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Civil hospital Quetta

Civil hospital Quetta

Civil hospital is a large health care facility at Quetta. Civil hospital constitute of spacious estate right on Jinnah road. It has road all around it. There are numerous entrances but the main entrance is on the eastern side of the hospital on Jinnah road.

Most of the people living in Quetta have visited this place at least once in their life. The famous place is the casualty department near the main gate. That is for the emergency and accidents.

View from above of the hospital

Critics do talk about the hospital administration system. As you can see by the Aerial image this property is underdeveloped and old. Jinnah road is a prime location. If the land is 100000 rupees per feet than the construction cost is 1500 per feet. As i am writing this for a real estate website than i will look at the place with a property perspective.

After all its a nice place to stay for the night if you prepare yourself. and its nice to visit a patient. when you visit your ill friend . first you will park your vehicle . after entering the main gate the information counter is on the left side. this booth will guide you to your location.

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