How to paint your house

How to paint your house

Painting a house is not a big deal. But it covers up some of your time. Whole painting a house you have to decide that you either you’re going to paint first the interior or exterior.

To paint a house first of all you’ll need to clean the walls of your house, clean all the dust from your house. Clean the loose paint from your walls such that these loose paints will damage your new paint, also look for stains on your walls and clean them with a wet cloth. If you have a pressure cleaner then it will buy you some time but if didn’t then it is going to take some of your time, you can also clean your walls with a sponge by dipping it in clean hot water. Clean damage areas and repair them with chalk. Remember that when you’re about to paint your house cover the things like doors and windows, then paint it after painting the whole house.


If you’re going to paint your house exterior you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all clean the walls of your house doing this with a pressure washer is better.
  2. Repair all the damaged surfaces of your walls
  3. Remove the loose paint from the walls of your home
  4. Chalk the damages and where the paint is loose
  5. Look for satins on your wall
  6. If there is any stain clean it with a wet cloth
  7. During paint cover your doors, windows and other things
  8. Scrape until you reach a relatively solid edge


If you’re going to paint the interior of your house follow the following steps:

  1. Prepare the walls of your house by cleaning it like in the interior
  2. Mask the whole room with the painter tape if necessary
  3. Cover the furniture or move else where
  4. Cover the light bulbs
  5. Cover the fan
  6. Cover the door and windows

Here is the list of the local rates of painting a house in Quetta city

Paint Wall grease Paint with chalk Per feet
Only labor 15 6 12 Per feet
Labor with products 25 16 22 Per feet















Quetta mass transit train system

Quetta mass transit system. tain and railway lines.

Quetta Mass Transit Train System

The joint plan of Pakistan railway and provincial government is taking place in a timely manner.

Quetta mass transit train service project should be started immediately, to provide the public the cheapest and the comfortable source of journey.

This project was going to complete in the end of year 2018 but it is still working on road ways (road cuttings). In 2106 the railway authorities reported they will also construct parks and trade centers around the railway track. The government of Baluchistan has given the permission to introduce the modern mass transit train in the provincial capital Quetta, this will be the joint project of the Pakistan railway and the Baluchistan government. Later it became the part of the sea pack project. For the project railway tracks are available but to make it operational train engines and train passenger containers are required. This system will prove to be the model system for the entire country. European mass transit train system has been studied to give final face to the project.

Location of Quetta mass train. 

These trains will run between kuchlak and Spezant railway station. After every 5 km a railway station will be build. After the completion of the project the public will be provided the cheaper facilities of journey, on the other hand it will also help in reducing environmental pollution and the mount of traffic on roads. According to the plan in the first phase of the project the railway track between kuchlak and Spezant will be 5.48 km including 5 to 10 railway stations, 3 head branches and a tunnel this first phase will cost up to 214 million dollars, The first phase will complete in year 2019 and according to an imagination up to 30 to 25 thousand people will travel in this train on daily basis and Cn enjoy the comfortable and modern facility for traveling. In the second phase of the plan the railway tracks will be doubled and more railway stations, business centers and more facilities will be provided.  To give the final face to, technical and financial affairs, running the project on fast tracks         the provincial government and the china companies will make joint working group between their authorities, and it was decided that the joint working group will remain in touch through video conferencing.

In this regard the citizens of Quetta says that the government should start the mass transit train system immediately so that the public be provided with cheapest facilities to travel. Traffic jam on roads is a big problem in Quetta city. total blockade can be seen in midtown.


Its very easy. start the train on a test basis.

It will require 1 engine and 2 cabins. first it will take students to Balochistan university and buitems university. Both universities are located near railway tack. an app will show its location and timings. it could be profitable.



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Agent registration process DHA Quetta

Agent registration for DHA Quetta.

In October 2018 DHA Quetta released a notification. In this notification DHA asked property dealers to register themselves in DHA office, if they are interested in working with Dha Quetta.

When my sources called DHA office for agent registration process they talked to colonel Janjua. Colonel janjua is a very polite person and he is a real professional. Colonel and his assistant shared some information with us which is as follows. for public information only.


Defence housing authority Quetta agent registration process.

Interested dealers must write an application to Dha Quetta. This application must be written on a letter head. (Official pad of the property dealer)

This application must contain the prospectus of the real estate office which is applying. It must explain which areas the applicant is presently working in. which societies are the dealer representation.

The application must also have the phone numbers and email address of the real estate office.

CNIC copy of the applicant.


Fee for agent registration

There is also a fee to apply. As we know Dha is asking for,

100000/ 1 lac rupees must be deposited with Dha which is refundable.

50000/ fifty thousand rupees is the annual fee. Which is not refundable.

25000/ twenty five thousand must be paid to renew the contract every year.


After you apply, Dha will contact you on your phone number. Over all it’s an easy process. It looks like that DHA files might be available in the market in the next few months.


For more information please call us. 03168001000



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Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Naya Pakistan Housing Programme


Prime Minister Imran khan’s “Naya Pakistan Housing programme” registration form has been issued on Wednesday by NADRA. The Housing Task Force consist of eight members from private sector, five from federal government including secretaries housing, law and justice, finance, planning, NADRA chairman and five provincial housing ministers, or their nominees.

“Our target is to build five million affordable houses in five years.  Only ordinary people will benefit from this scheme,” said prime minister.

“One country wants to invest USD20 in the housing industry in Pakistan,” Prime Minister Khan said.

“Inshahallah, we will steer Pakistan out of crises. It’s a difficult time for us but this too will phase soon,” he said.

The prime minister said that he would devise a roadmap to address the challenges being faced by the country.

“The housing scheme is our real scheme. At least 40 industries are directly related with the housing scheme. When we launch the project, all these industries will benefit from it,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran khan will personally inaugurate the project.


Seven Districts has been facilitated for the first phase of the

project, the districts are Sukkur, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad

, Swat, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

Building 5 million houses is not a joke, CM

How to apply

People can apply from 22 October till December 21

Along with the registration fees Rs: 250. Those

people who want to apply have to fill a form

with the formatives in the form.

 get the form by click here  

One of the key features for Naya Pakistan is to improve the housing situation for Pakistanis.

There is a shortfall of over 10 million houses, and every year we are adding to this backlog.

This government intends to promote access to housing to the people of Pakistan and jumpstart the housing sector.


The salient features of this housing is to make housing affordable to people are the following

  • Increase buying power by providing loans of longer tenure fifteen to twenty years.


Reduce cost by standardizing design and specifications.


Reduce cost by significantly cutting down the approval time.


Develop new communities with access to infrastructure.


Reduce the upfront cost of builders by providing them land in installments and minimum time for approvals and infrastructure before start of construction.


Provide project loans to builders so that they can complete housing project in the shortest possible time thus improving their ROI and at the same time reduce the investment period thus reducing the overall cost for the end consumer the main objective of this scheme

Prime minister also promised that with the opening of this large project he will deliver 10 million jobs to the jobless people. With the construction of each house it will create 20 jobs per year which means 12 million jobs a year. The jobs will be given on the basis of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled, plus the industry skilled will given 15 million jobs related to industry and service industry.


It is expected that with the above measures the costs of the houses would 15% to 20% lower than the market price of the area, Houses are also provided by the long term loans because PM says that “We are trying to increase the number of people who want to afford houses with 100% in the first three years”. 

Every year targets given to all the stake holders are as per the table below which are indicative in nature and will be modified on studying the demand data which is collected every year through actual demand surveys and income levels.


Description Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
 One unit 200000 200000 200000 250000 250000
Ground+ 3 100000 150000 200000 200000 200000
Additions to existing 100000 225000 200000 200000 200000
Highrise 50000 75000 100000 100000 100000
Midrise 100000 150000 150000 150000 200000
Self construction 100000 150000 150000 150000 200000
Total 650000 900000 1000000 1,050,000 1,250,000
Subtotal of those which will be built under APNA Housing Authority 150000 400000 500000 500000 500000



How the scheme will work

  1. All allowed land titles will be verified by the authority. The land will be attain by the authority. The authority will decide that what and how many products are needed for the project with the help of builders and developers and the authority will get the product after studying the market.
  2. The authority will also make sure that the necessary infrastructures like water, roads, electricity and sewerage etc.

The builders will complete the project by their own funds or through obtaining loans. These loans will be repaid by the builders with the accrued interest till he handed over the project to the end consumer

  1. The price of the land would be not paid by the builder the price of the land would be recovered from the end consumers. The title of the land will be transferred to the bank which will transfer the land to the condominium corporation once the loan is repaid
  2. The end consumers will have to pay only 20% of the unit price during the construction period but before they would have to obtain financing approval for 80% of the amount for loan from a commercial bank. This loan will be repaid by the homeowner over a period of twenty years. The objective is to bring the installment as close as possible to the rent they are currently paying.
  3. The NPHA would provide a one-window operation and construct houses in both rural and urban areas, he said and added, the Authority would coordinate with the local bodies and provincial governments.

To increase the financial resources of the banks the following sources of funds will be considered, pension funds, zakat funds, provident funds, funds at the disposal of insurance companies, EOBI, Social Security institutions etc.

The banks would be allowed to park funds parked in the housing industry with the remortgage companies on the creation of secondary finance market.






how to keep your house clean and healthy

 how to keep your house clean and healthy


What is hygiene?


Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health.

“Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body’s cleanliness.

Home and everyday Hygiene:


Some of the daily activities and actions at home to hygiene practices may prevent and minimize the spread of various kinds of viral diseases at home.

Diseases at home can also spread by the coughing and vomiting of an infected person at home, using the things of the infected person. The activities like washing hands with soap, cleaning toilet regularly after using, cleaning the house floor twice a day. Some of places in our homes where water is used and stored daily may help the pathogens (bacteria virus) in their production the places like kitchens, bathrooms and gardens.



                The routine cleaning of hands and water place

  1. 1. Clear the counters and clean it makes sure that not only one particle or piece of food left behind
  2. 2. Fill the sing or wash basin in your kitchen with hot water

3 .Clean the high zones clean the dirt and debris from the high zone don’t forget to clean the top of the refrigerator

  1. Clean the upper cabinet and anything else on the walls wipe the doors and pull up the upper cabinets.
  2. Spray the stovetop with all purpose cleaner and clean it with powdered scrub that won’t scratch.
  3. Clean the lower cabinets and drawers with soap and soap cloth
  4. Drain the sink and wash it with hot water
  5. Sweep the floor with an electro-static duster



while cleaning the bathrooms you must have:

Wear gloves, wear mask and do the following steps:

  1. Turn off the water supply first in the toilet
  2. Pour 1 cup of Borax into the toilet bowl and swish it around with a toilet brush
  3. Then add 1 cup of vinegar and allow the mixture to get down in the bowl
  4. Finish by scrubbing the bowl with a toilet brush to remove hard water stains

Clean the toilet each and every day for a healthy lifestyle.



If you have a little garden in your home then you have to look after for fungi to keep your garden clean and healthy.

To clean garden do the following steps:

  1. If you want a healthy garden you must have to inspect all the plants in your garden daily
  2. During inspection if you see any fungus any where on the leaves of the plants cut that leave
  3. Fertilize and water your plants daily to keep them healthy and safe from fungus
  4. Remember antibiotics do not kill the plant fungi


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Bhasha and mohmand dam fund generating.

The supreme court of Pakistan has taken the initiative to generate funds

for creation of diamer bhasha and mohmand dam.

Chief justice donated 1 million rupees for the making of dams.  other institutions has also donated part of their salaries.


The account details are as under:

Account Title :Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund Account
Account No.: 1001-0081-180193-01-3
IBAN : PK34BAHL1001008118019301

Donations and contributions to this fund can be made in the form of cash, cheque, prize bonds and other cash equivalents at any of our branches and sub branches nationwide. For further details visit our nearest branch or call our 24/7 Call Center at 111-014-014. (source bank al habib website)


account details as published in the newspaper

Donations can also be made thorugh online banking or ATM or othe sources.

The supreme court has made donations more easier. now you can donate 10 rupees by one SMS. 

To donate 10 rupees for the making of Dam.  Type dam and send the sms to 8000. 10 rupees will be transfered from your mobile balance to the dam fund accont. and you will recieve a messaage which will say “App Ka Dus Rupey Supreme Court of Pakistan Dam Fund main denay ka shukria”.

send more sms and donate more money.


Indiegogo is a crowd funding website. we recommend using this kind of website to generate funds. this method will be easier for over seas Pakistanis to send money into this fund. (this is just our suggestion )


fund raising status can be checked at this link.


Public may contact SBP Helpline at UAN 111-727-273


Kuchlak Bypass Quetta

Kuchlak bypass

Kuchlak bypass is a newly constructed road near kuchlak. this New road will bypass the bazar of kuchlak. it starts at new baleli bypass and connects with kuchlak road N50. it lies at the south side of kuchlak bazar.




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Some questions for people who are looking for a house.

Important Questions for People Buying or Renting Property

مکان ڈھونڈنے والوں کے لئے چند اہم سوال

ھم آپ کی مدد کریں گے ، آپ کو اچھی جگہ دلائیں گے۔

۔ ھم آپ کی ضروریات جاننے کیلئے کچھ سوال کریں گے. یہ آپ کے فائدے کیلئے ہے

کونسے علاقے میں جگہ لینا چاھتے ہے؟

کیا اس کے علاوہ بھی کوئی ایسے علاقے ہے جہاں آپ جگہ لینا پسند کریں گے؟

یہ علاقہ آپ کیلئے کیوں اھم ہے؟

آپ کو جگہ دیکھتے ہوئے کتنا عرصہ ہوگیا؟

کیا آپ کو کو ئی ایسی جگہ ملی جو آپ کو پسندآئی،کیا آپ اس جگہ کی تفصیل بتائیں گے ؟

آپ کتنی جلدی شفٹ ہونا چاھیں گے؟

کیا آپ کو جگہ خریدنے کیلئے کوئی مکان یا پلاٹ فروخت کرنا پڑے گا ۔یا آپ جلدی پیسوں کا بندوبست کرلیں گے؟

کیا آپ نے دوسرے ڈیلروں سے بھی بات کر رکھی ہے۔

زیادہ سے زیادہ رینج کتنی ہے۔

کم از کم کتنے کمرے اور کتنے فٹ ہوں۔

کونسی ایسی خصوصیات ہے ۔جو آپ کے زہن میں ہے۔

اور کونسے لوگ ہے آپ کے ساتھ جن کو آپ یہ جگہ دکھائیں گے۔ اور جن کا مشورہ آپ کے لےئے اہم ہے۔

ٓٓآپ کتنے مکان دیکھنا چاہتے ہے،اس سے پہلے آپکے زہن میں کوئی مکان ہے؟

اگر ہم آج ہی کوئی صہیح جگہ دیکھاے ؟کیا آپ آج ہی فیصلہ کر پائیں گے؟(اگر نہیں ،تو کیوں نہیں ؟)

کیا آپ کے زھن میں کوئی سوال ہے۔

برائے مہربانی ہمیں ایمیل بھیجے ۔جس میں آپ کے صرورت کی پراپرٹی کے بارے میں لکھا ہوا ہوں۔ جو خریدار ہمیں ایمیل بھیجتے ہے ااُن کو زیادہ ترجی دی جاتی ہے۔


The extension of quetta international airport

The new beautiful building of Quetta airport has been completed, Prime Minister will have its opening today.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will reach Quetta today on two days visit. During the visit Prime Minister will have the opening of the Quetta international airport. He will also have the opening of the under construction national Incubation centre.

Even so Quetta international airport is the largest international airport but its value was like a railway station in the starting. For its future and present needs the amount of 1 crore and 70 lakh project was started in 2015.

According to the extension plan state of the art, two passenger boarding bridge, check in counters, baggage handling system, modern immigration system and national and international going the terminal are build more large and are with modern facilities.

In the first phase the construction of the domestic wing has been completed, whose opening will be done by shahid khaqan Abbasi. In this regard, opening ceremony will be held at Quetta Airport, which will give brief to the Prime Minister’s Civil Aviation Authority’s new building. Prime Minister’s Support for Aviation Session Referral. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will also examine the new building on the occasion. As Prime Minister, his last visit will be Quetta.

In this regard, opening ceremony will be held at Quetta Airport, which will give brief to the Prime Minister’s Civil Aviation Authority’s new building. Through the boarding bridge from the passenger plane of the big planes, the terminal building will be carried out in the same direction as the terminal building. Two modern paneering boarding terminals have been installed in the Quetta International Airport.

Domestic checking has been increased from Counter to 5 to 12 and Interactive Counter 3 to 12. Domestic checking has been increased from Counter to 5 to 12 and Interactive Counter 3 to 12. Separate VIP lounges have been made for travelers abroad again and again. The space for the VIP passenger has been increased to 30 in the VIP lounges. Similarly comfortable sofas and chairs have been set up for 53 passengers in the international department of VIP lounges.

Civil Aviation in the new building and new office block for various Airlines offices have also been built. The parking capacity of the airport at the airport under the underground project has been constructed.

Duty of the new building of Quetta International Airport:

1. Ground floor area has been increased from 45 thousand 904 square feet to 1,250,100 square feet. The floor of the Frost floor has been increased from 23,000 square feet to 87,000 270 square meters.
2. Domestic check-in counters have increased from 5 to 12 and International Counterterrorism 3 has been increased. The immigration counter number has also increased from 3 to 14 for the country’s arrival.
3. The capacity for the passengers to be lodged in the lounge for arrival and departure abroad and abroad.
4. Now there are 432 comfortable chairs in London’s departure lounge now.
5. The number of seats in the lounge made for overseas has also been increased from 260 to 816.
6. Variable 256 RFT instead of 389 RFT in the Arrival converter belt lounge has been set.
7. The Domestic Lounge had a 138-bit racket conveyor belt, now a baggage conveyor belt 156 rft and second 257 rft in the Domestic Lounge.
8. A number 280 inch FT has been set for the first time in the Cake Including Belt International Lounge.
9. The Check In Deporter 240 RFT has been installed for the first time in the Domestic Lounge.
10. The first two executives at Quetta airport were now installed two new exchangers.
11. The boarding board is installed on a secondary and second international side.


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City nal quetta Blog

The development of city nala in Quetta.

The development of “CITY NALA” of Quetta.

A boy fell in to city nala and died couple of days ago. It got the attention of the media.

This part of city nala is located between hudda bazar and shahbaz town. Near Faqir abad near Jamia Masjid near mano jan road.

This small route in front of mano jan road can become an interchange.

If only this small part of that Nalla is covered it will become a hub for traffic. it will become a better link from hudda bazar ko koyla pahatak fly over bridge. This will also benefit the new cantonment board school that is built in Phase 3 and the new shops. Phase 3 has only one driving exit right now.  it will remove one of the bottle neck and help traffic flow.

It will also develop mano jan road which connects spinni road fly over bridge. The expansion of sabzal road also connects to this route. Ayub sports complex is at walking distance from this point. Merck marker the multinational pharmaceutical company is also close by.

City Nala has many parts.  it once carried clean water, now sewage.


We will be writing it in further details about this Nala .

Your feedback is important. send us the fairy tails of city nala.

Kuchlak Bypass

Shahbaz Town