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Fever is a common disease. There are different kinds of fever.

Symptoms and analysis

Fever symptoms are high level body temperatures, shivering, feeling weak, weaker appetite, sweating, vomiting and headache.

Check body temperature and analyse the level of your fever. An average baseline body temprature for healthy person migh be 37 degree centigrade. if your body temperature is higher than 100.5 F or 38 degree centigrade than it means you are sick. if your body tempratre is higher than 39 degree than consult a doctor quickly. Most of the time fever is also accompanied by constipation. cough or soar throat. check if these conditions are also present.

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There are different kinds of treatment. 1 home remedies. 2 allophatic over the counter medicine.

Home remedies

Rest is the most important factor in any disease. Rest improves and strengthens immune system which fights against disease.

Hydrate yourself: drink a lot of fluids, juices, green tea, boil mint and sip it continuously. citrus foods like lemon and orange are a good source of vitamin c. add electrolytes to your water intake.


Take a bath and stay home.

Medicine for fever

Aspirin: is for fever and pain

Ibuprofen: is used to to reduce pain.

Tylenol: use as pain reliever of cough, cold and headache

Ciprofloxacin: use for typhoid fever

Ceftriaxone: strong drug only used in fever cold or cough

Calpol: for children to relief from cold and high temperature fever

Panadol syrup: is also good for children to over come fever and cough

Dextromethorphan: use for dry cough

Acetaminophen: for relief from fever and sore throat pain  

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Shalkot housing scheme western bypass near hazarganji. Blog

Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta

Shalkot housing is a land development project for housing. Shalkot housing scheme is an initiative of Quetta development authority. roads marking and electricity polls can be seen from the main byass road. Shalkot housing scheme can be a major attraction for investors . because it is situated on the CPEC route and the main international highway N25.

Shalkot housing scheme near Quetta
Shalkot housing aerial satellite view

Location of the “Shalkot housing scheme”.

Shalkot housing is located at the  western bypass. It is located on the western side of main bypass road. It is close to hazarganji commercial center. It has two main entrances from the bypass road. A land is provided for green belt that separates the road from the housing scheme. It does not have any boundary wall yet. It can be reached through western bypass, sariab road, qambarani road or hazargnaji link road. It is located on a small distance from shalkot police station. Shalkot housing is almost empty with no houses. But there are houses and small villages types towns around the housing scheme. there is also a Dam behind the housing scheme. this dam is built on the nala that passes through shalkot housing scheme. a bridge is also built on this nala.  a couple of crush plants are also operational in the area. These crush plants are making gravel. Trcuks frequent the roads of shalkot housing scheme which load stones from the crush plants.

Google earth satellite map picture with headings and wrtitings and our logos.         

Map of shalkot housing ———-

Sizes and location of plots in shalkot housing

Residential plots are 200 400 600 yards.

200 yards plots are 478 pieces. Dimension 36 by 54 feet

400 yards plots are 260 pieces. Dimension 50 by 72 feet

600 yards plots are 134 pieces. Dimension 60 by 90 feet.

Also included in the panning is

Public buildings

Open spaces


Commercial areas.

Parks 5

Green belts

Paly grounds 2

Schools 2

Mosques 3

Hospital 1

Post office


Community centre

Reserved land for Qda


Prices are low in this housing scheme. as there are no utility facilities right now.         

Some recommendations

Shalkot housing scheme is almost uninhabited. Means no houses.

No facilities

Some land grabbing issues are also there.

Needs a total boundary wall.

Needs water sui gas and electricity.

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zarghoon houisng scheme grid station makanpoint Blog

Zarghoon housing grid station updates.

Zarghoon housing grid station was recently developed. This power house will supply electricity to zarghoon housing scheme and surrounding areas. Electricity comes through heavy 220 volt cables. large poles can be seen on the new bypass road. this grid station is located on the eastern side of zarghoon houisng scheme. These pictures are from november 2018. more details coming soon.

Main transformer.
Staff area for work and living. These structures are desinged like houses. there is a boundary wall bedhind every house.
Entrance of the board room.
Drain type of structure can be seen in the right side of this picture. These drains are spread across the whole place. These for drainaige, cables and water cooling system. some of these kinds of drains carry water. The water provides a cooling system.
This is the aerial picture of Zarghoon housing Quetta. Entrance from bypass is on the right. The grid station is on in the upper area of picture. This area of zarghoon will be the most secure area.

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Zarghoon housing all details you need to know.

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Plots for sale in zarghoon housing scheme

Preparation for exams


Its exams time. matric exams started in mid feburary 2019. Do you know that? Check on your friends or call them. Its cold and rainy and it takes quiet a stamina to show up. We respect the hard workers, the challengers, the students and the examiners. Behind every effort is a goal.

Examinations are compulsory in very field of study. Exams take place after specific time every year or every six months. Exams can be tough business or it can be easy and fun. It all depends on practice. Examinations are the most necessary part of academic studies. Online exams are common these days where one can apply to different types of online exams and receive a degree.

Types of exams



Technical (experiments)

Preparing for exam

Before exams

First of all, make a studying routine for your studies. There are those things that you can learn yourself. and than there are some tough maths which needs a second source like youtube or udemy.

Make mind map, make a list of what needs to be done. make a list of our routine in microsoft excel. excel keeps things very compact in those lines.

of course first of all you need to attend all classes and study till the exam day.

Revise your course many times as possible

Each day practice one past paper of all subjects especially science subjects

Studying in groups is one of the most effective way of preparing exam, find or arrange a place where you and classmates can study in group helping each other

Gather all the material that is useful for you in your studies like books and notebook. 

old question papers. YouTube. Google scholar. keeping a diary. Online study groups like WhatsApp study groups. Udemy.com

Ask someone to Quiz you about what you learn

Try to teach someone what you learn like your friend

Take a short break while studying

If you can’t understand something take help from your teacher, classmate or the internet

During exams

start your day one day before the exam. your diary and routine page will help this day.

double check every thing. the venue, the timing to reach there, your roll number slip, all the stationary you need.

on exams day wake up early. have some kind of alarm that is not easy to turn off or snooze. search “puzzle alarm” in google play.

as you recieve the question paper read it care fully. solve the smaller questions first. start small.

students plan the 3 hours time very well. they have practiced it earlier. timing oneself can identify the number of pages per hour.

At the end keep some time to re check your sheets. check the roll number.

Submit the paper. prepare for the next day. its all about ROUTINE OF EXAM DAYS.


Dha quetta lcoation Blog

Dha Quetta location

Dha authority has announced some proposed locations for Dha Quetta. They released a notification in may 2018 which is as follows.



Notification under article 6 read with article 3(k), 14 & 19 of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Act (Act No. XI of 2015) dated 2 October 2015

  1. In exercise of the process conferred by the article 6 read with all other enabling provisions of the Act, and in order to carry out the purposes of the Act, with the consent and approval of Government of Baluchistan, the Executive Board of Defense Housing Authority Quetta is pleased to declare limits/ boundaries of Controlled Area prospectively to be acquired for carrying out planning and development of its projects for public purpose i.e. “specified Area to be.” The limits of the area for future planning/ development for DHA Quetta are given herein below:-

Printed by the Chief Controller, Government Printing and stationery Department Baluchistan, Quetta Price Rs. 75/- D.No.113-150 Copies-05-2018

“Declaration of the Area”

a.  Area bounded by /partially comprising Mouzas of Kuchlak Circle namely, Kateer (excluding built-up area of kuchlak in eastern half). Samali, Gadazai and Malazi (including unsettled area east/ northeast up till offshoot of Koh-e-Takatu).

b.  Area bounded by /partially comprising Mouzas of Baleli Circle of Distt Quetta namely Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai and North of Samungli road), Chasma Achozai (excluding populated area south of the Northern by pass).

c.  Area Mouza Nauhisar (Nauhisar Circle) which is North of Samungli Road.

d.  Area bounded by/ partially comprising Mouzas of Durrani-2 Circle of Distt Quetta namely. Sra Ghurghai (excluding build up area South of Northern Bypass and including unsettled area on North up till foothills of Koh-e-Takatu), Sra Khula (Excluding populated/ Cantt area on South). Hanna (Khushkaba Shumali & Khushkaba Janoobi) and tor Ragha including adjoining unsettled areas of the valley on the North/ Northeast astride Shaban Road up till Shamozai Dam.

2.  This Notification is issued for the purposes of conveying the intention of DHA Quetta, regarding acquisition of land within the Controlled Area, to all whom it may concern. No master planning or development scheme shall be prepared for any local body or agency for the specified area without prior consultation with, and approval of DHA Quetta.

The present situation.

Most of the attention right now is towards the west. The place behind Quetta Airport. The more renowned places are at the south side national highway N25. Bacha agha road leads to the south western locations of baleli road. Kuchlak by pass connects to N25. South side of kuchlak bypass. The price of land went higher in the locations mentioned.

Below are some pictures .

Dha Quetta location map made by patwari.
Karak Quetta
Behind Kasi bahria town Quetta
Behind Kasi bahria town Quetta
Koh e takatu
Koh e takatu
Mouza karak
Mouza e mehtarzai
Mouza e mehtarzai
Mouza e regi nasaran

These are the aerial pictures of some of the locations.

There are more locations.

After the progress of DHA. more housing schemes will be made.

The area from Kuchlak to baleli behind Airport to Takatu mountain to Chashma achozai to sra Ghurgai to Sra Khula (Sra khawara) To ziarat bypass, Eastern side of Zarghoon housing scheme, to nk bypass To Hanna lake to Shaban to Orak Dam and so on. Vast amount of land is available for development.

Further information coming soon…


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Quetta city expansion Blog

Expansion of Quetta city

Quetta is getting over crowded. The government is coming up with new ideas to ensure traffic flow. The realted authorities are in action and the public is very supportive overall.

The previous day. The Government sealed shops on Double road. But do they have an immediate alternative? no one knows for sure. even the reports in news papers are not mentioning the name of the new location. it looks like nobody has any solution. its not just about closing businesses. The real thing is what is next and next and next.

The new location could be

Hazar ganji.

chashma northern bypass, now buildings available open land good for car showrooms.

wasa road at chashma is still underconstruction

western bypass.

Planning for the new location must be carried out on 50 years basis.


Delay of some projects added to the chaos in traffic. for example the parking plaza at circular road. it looks like it will take several years to complete the first parking plaza of Quetta.

total traffic jam has been seen in the city. the traffic condition in Quetta is getting worse and worse.

Public transport is available in Quetta. but in a antic style.. these buses are not safe for traveling. Lets pay attention to the local buses. We can fix it with an APP. if you provide Public traveling alternative. most people will travel by bus. this will reduce the number of vehicles on roads.

Quetta inner city needs immedaite measures. bottle necks that slows the traffic must be taken removed. more roads going out than in strategy may relieve on mondays.

2 jan 2019. Shops were sealed at double road

Hazarganji to Quetta city bus transport
Samungli road expansion and development

11 jan 2019 news
Nawa killi ziarat bypass road underconstruction

We will be writing further about the development Projects of Quetta.

incomplete kuchlak bypass

Further reading includes about new projects near Quetta:

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Chashma northern bypass

Kuchlak bypass

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Plot file of zarghoon housing scheme Quetta Blog

Zarghoon housing scheme Plot file.

Below are the contents of the file of zarghoon housing scheme. These contents and samples are for the public informaion. for more details please call us.

Contents of zarghoon housing scheme file.

  1. N.I.C
  2. Allotment order book. Hard file cover shape. 
  3. allotment order form. This is important as it contains the name of the owner of plot. 
  4. Schedule of payment . pages of the book that contains details of installments and other charges paid. 
  5. Use after sale Purchase. Transaction or in case of death
  6. Agreement for sale/ Purchase of plot in Zarghoon housing scheme
  7. Application form for allotment of plots in Zarghoon housing 
  8. Instructions
  9. Depositors copy of installment reciept (check all copies for number of installmetns paid)
  10. Offer letter
  11. Applicant copy receipt
  12. Agreement stamp
  13. Transfer leeter (Open in case of transfering at letter date)
2. Allotment order book

Allotment order form. 
Application form
Agreement for sale and purchase of plot
Agreement for sale and purchase of plot page number 2


Schedule of payment of zrghoon housing scheme

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Dha Quetta file

The file consist of 1 page affidavit stamp form for transfer. This 1 page is the mutation transfer or ITIQAL.  This property can be shifted to a name by filling in the blanks that are present on the affidavit stamp page. The attractive thing is the transfer. This makes these file easier in buying, dealing, merchandising or re-selling. By a page and sell a page. You don’t have to go on site of property right now. Dha Quetta will announce of map and balloting latter. This has happened in other Dha societies in different provinces.

It means that you are “paying in advance” to Dha to provide you developed land at a “later stage”. A developed plot of 4500 feet. With roads utility facilities and complete new city. Fluctuating prices will go higher compared to other properties in a period.

In other words “only few of these pages can hold huge amount of money”. They are telling every one that we are open for business.

Housing schemes are very very important in Quetta.

It’s a promise from a branch of state. They sign a pact that will sustain its authenticity. They write that they bound their selves to provide the land. now this is called power of the state. Its almost the same thing like a currency note or prize bond certificate. It definitely has value . like any other commodity Property of dha Quetta will go up and down.
Files are been traded. There is a market for the files. There are two types of deals. Dha Quetta bulk files and retail. Single files are usually expensive than buying 5 to 10 files. The value of the files will be directly proportional to development. Lucky people may get the advantage of an unpredictable announcement.

Dha Quetta files are in the market. below is a SAMPLE of the original file.   ITs 2 pages of text on, 2 pages of affidavit worth 200 rupees. Later it was converted into 1 page.

DHA QUETTA FILE NO:  _xyz__/___ OF CASE NO _abc/_/_

       DHA Quetta hereby bounds itself to allocate 1 Kanal(500 Square Yards) residential file (plot) of

Undeveloped land to ______________ S/O _____________ (CNICNo: ______________) against sale of land to this authority vide Case No __/__/__.

       Land Directorate of DHA Quetta will issue intimation Letter on production of this Affidavit, duty filled with following details of the nominated person in respect of whom the plot is required to be allocated:-

       Name:                    ___________________________________________________________

      S/0 DO/WO/:      ____________________________________________________________

      CNIC No:                ____________________________________________________________

     Resident of:           _____________________________________________________________


  1. Possessor of this Affidavit File shall be fully responsible to ensure safeguards against loss/ damage/ theft DHA Quetta shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in this regard and no duplicate/ copy of this Affidavit shall be issued against loss/ theft or damage to the extent detrimental to veracity of the document.
  2. This affidavit can be verified from DHA Quetta as and when deemed necessary.
  • After nominating a person, the Allottee his/ her legal heirs shall be deemed to have received cost of the file and DHA Quetta shall have no liability at any stage.
  • If at any stage the sale/ title of the land is found to be faulty/ illegal/ irregular, DHA Quetta will have the right to cancel/ withhold this plot file on legal grounds or recover the cost of faulty land from the Allottee or his/ her legal heirs as the case may be.
  • This Affidavit should be sold/ purchased through authorized/ registered dealers of DHA Quetta.
  • Do not remove the currency Note attached, without which the Affidavit will not be accepted.

Those people who want to file their land should contact us. We help you achieve incentives.

If your land exists anywhere in the locations of Dha than call us. We will send you a lot of information on whatsapp. Most people who call us are not sure if they can establish trust on the basis of internet marketing. But when they start receiving prospecting matter they remember ourname. Most people who visit our office establish trust in the first 30 minutes. Some how people are developing land and its moving toward better and better condition.

Dealing in acres is a very interesting factor. its rough walkin and tough talking. We in our sphere of influence can contact and provide the right type of Local MALIK SAHAB. Kind of people who have very good reputation. We are the  locals of the locations.

Fore more information please call us. 

0316 8001000  –  0812 841000  –  0812 842000



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Office Safety Precautions.

Office Safety Precautions


Its better to keep a clean office rather than cleaning the rubble after a fire. short circuits sui gas and other lines must be in good place before any accident.  Stop the waste of lives and other property.  keep in mind these tips, which are as follows.


Slips, outings and falls, the most widely recognized sort of office damage, sidelined 25,790 specialists in 2008, as indicated by BLS. A few perils add to these wounds, albeit most can be essentially lessened, frequently by bringing issues to light among representatives.


Stay mess free

Boxes, documents and different things heaped in walkways can make a stumbling risk, as indicated by OSHA. Be sure that all materials are securely put away in their legitimate area to anticipate development of messiness in walkways. Further, notwithstanding representing an electrical peril, extending lines crosswise over walkways or under mats makes a stumbling danger, so guarantee all lines are legitimately anchored and secured.


Venture on up

Remaining on seats – especially moving office seats – is a critical fall danger. Laborers who need to achieve something at a raised tallness should utilize a stepladder. The Chicago-based American Ladder Institute alerts that stepladders must be completely opened and put on level, firm ground. Laborers ought to never move higher than the progression showed as the most astounding safe standing dimension.


Keep up an unmistakable line of vision

Specialists can impact when making turns in the passages and around visually impaired corners or work space dividers. The National Safety Council proposes introducing arched mirrors at convergences to help diminish impacts. On the off chance that laborers can see who is coming around the bend, impacts are less inclined to happen.


Take a few to get back some composure

Covering and other slip safe surfaces can serve to diminish falls. Marble or tile can turn out to be exceptionally dangerous – especially when wet, as per the National Safety Council. Setting floor coverings down can be particularly useful at entrance ways, where specialists are probably going to come in with shoes wet from rain or snow.


Struck/gotten by

Another real kind of damage in the workplace setting originates from laborers being struck by or gotten by a protest. Episodes of this nature represented 15,680 wounds in 2008, as indicated by BLS.


Close the cabinet

File organizers with such a large number of completely broadened drawers could tip over on the off chance that they are not anchored, the gathering cautions. Furthermore, open drawers on work areas and file organizers represent a stumbling risk, so make sure to in every case totally close drawers when not being used.


Safe stacking

As indicated by the Office of Compliance, which supervises the well being of U.S. congressional specialists, legitimate capacity of substantial things can help diminish the quantity of office wounds. Expansive heaps of materials and substantial gear can cause significant wounds in the event that they are thumped over. OC prescribes putting away overwhelming items near the floor, and cautions that the heap limit of racks or capacity units ought to never be surpassed.


Ergonomics wounds

Maybe the most pervasive wounds in an office setting are identified with ergonomics. Since office laborers spend the main part of their day situated at a work area and taking a shot at a PC, they are inclined to strains and different wounds identified with stance and dull development. Ergonomics risks can be hard to distinguish. “Most office conditions that can be portrayed as perilous from an ergonomics point of view would show up very harmless to the regular onlooker.


Give customizable gear

One size does not fit all in an office workstation. “Customization is the key,” Turin said. “Seats, work surfaces, screen stands, and so on. Should all be movable so as to suit the broadest scope of representatives?” He prescribed displaying an assortment of choices to representatives. Despite the fact that businesses might be hesitant to pay for costly ergonomic hardware, specialists demand the gear is a shrewd venture. “A decent console plate may retail around $300; a great seat may retail around $500 to $700,” said Sonia Parquet, proficient ergonomics and specialist of word related treatment. She brings up that the expense of the well being claims that originate from not having these gadgets is a lot higher. “A portion of these hard cases cost a huge number of thousands of dollars just of therapeutic treatment, not to mention cost of substitution, non-appearance, loss of work generation, and so forth.”


Train specialists on the most proficient method to utilize gear


Giving flexible furniture and hardware is just the initial phase in making an ergonomically solid workstation. “A major issue that I have experienced a ton of late is representative powerlessness to appropriately alter their own office seats,” Turin said. “Commonly, bosses can put $500 in a superb movable seat, however representatives still experience an awful workstation fit.” The issue regularly is twofold: Workers don’t realize how to alter their gear, and they don’t have the foggiest idea about the most ergonomically helpful approach to set up their workstation. Train specialists on both the perfect setup and how to work movable hardware appropriately.


Keep your feet on the floor

One of the principal questions Parquet asks specialists is whether their feet contact the floor when situated at their work area. “It sounds like an inconceivably basic inquiry,” She stated, “however all the time laborers have their console plate on the work area, so as to achieve it, they have to lift their seat so high that their feet can scarcely contact the floor.” She included that except if a worker’s feet are on the floor, a seat won’t have the capacity to decrease torment and uneasiness. She suggested choices, for example, flexible console plate or moving tables changed in accordance with the best possible stature to wipe out this issue. In spite of the fact that hassocks are a “second-best alternative,” their little surface may obstruct a portion of the specialist’s development.


Give archive holders

Much of the time composing from printed copy can prompt neck strain if a specialist is compelled to more than once look down to the work area and back to the PC screen. Turin prescribes giving archive holders to decrease this strain. “These record holders are sensibly valued, and take out intemperate cervical movement and help to anticipate muscle uneven characters,” he said. Archive holders likewise are useful for the eyes, as per the St. Louis-based American Optometrist Association. Keeping reference materials near the screen decreases the requirement for your eyes to change center as you look from the record to the screen.


Right mouse position

Parquet regularly observes workstations where the PC console is on a plate, however the mouse stays on the work area. “That spells calamity for the neck and shoulder in favor of that mouse,” she said. She suggests that the mouse dependably be set close to the console.


Vision issues

Albeit taking a gander at a PC screen can’t harm your eyes, spending a substantial part of your workday at the PC can cause eye fatigue, as per Chicago-based Prevent Blindness America. Eyes can wind up dry and disturbed, and laborers may start experiencing difficulty centering. A couple of work zone alterations can help ease a portion of these issues.


Diminish the lights and utilize errand lights


Colorific lights in places of business frequently are too splendid for ideal vision. As indicated by the American Optometrist Association, light that is at about half-ordinary office levels is favored. This can be accomplished by expelling a few knobs from overhead apparatuses. On the off chance that all the more light is required for a specific undertaking, the British Columbia Public Service Employee Relations Commission suggests giving individual assignment lights as opposed to expanding in general lighting. The commission alerts that lights in undertaking lights ought to be completely recessed to keep away from the formation of a brilliant spot in the specialist’s line of vision.


Accurately position screens

Avoid Blindness America prescribes specialists put their PC screens somewhat beneath eye level and 20-26 crawls from their eyes. Screens that can tilt or swivel are particularly advantageous. “Your eyes’ resting position is a couple of degrees underneath the skyline when you’re looking straight ahead.


Limit screen glare

The American Optometrist Association focuses to screen glare as a noteworthy reason for eye fatigue in the workplace. To limit strain, abstain from situating screens inverse open windows, or make certain to in every case close shades or blinds. A glare decrease channel likewise can be utilized.


Wear the correct glasses

Laborers should tell their eye specialist on the off chance that they spend an extensive bit of the day taking a shot at the PC, the affiliation suggests. The specialist can check the productivity of vision at 20-30 inches – the commonplace separation a PC screen ought to be set. Glasses are accessible for PC utilize that enable the wearer to see the full screen without having to too much strain the neck.


Increment text dimension on PC

Little text dimensions on the PC can strain both your vision and your neck, as laborers will in general draw the make a beeline for view littler print. A basic acclimation to the text dimension on the PC screen can dispense with the requirement for this. “In numerous product programs, you can utilize the CTRL-look up or down or CTRL+ or CTRL-to increment or diminish the extent of the page you are taking a gander at.


Enjoy a reprieve

Giving your eyes a rest and enabling them to concentrate on things at different separations can help diminish strain and weakness. OSHA suggests laborers take a 10-minute break for consistently spent on the PC. These breaks can incorporate chipping away at errands that require your eyes to concentrate on articles at a further range.


Fire well being

Phone number of nearby firemen is a must have. Nearby fire offices reacted to around 3,830 office fires every year somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2008, as per the Quincy, MA-based National Fire Protection Association. Overall, these flames caused four nonmilitary personnel passing and 37 regular citizen wounds yearly. Some standard reviews around the workplace can help decrease the probability of flame causing such annihilation. contact shops in bazar who sell fire safety products. Its easy to find a phone number online rather than running with a bucket.


Keep up ropes in decent shape 

As indicated by the Office of Compliance, harmed and underground control strings represent a genuine fire peril and disregard well being codes. Lines ought to be assessed consistently for destroy and taken of administration on the off chance that they are frayed or have uncovered wire. Further, strings ought to need

General Rules

  1. Do not stand on furniture to reach high places.
  2. Use the ladder or step stool to retrieve or store items that are located above your head.
  3. Do not jump from ladders or step stools.
  4. Do not block your view by carrying large or bulky items; use the dolly or hand truck or get assistance from a fellow employee.
  5. Do not throw matches, cigarettes or other smoking materials into trash baskets.
  6. Do not tilt the chair you are sitting in. Keep all chair legs on the floor.
  7. Do not kick objects out of your pathway; pick them up or push them out of the way.


Door Safety

  1. Keep doors in hallways fully open or fully closed.
  2. Use the handle when closing doors.


File Cabinet Safety

  1. Open only one file cabinet drawer at a time. Close the filing cabinet drawer you are working in before opening another filing drawer in the same cabinet.
  2. Put heavy files in the bottom drawers of file cabinets.
  3. Use the handle when closing drawers and files.


Stapler Safety

  1. Point the ejector slot away from yourself and bystanders when refilling staplers.
  2. Keep fingers away from the ejector slot when loading or testing stapling devices.
  3. Use a staple remover, not your fingers, for removing staples.


Stair Safety

  1. Use the handrails when ascending or descending stairs or ramps.
  2. Do not store or leave items on stairways.
  3. Do not run on stairs or take more than one step at a time.



  1. Store sharp objects, such as pens, pencils, letter openers or scissors in drawers or with the tips pointing down in a container.
  2. Carry pencils, scissors and other sharp objects with the tips pointing down.



  1. Position hands and fingers onto the handle of the paper cutter before pressing down on the blade.
  2. Keep the paper cutter handle in the closed or locked position when it is not being used.
  3. Do not use paper cutting devices if the finger guard is missing.
  4. Do not place your fingers in or near the feed of a paper shredder.


ELECTRICAL Office Safety

  1. Do not use frayed, cut or cracked electrical cords.
  2. Do not plug multiple electrical cords into a single outlet.
  3. Do not use extension or power cords that have the ground prong removed or broken off.
  4. Use a cord cover or tape the cord down when running electrical cords across aisles, between desks or across entrances or exits.
  5. Turn the power switch to “off” and unplug office machines before adjusting, lubricating or cleaning them.


FAN Safety

  1. Do not use fans that have excessive vibration, frayed cords or missing guards.
  2. Do not place floor type fans in walkways, aisles or doorways.


Ergonomics / Video Display Terminals

When using Video Display Terminals or Computers

  1. Locate and place documents, video screen and monitors in front of you. Allow 18 to 20 inches between you and the document, monitor or video screen. Position the center of the screen so that the viewing angle is 15 to 25 degrees below eye level.
  2. Place the key board low enough so that you are not required to reach up or out for the keys.
  3. Do not extend viewing time, constant rapid muscular action, or fixed body positions for long periods of time. Take periodic breaks from the video display terminal by standing up and stretching.
  4. For additional lower back support, place a pillow or bundled clothing in the chair at the small of your back.


Safe Keyboard Use

  1. Keep wrist and hands in a straight position while key stroking by keeping forearms parallel to the floor and elbows at your sides.
  2. When operating keyboards from a standing position, adjust table tops no higher than the elbow height.
  3. When operating keyboards from a sitting down position, use the correct chair height. The entire sole of your foot should rest on the floor or foot rest and the back of your knee should be 1 to 2 inches higher than the seat of your chair.
  4. Use a chair with back support. Your backrest should support the entire back including the lower back region.

These were some reminders.




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Painting a house or a property.

Painting is a tricky idea log of mathematical equations  of colors of blends, hue brighten to contrast or similar knowledge like art and science.

Call us. our team will arrive at your doorstep.  We will guide you through the process. Looking at the house to be painted. the early images and videos. than understanding the perfect colors for the atmosphere. Our team will give you an estimate of the cost. every thing will be in written before hand. You will understand the process through images and text.  the paint team members will carry out the job in timely manner.  If you want to buy and sell paint in Quetta. you are at the right place.


The medium magic. 

we pick the paint from the company you want us to buy from. they give you special subsidy because you go through us. now you must be asking that how can we do it. its because we are an online presence. we give subsidy to paint companies by marketing there product through our medium. Biggest of the companies being in channel to be productive at a given time at given space.



Berger Paints Pakistan Limited
Code Category Product 250 ml Qtr Gallon Bulk Drum
19910 Premium Interior Emulsions/Effects Silk Emulsion              890                 3,246                     –                     –
2510 Elegance Matt Emulsion              726                 2,767           10,760                     –
700050 Berger Glaze Effect           1,020                        –                     –                     –
1300100 Berger Marble Effect           1,520                 5,780                     –                     –
1210 Interior Texture                  –                        –              2,639                     –
2310 VIP Plastic Emulsion              572                 2,178              8,276                     –
1502000 Premium Exterior Emulsions/Effects Berger Sand Finish                  –                        –              4,601                     –
2410 Weathercoat (Emulsion)              750                 2,833           11,015                     –
1402000 Exterior Texture Finish                  –                        –              3,570                     –
79210 Exterior Putty                  –                        –              3,809                     –
114810 Premium Interior/Exterior Enamels Berger Elegance Longlife Enamel              615                 2,345                     –                     –
110210 VIP Super Gloss Enamel              691                 2,633           10,260                     –
114110 VIP Super Gloss Enamel (Metallic)              714                 2,689                     –                     –
120610 Allrounder Matt Enamel              785                 3,011           11,722                     –
40010 Premium Wall Primers Water Based Primer                  –                 1,822              6,926                     –
147010 Tropical Primer Sealer (TPS)              560                 2,115              8,059                     –
672510 Timbercoat Range PU Color Varnishes              789                 3,062                     –                     –
672310 PU Lacquer              607                 2,363           12,206                     –
674410 Sanding Sealer              601                 2,330           11,762                     –
674310 Clear Wood Lacquer              595                 2,315           11,952                     –
673810 ACM Lacquer              588                 2,285           11,795                     –
170110 Synthetic Clear Varnish              413                 1,565                     –                     –
680910 Timbercoat Thinner              355                 1,379              6,261           55,424
2910 Emulsions Eazy Clean Emulsion                  –                 1,693              6,427                     –
SPD Smooth Emulsion                  –                 1,107              4,255                     –
6010 Berger Jesolin Plus Emulsion                  –                 1,200              4,586                     –
Economy Emulsion                  –                    994              3,820                     –
10001.58 NU Emulsion                  – 746              2,800                     –
110410 Enamels Synthetic Enamel              605                 2,118              8,056                     –
Synthetic Enamel Metallic              625                 2,372                     –                     –
NU Enamel 101              361                 1,388              5,450                     –
99110 Wall Putty Berger Jensolin Plus Wall Putty                  –                 1,013              3,233                     –
Berger Wall Putty                  –                    707              2,301                     –
25710 Economy Putty              1,760
NU Putty                  –                    417              1,547                     –
140210 Specialised Coatings Synthetic Undercoat              539                 2,055                     –                     –
140010 Redoxide Primer              430                 1,635              6,215                     –
140310 Z/C – Yellow Primer                  –                 1,638                     –                     –
Seepage solution (liquid + Powder)           1,000                        –                     –                     –
510010 C. Rubber Paint                  –                 3,435                     –                     –
285010 T 1 – Thinner                  –                 1,430                     –                     –
510410 Apexior No.1                  –                 3,509                     –                     –
510610 Apexior No.3                  –                 2,218                     –                     –
570610 Roof Shield                  –                 1,871                     –                     –
570210 Aquasafe                  –                 1,220                     –                     –
110010 Robb Aluminum.              678                 2,583                     –                     –
11910 Tennis Court Green/Red                  –                 2,094                     –                     –
171910 Duxbak                 2,163
570310 Shell Black                  –                 1,358              6,589                     –
185210 T-66 Thinner              646                 1,297              7,155           64,655