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Small houses design ideas

Small houses design ideas


Small houses are becming more and more common these days as the property prices are increasing.




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Iqbal center shops and offices

Iqbal center



Note: highlishgts development projects For public information only.

More details coming soon….


Zarghoon housing welfare association Quetta

Zarghoon housing welfare association.
Meeting on 8th of novemner 2020

Zarghoon welfare association is a union of the allotees and residents of the Zarghoon housing scheme. This union has president, chairman, media representative, attorney and other board members and general participants. This Association carry out meetings on timely basis. They also conduct meetings with the DG QDA. The association also publish reports in the national newspapers. They have a website and facebook page. Zhwaq as they call themselves is working successfuly for the development of Zarghoon.




Agenda of the meeting in Feburary 2021

واٹر سپلائی
نیب کیسز
سنگل فیز الیکٹرک کنکشنز
بسنت فیسٹیول موڈیلییٹیز
میونسپل کارپوریشن کا وزٹ
مسجد۔ اسپتال کنسٹرکشن پروگرس
پارکس کی رینویشن
فیملی گروپ
پی ٹی سی ایل
زہواک یوتھ گروپ
زہواک آفس کا قیام




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Zarghoon houisng complete details 


Star martketing property sales event

Star marketing property sales event.

The event is going on at serena hotel Quetta.

Please call Mr Noman Javed 03218207822.


Please call Mr Noman Javed 03218207822.

Do mention when you call.

More information coming soon….

Quetta-car-sale Blog

Quetta car sale

Quetta car sale

This page is about car sale Quetta. soon we will start a new project for automobiles dealing. we will have our own online setup and our showroom at Qcc.

More information coming soon.

For more information please click on the link belwo
Contact us and our car showroom address

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Real estate partner required

Partner (CEO) required

I am looking for a partner. For my real estate office at Shahbaz town. The new property dealer who will join our office will share profit and office expenses.


Job description (Optional)

You will be CEO of our office and head of this business. You will have full authority over the business and staff members. We are looking for a new boss for our office.

Manage real estate dealing.

Work with clients like  real estate buyer and sellers, generate new lead. Find new properties for sell. Establish contacts. Work specially with Buyers. As we get a lot of new buyers through our marketing.

Do marketing.

Mobilize work and staff.

Must be a morning person who can be present no later than 11 am.

You will be doing property investment for yourself and for us.



Minimum 2 years’ experience required. Although many people have contacted us. But we are looking for someone who has high level of experience.

Must have Experience in Samungli road properties Jinnah town private land etc. People who has experience in  zarghoon housing scheme. People who has experience in the emerging markets will also be given importance.

Our office is at Shahbaz town and we usually work on samungli road from Shahbaz town to khazai choke


Benefits that we will give you

You will get equal part of the commission profit.

2 assistants

2 partners

Office keys

WIFI, PTCl phone , print computer lunch etc.

Vising card with your own name.


This is a golden chance for you to join one of the best real estate marketing office in Quetta. You will be the CEO of Makanpoint. And you will have a future with this name.


Our introduction is a real estate dealer office.

We do property sale, purchase and rent.

We do property investment. we also buy property for our selves to sell them on profit.

We are already two partners. And we have two office assistants.


Office address

Our office is at Shahbaz town Quetta. us

Phone and WhatsApp number 03168001000


Coming soon for further reading.

Franchising. Established office required at Nawakilli bypass area.


Note: Below is the urdu translation of the same post. This page was translated with a software. so mistakes are possible in the urdu traslation.


Mutation-intiqal-fard-jamabandi-quetta Blog
Pending projects in Quetta Blog

Pending projects in Quetta

Pending projects in Quetta

Pending projects are those projects which has not been completed since long time. construction projects where some work is still remaing. there are a lot of projects in Quetta which is in uncomplete stage since many years. some of these projects which were suppose to be completed in 2 years are still uncomplete after 40 years. These projects needs some serious attention. uncomplete plazas in the middle of the city is a burden on the city. although it is very dangerous to mention the mistakes of rich and powerful people in Quetta.

Some projects were started only to embazzle money from the public. they were meant to be completed. for example these days the fruadster start private housing schemes selling plot files. these files has not guarantee and some times the actual project has no  visible sign on the ground.

But some projects were started with good intentions by good people. the market crahed the developers announced bankruptcy and the work on these projects was stopped due to financila probelms.


Some of these projects are mentioned as below.

Pasking plaza at circular road

Fc hosuing bacha agha

Chashma norther bypass and its bridges

zarghoon houisng scheme

ayub stadium projects

samungli road exapnsion

Takhtani and shalkot housing scheme



For more infotmation click on the link below

Empty properties

Affordable housing


Cpec and other routes.

Cpec and other routes to Central asia.


In a recent development, Uzebkistanhas agreed to become part of the Quadrilateral Traffic in Transit Agreement (QTTA) that already has been signed among Pakistan, China and kazakhistan.  The QTTA provides an alternative gateway to Central Asia through China. Meanwhile, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has expressed willingness to expand bilateral cooperation in multiple sectors under CPEC. This traffic will move through Quetta.


More information coming soon…..

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karachi to quetta road development


Gasification of zarghoon housing scheme

Gasification of zarghoon housing scheme

Below is a letter wirtten to GM sui gas on 13 august.





For more details about zarghoon housing scheme please click on the link below.
Zarghoon housing complete details