetta Plots for sale are open for booking at easy installments. All the Federal & Provincial taxes will be applicable as per the latest tax regime. DHA Quetta 5 Marla plot price is the most famous among investors. We bring you the DHA Quetta’s latest prices.
DHA Quetta Location
DHA Quetta is located near the airport. The location is ideally located in Quetta, just a 5-minute drive from the airport. With addition proceeds along the western route of CPEC, Gadazai Malazai, Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai, Chashma Achozai, Sra Ghurghai, Sula Khula, Wacha Khula, Hanna and Tor Ragha.

15 minutes drive from Quetta International Airport
30 minutes drive from Quetta Cantt
30 minutes drive from Jinnah Road Quetta
35 minutes drive from Quetta Railway Station
20 minutes drive from DHA Quetta Head Office
38 minutes drive from Quetta Gym Khana
25 minutes drive from Sarena Hotel Quetta
DHA Quetta Offering affordable Housing Society
800 units planned over 50 Acres. Cheaper than conventional construction. 1000 sq ft in 30 las including the land cost. Weather friends and LT WT due to insulated walls. Best suited for a seismic zone like Quetta, Eco of space due to multi-story construction, Less construction time.

Features of DHA Quetta
Intelligent Transport System
Laying of fiber optic
Infrared Sensors for TFC Signal Management & CCTV Cam
Integrated with DHA Quetta Mobile App
Smart Waste MGMT
Use of embedded Sensors / GPS on waste bins
Dynamic waste management & routing
Indigenous recycling with miun envmt impact
Smart Energy Management
Primary Source QESCO
Establishment of 225 MW Grid
20 MW Solar (Project Cost: USD 285 Million). 225 MW Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) with high thermal efficiency. Commercial Operations: 5 years
Farm Houses Payment Plan
Farms Houses (Land) Ballot Fee Total Price 1st – Down payment – 20% 2nd – Down payment – 20% 16 Quarterly Installments
8 Kanal 50,000 29,400,000 5,880,000 5,880,000 1,102,500
5 Kanal 40,000 19,125,000 3,825,000 3,825,000 717,188
4 Kanal 30,000 17,000,000 3,400,000 3,400,000 637,500

DHA Quetta early bird
DHA Quetta early bird is an exclusive time-limited scheme that offers prelaunch Discounted rates to only the first 1200 customers to get a plot in Sector A, Phase I, DHA Quetta. Sector A is located in Phase I DHA Quetta, it is the closest Sector to the Main Entrance Gate and is currently in the Early Bird Scheme. There are only 1 Kanal, 1200 plots being offered for sale in the DHA Quetta Early Bird Scheme.

DHA Quetta future – Why invest in DHA Quetta
However, the Return On Investment In DHA Quetta would be expected well. The purchasing power of the city is high because it is the center of Balochistan. If the next society has a tag of 1 crore, then in this situation it should mean that the file is at least 45-50 lacs worth. But at this point, the DHA Quetta file Price is lower than expected when studying the real estate sector. Once construction is started and the possession is made within the next 5-6 years, we can expect to earn at least three times the investment. This amounts to at least 50% of your ROI.

Pros and cons
The work in the society had been stoped due to pandemics
The work will take some time to start again.

The societies have all the basic and luxurious facilities.
There is a well-planned community.
There are sports zones for maintaining your health
and spend your time in physical exercise.
Your health is the first priority.
There are standard facilities in the flourishing hospitals
The society’s water disposal system is very impressive.
The environment there is very friendly. You will feel like being in a family.