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Zarghoon housing scheme Extension updates

Zarghoon extension bypass gate development

Zarghoon housing extension is near bypass gate. The main gate is visible from ziarat bypass. straight double road connects extension gate to bypass by wide road.  The grid station is also located near this entrance. The grid station already have…

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Askari park development work

Askari park development Develoment work has started in Askari park Quetta. the work is goint on at very fast pace. workers work late in to the night. These workers are working late night shifts to complete the work as soon…

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Zarghoon Housing Plot Transfer.

Transfer process for the plot of zarghoon housing scheme. There are two ways to trasnfer you property. you can do it with the help of you property dealer. you can do it you self.   if you want to transfer…

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Airport Road Quetta

Airport Road Quetta. New Photos of Airport Road. For further reading click on the link below Askari park development Shahbaz  town

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QDA ordinance


Posted by QDA Ordinance   INDEX Section.                                         Heading.                                                   Page. PRELIMINARY. CHAPTER-I Short title, extent and commencement.                                                        2. 2.                 Definitions.                                                                                                                2. CHAPTER-II CONSTITUTION AND FUNCTIONS OF AUTHORITY. 3.                 Establishment and incorporation.                                                               3. 4.                 Management.                                                                                                           4. 5.                 Constitution…

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Daily Morning Routine.

Morning Routine. Wake up early Beat the sun! That is the advice of tycoon Grant Cardone, and it means get up before the sun.   Presently in case you’re sort of person who doesn’t keep regular business hours, getting up…

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Flu “Flu” medically knows as “influenza”. Cause by an infectious virus named “influenza virus”. Flu can be caused to an individual at every age. Especially, starting from 4 years of age. Flu can be severed or very dangerous from 2…

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Development of killi ismail

Killi ismail is located at samungli road. today we will discuss the making of new road that extends in to killi ismail. this new road will bring development to this area.   Construction work has started on the road on…

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