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Quetta residencia

Quetta residencia

Quetta residencia is a development project at Quetta. its like zarghoon housing scheme. This housing scheme will be a modern smart city. With underground electrity and internet. The news has been circulating for some while. we knew long time ago that the builder assets and land in this region. Now ZKB is openly using company BRAND NAME attached to it. ZKB does huge projects icluding motorways, flyovers, hospitals and other. They always complete their projects and has good reputation. They are marketing their project in a fast manner. I recieved their pakage at my office. we will soon be analysing their book, brouchers and other matter. But i think that they can do a lot better with less funds online. The questions are what price they will set or the market will set for plot? after the initial selling price .will the prices go down or go up? The big name of ZKB might help here with fast work on the ground. also check zarghoon houisng scheme click here.

Quetta residencia will be officially launched on 14 august. the opening ceremony will be on 13th of august.


Location of importance.

This area has become very important since many years.  This project is Another Diamond in the vicinity of Quetta airport. Close to Dha Quetta near new kuchlak bypass, near buitems.  Near N25. This project packs the power that will finally boost development in that area. The area on the southern side of Quetta city has many projects that are away from the knowledge of common resident of Quetta. Because there are not many website like www.makanpiont.com


Plot sizes

5 marala, 10 marala, 1 kanal, 2 kanal.

Payment plan

Ownership, plot number, possession and prices will be announced letter. It could be 1 time payment or installment based plans.

Authorized dealers.

Officially no authorized dealers has been selected. This will be announced on letter stages. To adevertise on our website please call us.


More information coming soon…. Keep watching www.makanpoint.com


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Quetta commercial centre real estate project Blog

Quetta commercial centre

Quetta commercial centre

Quetta commercial centre is a real estate development project. It is mainly for car showrooms. Quetta commercial centre or QCC is located behind askari park nex to survey 144 officers housing society. a lot of development activity is going on in this area.


Car showrooms Required in survey 143. call me now 03168001000






Quetta commercial centre main entrance gate
Quetta commercial centre main entrance gate


Model office


Quetta commercial centre aerial view development
Quetta commercial centre aerial view development



the picsture that are available below were taken in May 2020. These are old pics. 




This page is for public information and pirvate business only.

More information about this project is comming soon……..


For more informaion please click on the link below

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Quetta car showroom


kuchlak to zhob road daualization invitation for bids

kuchlak to zhob road daualization invitation for bids

Kucklak to zhob road dualization invitation for bids
Kucklak to zhob road dualization invitation for bids

on for bids

Zarghoon housing scheme quetta electricity connection banner Blog
Fasting and medication during ramadan Blog

Welcome Ramadan


People refraining from eating and drinking is fasting. Fasting is an amaizing act. if you do it than there is no need to explain and if you dont fast than there is no way to explain it to you. its grief in the noon and joy in the evening moon. change of ones pscychology in such short period of time is a part of fasting. When all the limits been tested and checked for the rest of the year. its about how large is the mountain and how you keep the wind under the wings. Its a test of your passience. can you keep it or will you have a sip over here and a bite over there.



when one gets angry because of hunger is called hangry. its common. try not get angry and stay silent. we will talk abou it some other time.

Some suggestions might be to drink water, have more veggies and salads and save energy.



Meditation is an exercise of the brain. it is focusing on one single thing or mindunless. to gain more awareness about ones energy. The betterment of the brain the betterment of society.

For begginers it will be to start with breathing. than add words like SUBHAN ALLAH than count 1, than for the second third time and go on. Focus on your breathing. This way you keep the mind out of thoughts. try to clear the thought process. slow it down. as you are counting with the verse you can make it more complicated.

Count till 4 while you breath in (Inhale). than you hold your breath and count till 4. than you exhale while count till 7. Repeat this process 10 times and you will reboot your brain. the main thing is not to think. stop thinking. although you cannot stop thinking. but you try to do it to clear your mind. after a while you  feel relaxed. dont yawn too much as it will produce water in you reyes .

after your thoughts come to still and you feel light coming out of your heart. Now try to feel the presence of Allah.



High rise buildings construction in Quetta Blog

High rise builidng construction will be allowed in Quetta city soon.

High rise tall buildings in Quetta. 

Deputy speaker Qasim khan suri said that he had a meeting with association of builders in Quetta . The association told Qasim khan suri that building act has not apporved the construction of High rise buildings in Quetta. while the prime minister has Given relief to construction industry. Qasim khan assred that he will convery this message to the Orime minsiter. He also added that he will talk to the members of the provincial assemble to pass a law to allow the construction of high rise buildings. This new law will provide a guide line which will allow the construction of high rise buildings according to he vision of PM. The building act in Balochistan is very old which will be renewd. There will be a SOP prvided by the Government. Quetta does need high rise buildings because of the increasig population.

The property pirces are very high. For example an apartment price is 1 crore rupees near Jinnah town Quetta.  which is very high for a flat. after the construction of high rise buildings the prices of Luxury flates will come down.

These are some high buildings already present in Quetta. for example baldia plaza, Balochistan askari mall and some other are buildings are good example. This proves that if proper contstruction procesdure is followed high rise buildings can be constructed in Quetta. Japan is also sitauated in an earth quake zone but they still have high rise buildings.

Exercise in the office quetta Blog

Busy routine office exercises

Office based exercises

Exercise is the most important part of our life. Most of the people who has office based desk job hardly get any time for exercise. so today we will discuss some exercises with you that you can try at your office. Especially during lockdown.

Also keep these



elastic pull

palm press

a small football for warm up

wrist bands



More information coming soon……

Construction sector in Quetta will see a boom after e copy Blog

Construction sector upbeat, expects boom after Eid

KARACHI: Construction on private sector high-rise projects and public development works in Punjab and Khyber Paktunkhawa partially resumed on Friday after remaining suspended for over a month due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, construction activities in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, have yet to resume as the standard operating procedures (SOPs) have not been finalised, builders claimed on Saturday.

Construction activities at over 500 high-rise buildings and development projects all over the country were halted last month when the pandemic made its way to Pakistan.

On Friday, the government implemented a tax amnesty scheme for the realty sector allowing wealthy people and overseas Pakistanis to invest undeclared money in construction and development sectors to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s economy.

The amnesty scheme, the second offered by the incumbent government in less than a year, only allows builders and developers of housing societies and projects to avail economic incentives of direct and indirect taxes. The duration of completion of the project is 2.5 years for availing the incentives.

Before the issuance of the ordinance, the scheme was approved by the federal cabinet headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The ordinance is titled as the Tax Laws (Amendment) Ordinance 2020. The government has yet to release the ordinance and only issued details of the ordinance.

The indirect beneficiaries of the package are related industries of cement, iron and steel, woodworks, goods transport. The capital gains tax is exempted on the sales of constructed residential property with a maximum land area of 500 sq yard and 4,000 square feet in case of a flat.

No inquiry will be required regarding source of unexplained income of individual builder or developer who invested in an eligible project, any amount invested by a shareholder or partner of a builder or developer as capital or land transfer, on or before December 31, 2020.

Following the approval of the ordinance, builders and developers are upbeat. However, they expect full boom in construction activities after Eidul Fitr. By then, the coronavirus pandemonium would have slowed down too, sector representatives hope.

Around 60 per cent of the construction projects are in Karachi. The cost of each project is not less than Rs3 billion while more than 500,000 people are directly involved in the construction.

Some 50 per cent of construction workers and labour are currently involved in wheat harvesting in Sindh and Punjab and are likely to return to these projects after Eid.

Game changer

Talking to Dawn, Chairman Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) Mohsin Sheikhani said the organisation is in touch with the Sindh government for finalisation of SoPs for construction industry.

He said establishment of Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) would ensure uniform laws in the sector which would allow ease of doing business besides opening doors for local and foreign investment.

Founding Member National Steel Advisory Council and MD Razaque Steel, Irshad Mowjee said the price of steel bars made from billets has risen by Rs2,000 per tonne, followed by Rs6,000-7,000 per tonne rise in steel bar made of scrap in the last one month due to the vulnerable exchange rate.

Fixing time limits for projects and grey structures under construction package would force genuine builders and developers to start construction and would avoid speculation which was always a case with property investments, Mowjee said.

He hoped that foreclosure laws would be given teeth which would allow mortgage companies to easily recover properties in case of default.

Mowjee said committing billions of rupees to Naya Pakistan low income housing projects with substantial tax reductions would be a game changer for the steel industry as demand would rise. Genuine players and finance houses would inject funds to jump start the economy.

Meanwhile, a cement maker said plants in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had reopened. The per day cement sales, which had dropped to 25,000 tonnes per day from 135,000-140,000 tonnes per day prior to Covid-19 lockdown, have now returned to 115,000 tonnes a day.

In Sindh and Balochistan, plant operations have resumed partially. The per day consumption, which was 22,000-24,000 tonnes per day before coronavirus outbreak, plunged to 5,000 tonnes and is now 10,000 tonnes a day.

He said fixing project deadlines under construction package was not feasible as getting NOC for a project requires four to five months period in Sindh and seven to eight months in Punjab.

President Karachi Iron and Steel Merchants Association (KISMA), Shamoon Baqar Ali was highly optimistic over soaring construction activities after Eid.

With the closure of steel markets over a month, importers are unable to clear 80,000 tonnes of flat steel products from the port and are now seeking incentives from the State Bank in this regard.  Dawn news

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Pm announced package for Construction sector.


Pm Imran khan announced a good package for construction sector.

Pm Imran khan announced a huge package for construction sector. Promoted it to industry.

While speaking to media representatives he said it will make daily wage jobs available. A board will manage all matters for the status of industry given. Brazilian president also took same measure in the wake of this epidemic crisis, he said. earlier the government also announced a package for exporters.

package for construction sector in pakistan
Jang news


Incentives for construction sector in Pakistan dawn news
Dawn news.

Main points are as follows.

All the investors of this year will not be asked about the source of income.

It is not for plots. You have to completely construct the building in one year. You have to provide a timeline for the Production.

The fix tax rate will be per feet.

Families exempted from tax

Naya Pakistan workers will pay only ten percent of the fixed tax

30 billion rupees for Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

sales tax level will be brought down.

Construction sector will be given rights of industry and board will be appointed very soon.


This is the rule You have to subsidize the hard workers. Construction is a hard work. Every year labor Die on job at construction sites. it is the overall make up and development on the face of a city. Look around and see for your self what you have.

One of the things is that banks are out of the game over here. Which will save the government some money. Let them make their own organizations handle it.

The only way to put the money on the road is to construct a real estate structure.  When the money gets involved in real estate it gets fixed in the place. It is not as easy to move it compared to cash or other assets. cash can be moved outside of the country. There is a lot of money that wants to enter the main stream business in Pakistan and they want to pay tax.

While there are different organs of this announcement. we do say it is really well crafted. Plain and simple.They set new rules for the business. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that construction sector has recieved such package. This could be a turning point for the economy.



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immune system foods to make it scronger Blog

Immune system

What is immune system?  قوت مدافعت

Immune system is the health safety barrier to unhealthy objects. The body parts and activity that provides defence against germs, toxins and virus.   Immune system is the structure available in the body. It is like any other system. Like nervous system, or endocrine system that is present in living organisms. immune system try to protect you from dying.

Immune system has different layers and various kinds of workers. It is like chess game where every piece has certain usages and moves but all of them protect the king. These cells are so reluctant that they die to quarantine the virus and bacteria. When a person has a wound on finger. White blood cells come to the injured place and protect it from the outside world. The wound gets yellow and watery that is where the fight is going on between virus and immune system.


Immune system is present all across human body.

Parts of the immune system

1 white blood cells, 2 spleen. 3 complement system. 4 antibodies. 5 bone marrow. 6 thymuses. 7 lymphatic system.

Parts of immune system expalined
Parts of immune system expalined

Signs and symptoms of weakness of the system.

Increased stress levels

Frequent attacks of cold

Digestive problems

Injuries and scars take more time to heal

Regular infections

Feeling tired all the time

Improving Immune system

A healthy lifestyle can affect immune system.


Where there is sickness there is sleep. Sleep cures all our disease. A body builder lifting 300 pounds tearing his muscle than cures it with sleep. 10 pm to 2 am is the peak time for immune system to operate on the reconstruction of body. The last time is 9 am in the morning. If you don’t see sun light before 10 am than you also lost the production of dopamine. So early to bed and early to rise.

No smoking: smoking tobacco and consuming substances can seriously hurt your immune system.


Wash hands keep your body and surrounding area clean.

Normal body weight

Reduce stress

The level of happiness will greatly affect the state of your mind, will power and immune system.

Food: honey, lemon, garlic, ginger, mint, yougurt, chicken soup,


foods to make immune system stronger
foods to make immune system stronger

Final solutions

Government should impose late night curfew for people under age of 25 in Quetta city. 1 am to 3 am.  I think this thing is already present in the law that you cannot waste your time. This sleepless generation don’t have a strong immune system. How will they cope with Congo, dengue, tb, or zika virus? Sleep on the right time will make the immune system better. Sleep is cheaper than Corona mask.


Notes provided by asst professor at one of the renowned educational institution in Quetta. edited and typed by makanpoint. 


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Disclaimer note: This article is for educational purpose only.