Exclusive rights seller agreement

Exclusive rights selling agreement. 

When a seller wants to sell a property the difficult part of it is how to do the marketing of the property. Proper exposure is very important to obtain the right kind of buyer. Its not only about finding a buyer but finding a good buyer with the best and highest offer who can pay on time. Our real estate marketing  generate a lot of buyers in short time and matches the right buyer to the right property. We are here to sale your property for you.


What is Exclusive rights selling agreement.

An exclusive rights property selling agreement means that seller of the property give exclusive rights to one Property dealer to sell his property. These are Selected properties for which we will be the only dealers from the seller side.

This kind of selling agreement between seller of the house and selling dealer is more common in the world.   This kind of contract is compulsory in most countries and most large marketing companies do not provide buyers without having a signed contract.

We hire contracts of houses for marketing to find right buyer that we feel appropriate under similar market conditions

Under this contract we will provide all the marketing cost.


Duration of the contract.

The duration of the contract is 2 weeks to 3 months and if the house doesn’t sell after that time the seller can terminate or extend the agreement.

Cancellation of contract

The seller can cancel the contract at any time.

Expiration time of contract

The contract will expire after certain period of time

The seller can renew the contract.



Special marketing benefits .

The moment we agree to provide marketing for a property as we deem reasonable. It becomes part of our priority list. Priority list or A list properties are the properties which sells within short time of initiation of our real estate marketing. We can provide some of the following services to our clients.

When we select a property for selling we develop special marketing plan for it. We allocate certain assets to it, which would be human resource and other.

We assign this house dealings to one or more of our staff.

We provide the watchman if asked by the seller.

We do marketing of the property, print and online.

We market your property on all major marketing sites and our personal sites.

Sms marketing whatsapp and other.

Bulk mail.

Social media marketing.

Printed boards and panaflex banners.

Special photography services. Pictures and videos for marketing and personnel record of the owner of property.

Marketing can get a higher offer than the seller expected.

We share A List of properties with our trusted network of marketers all over Pakistan.

Arranging open house gatherings, lunches and tea parties for special visitors.

The seller can leave our marketing agreement if they want at any time.


We also bring buyers to your property, without signing this agreement.

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Jinnah town Quetta

Jinnah town Quetta

Jinnah town
is a large housing scheme at samungli road Quetta.  Jinnah town  has residential houses and commercial areas. One of the main location of choice of the people. Jinnah town Quetta is the largest housing development on samungli road. It is administered by cantonment board. Jinnah is sided by IT university on the south, by city school at the east side, Paind khan road at the north side, and samungli road on the south side. Jinnah town is a Porsche area. It has new villas type bungalows. If you want good design for your new house than look at some bungalows at Jinnah town. Price of residential plot  is around 6000 rupees/ feet.

The plots at the north side of Jinnah town are totally underpopulated yet.

Jinnah town  property is one solid investment. one of the best thing to consider is the transparency. Quetta cantonment board over looks the transfer and taxation of property. Jinnah town Quetta is a kind of recession proof property. The Property prices in Jinnah town Quetta never goes very high in the boom time and as it never goes high it never falls as bad as compared to other private properties around jinnah town. The prices are always stable its also because of the better tax system that applies on the property of Jinnah town.



The commercial area is getting bigger with new buildings having apartments and front showrooms. The central chorangi of Jinnah town is populated by restaurant bakeries super store and recently a new bank branch. Next to commercial area is a Jamia massjid. Jinnah town mosque is said to be one of the biggest mosques in Quetta. It is located near the commercial area. Commercial area is apread around the central round about with double lane roads in all four directions. These roads has green belt between the two lanes. This area is popular with Shops plazas restaurants and a bank. There are about 70 commercial plots in this area most of which is available for construction.

Quetta cantoenment board is planning to make schools for boys and girls separately, colleges  and hospital in Jinnah town in the near future.  QCB has more plots in Jinnah town which it will be developing in timely basis. When Jinnah town comes to its final shape it will be one of the most attractive location in Quetta city.


Click on the list of Properties below to see further details. 

Houses for sale in Jinnah town Quetta. Click here to see list 

Houses for rent in Jinnah town Quetta. click here to see list.

Properties available near Jinnah town Quetta. 


Size of residential plots in Jinnah town.

120 square yards (1080 square feet)

240 square yards (2160 square feet)

415 square yards (3735 square feet)

600 square yards (5400 square feet)


Jinnah town map has the following plots.

10 plots for  park

1 plot for ground in front of samungli housing shceme.

2 plots for hospitals

1 plot for library

3 plots for mosques of which one is completed and 1 underconstruction.

2 plots for service stations

1 plot for petrol pump

70 commercial plots


List of educational institutions in Jinnah town Quetta.

City school Jinnah town quetta. City smart school. First step. Junior branch. Crescent public school. Government girls high school. Legends hall school and college. The Educators school. My school .Pak turk school junior campus. Pak arab school. Lahore grammar school. Wisdom school. Pearl institute of It and management . Pak japan Centre. NUML university (national university of modern sciences). Government elementary college for women. Government Girls College. BUITEMS university



Jinnah town is one of the best locations in Quetta city and will become better when all the plots are built as planed. We will be further expanding this artile and adding more information about Jinnah town. 



Jinnah town jamia masjid

Jinnah town commercial area
Jinnah town Quetta- commercial area


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