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The development of city nala in Quetta.

The development of “CITY NALA” of Quetta.

A boy fell in to city nala and died couple of days ago. It got the attention of the media.

This part of city nala is located between hudda bazar and shahbaz town. Near Faqir abad near Jamia Masjid near mano jan road.

This small route in front of mano jan road can become an interchange.

If only this small part of that Nalla is covered it will become a hub for traffic. it will become a better link from hudda bazar ko koyla pahatak fly over bridge. This will also benefit the new cantonment board school that is built in Phase 3 and the new shops. Phase 3 has only one driving exit right now.  it will remove one of the bottle neck and help traffic flow.

It will also develop mano jan road which connects spinni road fly over bridge. The expansion of sabzal road also connects to this route. Ayub sports complex is at walking distance from this point. Merck marker the multinational pharmaceutical company is also close by.

City Nala has many parts.  it once carried clean water, now sewage.


We will be writing it in further details about this Nala .

Your feedback is important. send us the fairy tails of city nala.

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