In Quetta city and suburb areas the trend of housing schemes and flats has been increment.

In Quetta city and suburb areas the trend of housing schemes and apartments has been increment.


Some of the housing schemes and buildings needs improvement ‘facilities are scarce.

The demand to introduce housing schemes on governmental level is rising.



In the provincial capital due to the increased population, in the middle and suburb areas of the city the construction of the housing schemes and flats have been trending. While the sources of the Metropolitan Corporation Quetta reported that most of the housing schemes have been constructing with out the approval of the Metropolitan Corporation, due to which on one hand the rules of Corporation have been broken and on the other hand the taxes that are not collected cause the corporation the deficit of millions yearly. while in some of the housing schemes living facilities are equal to none. on the other hand the increasing rental prices in the middle areas make living in the rent houses impossible and the citizens are migrating to the suburb areas due to which the construction of flats have been increase gradually. Likely in the suburb areas housing schemes are also constructed the citizens requested the government to announce housing schemes on governmental level that the poor people have shelter for living. The government must announce new housing schemes.



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Water shortage in Balochistan


Save water stay healthy.


This year the weather is good. There has been a long rainy season. it is still continuing even in April. There is water visible in Hanna Lake. The weather tv channels are predicting more rains. but there must be general awareness of saving the water.


Pakistan loses water worth 21 billion, in the ocean every year. says a report published in 2017. 

With a first glance a visitor can understand the green lands on google maps aerial view. Those locations which are green has properly utilized their water. In the past earlier population resided on the banks of rivers. Over the time people built irrigation systems. There are examples where people constructed long canals in hard conditions. countries are using huge amount of energy to operate upstream shifting of water. generators, pumps and dams are used in the process. 



July 2018

Water reservoirs are ending. The water shortage in Baluchistan is getting worse.

Stopping illegal water boring wells and the making of dams is important says “Pakistan council for research on water reservoirs”.


There will be serious water crisis by 2025. Baluchistan will suffer the worst water shortage. Underground water reservoirs are ending. Cultivation is decreasing. There is a danger of drought. Says PCRWR. The council also warned that water shortage will get worse by 2025. According to a research carried out by this research council, Pakistan was added to the list of countries where population is more than the water reservoirs in 1990.  The situation got worse in 2005. Now the authorities need to take measures. Make dams. Stop the wasting of water.


5600 cubic meter water was available per person in 1947 now its 1000 cubic meters. By 2025 it will decrease to 800 cubic meters.

The water shortage is becoming a bigger problem than electricity shortage.



Source Jang newspaper Quetta. May 20, 2018


Jang news- 22 July 2018

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is that kind of energy that comes directly or indirectly from natural resources. For example, Solar energy, wind energy, Geo thermal, tidal or wave power. below are different kinds of clean energy explained in detail.


Solar energy 

The most popular and fast growing renewable energy is the solar energy. The process of the energy takes place with the help of special type of solar cells made up of thin layers of crystalline silicon that depends on the effect of the  photovoltaic(PV) to absorb protons and convert them into electrons with the help of the crystalline solar cells.
solar clean energy panels

Another form of solar power is the solar thermal power. This type of solar consists of mirrors and lenses to concentrate large area of the light coming from the directly from the sun.

In the late 1980s when the photovoltaic power generating system was introduce at that time the power was only used for small medium sized operations and only for use at homes. But when the commercial concentrated solar power plant has become common and popular, then the energy does not stay only for small uses but were used for industrial uses.

Till 2050 the international Energy Agency claimed that solar power with STE and PV operations will constitute over 25% of the market. It will make solar power the world’s largest source of energy.

China and India has the world’s largest installation of the solar cells in the world.


Wind energy

Mankind has been using wind as a source of energy from hundred of years to run their sails, to power their windmills. The use of wind for the generation of electricity has become the subject of research since 19th centaury.
clean wind energy

As compared to all the other sources of renewable energy, wind energy is reliable, cheap and steady.

The production of the energy takes place with the help of wind turbines. The wind turbines consist of tower (base of the turbine build to support the structure of the turbine),

Blades (the blades are installed like fan that rotate with the flow of wind and cause the rotor to spin), rotor (combination of blades and hub), pitch (turns blades out of the wind to control the speed of rotor), generator (produce 60-cycle AC electricity within turbine when the rotor rotates), controller (starts and stops the turbine from working according to the condition of wind), YAW drive (controls and change the direction of the turbine with the change of the direction of the wind).

The global wind energy council and Greenpeace international came together to publish a report. This report stated that ‘worldwide wind power can provide as much as 25 to 30%of global electricity by 2050. Commercial installation in more than 90 countries has the total capacity of 218 gigawatts (GW), providing about 3% of global supply.



The produce by the heat in the earth crust is known as geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy has two kinds

Pure Thermal Power


Direct geo thermal

Indirect geothermal


Direct geothermal

In this type of geothermal, when hot water is extracted form the earth. Then the water is pumped into a heat exchanger which transfers heat from the water into the house or buildings heating system.


In direct geothermal

When heat is extracted from the earth crust, then it is send to a turbine, where the hot steam rotate the turbine, the turbine activates a generator that produces alternative current (AC).

Geothermal energy is considered reliable because the earth contains 1031 joules worth that flows naturally to the surface by conduction at the rate of 44.2 tera watts (TW) more than double humanity’s current energy consumption.

The countries that generate more than 15 percent of their electricity from geothermal sources are El Salvador, Kenya, Philippines, Iceland and Costa Rica.


Tidal power or wave energy

Like the wind energy the tidal energy is said to a potential source of renewable energy, because the blowing wind produce tides in the water. Like windmills, tide mills have been constructed in the middle age, these tide mills were constructed on the rivers and streams, and the water was stored in large ponds and as the tides went out they turned water wheels that produces mechanical energy to mill grain. This process was used till the late 19th centaury. After the 19th centaury the process of falling water and spinning turbines was introduce U.S and Europe.

clean tidal energy
pure tidal energy

Tidal power has suffered from high cost and limited availability wit sufficient tidal ranges.

The process of producing tidal energy is done by Tidal energy generators. These generators were installed underwater in those areas where high tidal movements are found in large amount. These turbines are designed such that when tides pass above them the catch their kinetic energy and produce electricity.  





Bostan economic industrial zone Balochistan

Bostan economic industrial zone Baluchistan

Bostan economic and industrial zone is an economic zone to be created in Baluchistan. Bostan industrial zone that is  a bid to attract the dealers and investors towards the pak china economic corridor.
The chief minister of Baluchistan has taken this decision at the CM secretariat.

Project Type of Industry
Province Baluchistan

Area(Acres) 1000 acres


Type of industry Fruit processing
Agricultural machinery
Cooking oil
Halal food industry
Ceramic industry
Electrical appliances
Ice and cold storage
Motor bikes assembly

Development status Availability of roads, streets, lights etc

Remarks 200 acres has been completed

Connectivity Quetta Airport 23 km
Gwadar sea port 976 km
Karachi sea port 713 km
Quetta Dry port 32 km
N-50 Highway 0 km


The chief minister directed to ensure basic infrastructure and all other facilities that are required to the investors and industrialists. The meeting informed that the bostan industrial estate will establish on 1,000 acres and the basic infrastructure will be constructed on 200 acres, the infrastructure consists of leveling the land, construction of roads and supplying water and electricity. The facilities would be build and provided on the remaining 800 acres. It was further decided by the CM that the work would be soon on other proposed economic zones, it would be established under the mega project of CPEC.

Chief Minister of Balochistan directed the department concerned to pay full attention on the preparation on the human skilled resources and assured that the provincial government will provide all required resources.

The chief minister also order to make arrangements to supply industrial material produced in local industries to the national and international markets.
He deplored delay in implementation on projects in Baluchistan under CEPC.
He added more that the authorities concerned to work hard for the development and production of these projects soon.

For further reading click on a link below.

Dha Quetta

beautiful new bungalow for sale near Jinnah town click here


fifa worldcup 2018 stadiums

Fifa world cup 2018


Teams: 32

Matches: 65

Stadiums: 12


First match 14 June: Luzhniki stadium     

Final match 15 July: Luzhniki stadium    


This year the fifa world cup final is going to start in Russia.

32 nations will compete in this tournament in 12 different stadiums of Russia. The first match of the year is going to start in luzhniki stadium Moscow. The final match of the year will also held in luzhniki stadium Moscow.



stadium city capacity Matches
1 Luzhniki stadium Moscow 80,000 seats 7
2 Saint Petersburg stadium Saint Petersburg 67,000 seats 7
3 Fisht stadium Sochi 48,000 seats 6
4 Ekaterinburg Arena Ekaterinburg 45,000 seats 4
5 Kazan arena Kazan 45,000 seats 6
6 Nizhniy Novgorod stadium Nizhniy Novgorod 45,000 seats 6
7 Rostov arena


Rostov-on-don 45,000 seats 5
8 Samara arena samara 45,000 seats 6
9 Mordovia arena Saransk 45,000 seats 4
10 Volgograd stadium Volgograd 45,000 seats 4
11 Spartak stadium Moscow 42,000 seats 5
12 Kaliningrad stadium Kaliningrad 35,212 seats 4



Luzhniki stadium Moscow

The largest stadium in Russia hosting fifa world cup 2018 is Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. The owner of welcoming the fifa world cup goes to Luzhniki stadium. The first match of the fifa world cup is in this stadium, while the final match of the world cup will also played here in the same stadium the luzhniki stadium Moscow.

Luzhniki stadium Moscow

stadium allocated to the fifa world cup 2018

Fifa Worldcup 2018 Schedules

Fifa 2018 Stadiums


Saint Peters burg stadium (Saint Peters burg)


The second match of the fifa world cup will be played in the Saint Petersburg stadium situated in Saint Petersburg. After luzhniki stadium Moscow the second largest stadium of the fifa world is the Saint Petersburg stadium. The second match of the fifa world cup is going to be played here in this stadium. 7 matches of the fifa world will played here. The capacity of the stadium is 67,000 seats.


Saint Petersburg Stadium

stadium allocated to the fifa world cuo 2018


Fisht Stadium Sochi

This stadium comes at third place in fifa world. 6 matches of the tournament are going to be played in this stadium. The stadium has the capacity of 48,000 seats. The second quarter final of the fifa world cup final will also played here in this stadium

 Fisht Stadium Sochi
stadium allocated to the fifa world 2018


Ekaterinburg Arena Ekaterinburg

4 matches of the fifa world cup final are going to be played here. This stadium has the capacity of 45,000 seats. The stadium comes at number 4 in the fifa world cup.

Ekaterinburg Arena Ekaterinburg
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018



Kazan Arena Kazan

In this stadium 6 matches of the fifa world cup will be played. This stadium has the capacity of 45,000 seats. The first quarter final of the tournament will be played in this stadium. This stadium was opened for matches in 2013.

Kazan Arena Kazan
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018


Nizhniy Novgorod stadium Nizhniy Novgorod

This stadium will host 6 matches of the fifa word cup 2018. The capacity of the stadium is 45,000 seats. This stadium was opened in 2017 for the international matches, beside the stadium is still under construction.

Nizhniy Novgorod stadium
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018.

Rostov Arena Rostov-on-don

This arena will host 5 matches of the fifa world cup 2018. The arena contains 45,000 thousand seats. This stadium

was opened in 2017 for the international matches.

Rostov Arena Rostov-on-don
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018.

Samara Arena Samara 

The arena will witness 6 fifa world cup matches. The second quarter final match of the tournament will also played in this arena. The arena has the capacity of 25,000 seats.

Samara Arena Samara
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world 2018


Mordovia Arena Saransk

4 matches of the fifa world cup 2018 will be played in this arena. The capacity of the arena is 45,000 thousand seats. This arena was under construction for the fifa world cup and was completed in 2017. Now like the other arenas this will also welcome the fifa world cup 2018.

Mordovia Arena Saransk
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018

Volgograd Stadium Volgograd

4 matches are going to play in this arena. The capacity of the arena is 45,000 thousand seats. This stadium was also under construction for the fifa world cup 2018. The stadium will ultimately come in use for the fifa world cup 2018.

Volgograd Stadium Volgograd
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018

Spartak Stadium Moscow

Fifa world cup 2018 will play 5 matches in this stadium. This stadium has space for 42,000 seats. The first eliminator will be played here.

Spartak Stadium Moscow
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018

Kaliningrade stadium Kaliningrad

This stadium will host 4 matches of the fifa world cup 2018. This stadium has space for 35,212 thousand seats.

This stadium was under construction for the fifa world cup 2018, but now it is ready to host the tournament.

Kaliningrade stadium Kaliningrad
one of the stadiums that are allocated to the fifa world cup 2018

Tallest buildings in pakistan

Tallest buildings in Pakistan


Tall is the trend. Vertical cities are taking over the landscape. The average height of a building is increasing by every day.  Modern architecture is blooming out in the form of worth seeing plazas shopping malls , corporate offices and other facilities. below is the list of top ten tallest buildings in Pakistan.



Height of builidngs.

        Name                     Floors    Year     city/Area          Height

1      Bahria Icon Tower      70        2018     Karachi             320m

2      Bakht Tower               30        2015     Karachi           145m

3      Ocean Tower              30        2014     Karachi          120m

4      MCB Tower                29        2005      Karachi           116m

5      Ufone Tower              24        2011      Islamabad     113m

6      Centaurus                  32        2011     Islamabad     110m

7      Centre Point Tower    28        2013    Islamabad      110m

8      Bahria Town Tower    27       2012     Karachi           108m

9      Mega G4  Tower        27      2016     Karachi         108m

10    Arfa Technology park17      2012     Lahore          106m


1. Bahria Icon Tower- Karachi


Bahria icon tower is the largest building in Pakistan. It is situated in Karachi. This building comprises 70 floors with a tremendous height of 320 meters. This building was completed in year 2018. This fabulous building is own by Mr. Malik Raiz the famous construction industry tycoon. This building has many beautiful shopping malls and furnished residential apartments.



Bakht Tower- Karachi


This beautiful building is situated in Karachi. This building has the height of 145 meters having 30 floors. This building is consisting of shopping malls and residential apartments.


Ocean Tower- Karachi


The old name of this tower was ‘The Mall’ or ‘The Sofitel Hotel Plaza’. The building has the beautiful outside view as it situated on the sea side near Clifton. This building takes along period of 7 years on its completion, as it was started in 2007 and was completed in 2014. 7 billion Pakistani rupees were spent on this mega project. The height of this tower is 120 meters with the range of 30 floors





MCB Tower- Karachi

This building is also situated in Karachi. This building was constructed in 2005. It has the height of 116 meters, with 29 floors.



Ufone Tower- Islamabad


This tower is situated in the lush blue area of Islamabad. Its construction was started in 2005 and was completed in 2011. The average height of the tower is 113 meters with the number of 24 floors. The ufone tower comes on the fourth number in Pakistan in terms of height.

This building was build by Pakistan telecommunication trust and the overall design was given by the Nespak.



Centaurus Mall- Islamabad

This man made sky touching structure is located in the premises of Islamabad. The total height of the building is 110 meters. This building is consisting of three parts in the form of skyscrapers. These all are connected to a mall. Each building has 32 floors. This project was started in year 2005 and was completed in year 2011. The total monument of the building was $350 million dollars. The Centaurus mall is ranked as the largest mall in Pakistan till now. The skyscrapers are named as ‘Centaurus corporate Tower’ the other one as ‘Centaurus Residential Tower 1’ and ‘Centaurus Residential Tower 2’. There is a 5star hotel, sopping malls, corporate offices and residential apartments.




Center Point Tower- Islamabad

This tower is also situated in Islamabad. The average height of the tower is 110m with the number of 28 floors. It was completed in 2013.




Bahria Town Tower- Karachi


This beautiful building is also located in Karachi. It was constructed in 2012. This building has 27 floors with average height of 108 meters. This building was privately built by bahria town.


Bahria Town Tower


Mega G4 Corporate tower- Karachi 

The height of this tower and the height of the bahria town tower are same 108 meters. This tower is located in the localities of Karachi and was officially opened in 2016. This building has 27 floors.



Arfa Software Technology Park- Lahore

This beautiful building is located in Lahore on ferozpur road. Its construction was started in 2006 and was completed in 2012. Technologically this is the biggest park in Pakistan. The average height of this technology park is 106 meters and has 17 floors.





So these are the top ten tallest buildings in Pakistan.








Defense housing authority Quetta Blog

Dha Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta

Dha is making a new housing scheme project in Quetta. Dha Quetta project is said to be better than all other dha housings of Pakistan. Defense housing authority make housing schemes, maintain them and provide municipal services in its region. Dha is already present in other cities of Pakistan. Dha is planning a new housing society in Quetta. The office of Dha is already in place. Documents clarification facility is available. Land has been bough and marked on the ground. Dha notification sign boards are also in the area.

CALL us : 0316 8001000


Dha Quetta main entrance design



Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 main entrance aerial view

Dha Quetta
Dha Quetta

Dha Quetta is happening. This development is vital to the region. with widening of the roads in Quetta. soon this region will become a hub. The biggest real estate enterprise on the highway N25. The proposed location that is outlined in the notification of Dha quetta is large. This location offer engulf the present day Quetta city. The size of the project is so enormous that it will take long time to complete all its phases.


Land buying and providing to Dha 

Land providers (LP) are those people who buy land from the people and provide it to Dha. These are the authorized people of Dha. Land providers started buying land long time ago. In the last couple of years the property prices in the defined area between airport and kuchlak rose by 400 percent or even higher. Those early years were beneficial for land providers and the locals.  Land providers made big deals. This area of Quetta is almost un populated. Investors at the top level and well-connected locals were focusing on Bacha agha to kuchlak. Land providing to Dha happened mostly in the recent years. Dha know has acres of land. Dha has also marked its land on the ground with cement polls and diging line on the ground  This area of Dha Quetts is called the PHASE 1.  

Location of Dha Quetta phase 1 

Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location
Dha Quetta phase 1 proposed location


Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view
Dha Quetta phase 1 Location aerial view

For more information about Dha Quetta location please CLICK HERE


Affidavit file and Size of plots

1 kanal 4500 feet afidavit files are available. There is only size available now. smaller plots will be available in market at later stages. CLICK HERE for more details of file. 

Dha Quetta affidavit file 1 kanal
Dha Quetta affidavit file

The fututre of the project

The future looks bright. Quetta needs housing schemes more than any other city. Quetta also need master plan. Because right now Quetta city is expanding without any master plan said The Prime minister.  Now prime minister also announced the starting of work on the western root of CPEC. This will also benefit Dha Quetta.  The launching of Dha in Quetta will normalize the high price of land in city center. The price of land in Dha area has gone up. Now that people are showing confidence. Dha is becoming a success. 


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Dha Quetta affidavit file 

Dha Quetta location

Chashma norther bypass Quetta (click here)

Kuchlak bypass

Bostan economic zone

Jinnah town Quetta. (Click here)

Office and large properties for rent  (click here)

houses for sale in quetta click here

Contact us (Click here)


Commercial rental property – Renting property to multinational company for commercial use.

Renting property to multinational company for commercial use.

Commercial property is used for work and business purposes. Work location has more public and more sale. Commercial location has an influx of people from surrounding areas. office property usually have front on main road. Large ware houses and other commercial property could stay vacant for longer period of time as it requires the right marketing plan to find the right tenant. renting out commercial property requires more effort. Most property owners favor contacting professional property advisers to find the suitable tenant for their property.

Organizations rent places for their offices, workshops, service centers, medical centers, health services, ware houses, shoping centers, hotels, restaurants, gyms and schools. Real estate communication defines the parameters for matching the right tenant to the space. Makanpoint has more options for their clients while further utilizing its marketing resources.

Quetta city is preparing for the new economical business atmosphere. Commercial Hubs are forming with bypasses. Samungli road  (click here) connected with the bypass is getting more traffic and is an ideal location for business activity. More billboards and road signs are visible in this area. The making of flyover made it easier for the expansion of samungli road. The expansion of samungli road is visible in front of Dalaan bakers. thus creating more commercial activity. Shahbaz town commercial area  is the hub to get to half of Quetta.  More companies are moving to shabaz town.



Advantages of renting your house to a company with the help of “makanpoint property administration”.

Renting property for commercial use with the help of makanpoint can be beneficial in many ways. organizations while searching for house prefers online marketing presence which we offer. area managers pursue the search for new location to rent. Commercial firms require houses for longer period of time. They spent money for extra fixtures and maintenance. The house does not get used much as the office closes at 5 pm and nobody is using the house at night. In metropolitan urban communities, land is hard to discover. Organizations that have representatives on broad travel will secure a property for long haul rent bargains. Commercial rental property brings higher rent when rented for the right cause of productivity.


  • On time rent

Property administration organizations will remain in control with the lease agreement. Reliable lease gathering is the way to accepting rent installments on time, and a property administration organization will uphold rent arrangements if installments aren’t gotten. That way when there are lease installment confusions.

  • Reduction tenant turnovers.

Increment occupant maintenance with property administration organizations. Occupants who make the most of their stay in their property will need to expand their stay and recharge their leases. Property management requires knowing how to keep their tenants upbeat. Glad leaseholders are more averse to leave to locate to a superior place to live.

  • Advantage: Less issues with tenants

Experienced property administration organizations like see hundreds of tenants. Their prepared eyes realize what signs to pay special mind to while neglecting a candidate’s printed material. Giving them a chance to understand inhabitants is an awesome method to get top notch tenants for your home.


What should you do as an owner of the property?

Call us and we will do all the work for you.

Market your property to organizations that work in the neighborhood. Substantial partnerships will frequently have ventures that set aside a long opportunity to finish, making inn remains unfeasible. Counsel the Better Business Bureau or nearby business exchange distributions to learn what organizations are in the region. Set up together a showcasing pack to convey to their HR offices. The advertising unit ought to contain photographs and general data about the house’s area and number of rooms and restrooms and in addition an estimating plan. Follow-up by calling following five to seven business days to guarantee the unit was gotten and offer to answer any inquiries.

Draw up a rental assertion or rent frame. These structures can be state particular, as proprietor inhabitant laws vary from state to state. The general arrangements ought to contain the rental value, length of rent term; states of utilization, right of utilization, late charges, store sums, and anything important to consent to your ward’s proprietor inhabitant laws.

Changing your Electricity and Gas Meters from residential type to commercial is required in some cases.

Demonstrate the property. At the point when reached by an organization to rent the house, plan a demonstrating time and be set up to answer any inquiries. Keep a few duplicates documents of the rent details in the house to disseminate to any agents that visit the house. Once a term and rental whole is consented to, have the organization consent to the rent arrangement and keep the first and furnish the organization with a duplicate of the executed record. Store any progress monies and give receipts for every installment.

Make a checking account for accepting deposits and rent as well as paying for maintenance and other expenses that may occur.

Organizations that lease or rent private property resemble to require utilities and property support is incorporated into the month to month or occasional rent

Contact a property administration organization like makanpoint to request a rental gauge in light of area and size of the property.

Familiarize yourself with the common landlord-tenant law in your area.



Makanpoint deals with multinational companies and large businesses on regular basis. We get calls from the head offices of the companies in Karachi and other cities within Pakistan to find them a house in Quetta. They email us their requirements. This is because of extensive marketing campaign of makanpoint website its partners and its other outlets. It’s hard to find ideal companies in city like Quetta. can help you out with numerous companies. We have rented numerous places to businesses and schools in Quetta that we can show you in order to prospect our services. We turn loss into profit (click here) by renting empty properties.

Call us and our staff will come to your location, evaluate your property and advice you about the right tenant for your house. We find the exact tenant for the property in order to seal a long term agreement. We provide all kind of house services for the convenience of our clients.

In the event that another person is stressing over dealing with your property and occupants, you get the chance to stress over it less. The property administration organization will do the greater part of the work for you. This will free up time for other activities as a property proprietor.

Less pressure and diminished occupant turnovers implies more noteworthy consideration can go towards development and change, rather than dealing with the everyday, littler parts of rental properties. At Makanpoint Property Management, we give brilliant property administration to accomplish ideal goals and incentives for the majority of our clients in contact. Leaseholders and financial specialists advantage from our viable administration methods in promoting, book keeping, support and relationship-building. Our experienced property administration experts work to guarantee long term success. We can find you exactly what you need.


Call or sms:   0316 800 1000   –   0300 381 6134


Address: shahbaz town. 



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To check houses for rent please click here:   houses for rent




Qda city

QDA city

QDA city is a new housing society development project. Qda city is launched by Quetta development authority. The purpose of this housing is to make a new city. Qda city is located near takatu mountain at the northern side of Quetta. Qda city will have a size of 230 acres almost the size of zarghoon housing scheme. Qda city is a step towards green future as this area is said to have plenty of ground water. the housing scheme is at a distance of 3 kilometers from Quetta airport and 12 kilometers from GPO chok.  Qda also have other housing schemes in Quetta which are in progress.

location map of qda city housing society quetta


The housing project will include the following developments.


Sports complex


Community hall

Boundary wall


Plot sizes

Plot sizes: 600, 400, 300 and 200 yards residential.


Booking will start form 27 december 2017. there will be a draw latter.

Price details: form price 10000 rupees. 10% down payment. 5 years installment plan. 800 rupees per foot.

For forms please contact MCB bank, Jinnah road, airport road, satellite town and manan chok branch.


Some people are asking for a more transparent system. the heading in the local news paper says that the draw must be carried out under the supervision of numerous authorities.

The 10000 rupees price for the form might be expensive for the general public.

There are no smaller plots in the Qda city like the 80 yards plot in chiltan housing scheme.


Qda city is after all a great initiative. Quetta needs town planning.



(More information about QDA city prjoect …….   coming soon……

Please share information with us. specially Qda officials)


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