About us

About us

Makan point.com is a real estate website. This platform is for every one whether renting a house or selling a building. We help connect buyers, sellers and other people related to property business. Try it now to connect to the best Property deals.

We offer free services to users for buying selling, renting and learning properties.

Our site has the following features,

  1. Easy gallery.  Call seller from the list to buy property.
  2. Post add of your property to sell property.
  3. Tell us about the property you want.
  4. Advertise with us
  5. New Projects special reviews
  6. On phone call help and support
  7. Live tours of the property right on your phone.
  8. Easy visit to the office.

The idea of making this web portal came up by examining the local real estate market. It is sometimes very hard for working person to find the location he wants to buy in. It may take months. So if you are anywhere in the world and you want to help your family or friends finding a house, you are at the right spot, and this website is for you. Real estate buyers do a lot of research online these days. Here you can find your dream house easily and compare it to other houses. We have a team of hardworking and honest members who wants to help others. We are also in communication with some of the most experienced real estate businesses. We have basic and advance search options to search for property listings. Using our website can bring you a step closer to the best property deal.

The whole idea is to produce the system, which will help general public in beneficial communication producing large quantity of real estate expertise organized into proper, continuous approach helpful for everyone.



Feedback and comments of users are very important for us.  Write to us to make your future experience of this website more user friendly.