Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

Chiltan housing scheme is located on Airport road Quetta. It is developed by Quetta developemeny Authority. It has residential and commercial plots.  Chiltan housing consist of two parts main chiltan houisng scheme which is close to airport road and chiltan housing scheme extention, which is behind it. chiltan housing scheme is one of the most green housing society of Quetta.

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Size of residential plots in Chiltan housing scheme.

80 square yards (720 square feet)

200 square yards (1800 square feet)

400 square yards (3600 square feet)

600 square yards (5400 square feet)

There is a Family park at chiltan housing scheme close to the commercial area. The size of the park is 78,500 square feet.




Chiltan housing scheme Quetta

Chiltan housing scheme extention


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List of most expensive properties in the world

The world is full of rich people. But there are some insanely rich people who love luxurious lives so much that they spend billions of money on buying properties. They have an interest in the property and they know that life is short, so spending and enjoying is the only way to have fun. There are so many expensive properties all over the world but I’ve collected information about some of them from different sources for your knowledge. So be ready to get shocking and interesting information about the properties all around the world.

  1. Kingston Palace, London:


It is owned by “Lakshmi Mittal” an Indian tycoon. It costs almost $89.4 Million dollars. It is located in “Billionaire’s row” London where much other expensive properties are located. Lakshmi Mittal calls his house “Taj Mahal”. It is renovated with marble, sourced from the same quarry as actual Taj Mahal. It was 57 million when he bought it. There are many bedrooms, swimming pool, baths and picture gallery. It is 55000 square feet.

  1. Hearst Castle, California:

It is worth 191 million dollars. It is owned by William Randolph Hearst’s trustees. It is located in California. It is now a monument and an attractive place for tourists. It was featured in the film “The God Father” which made it more famous. There are 27 bedrooms in it. There is a ticket to enter and visit this beautiful place. It is considered to be the famous museum of USA.

  1. Antilia, Mumbai India:

It is worth almost 1 billion dollars. It is owned by Indian business tycoon “Mukesh Ambani”. It was designed by architects Perkins and Wills. It is one of the most expensive houses in the whole world. It is a 27 story building touching the sky. There is a space for a ballroom, gardens, helipads, home theater, hundreds of cars and much more.

  1. 15 Central Park West, New York City:

It is worth 59 million dollars, located in New York City, The city of lights. The city is full of expensive properties and rich people. It’s a 40th-floor penthouse, consisting of 53000 square feet area. There are 4 bedrooms, a library with a personal bar and 5 and a half bathrooms.

  1. Ellison Estate:

Its cost is almost 200 million dollars. It is located in California along Woodside. It is owned by Larry Ellison, 3rd richest man in the world and co-founder of Oracle. It has an artificial lake, a tea house, a bath house and a Kai pond. Its view is really beautiful. Consisting of 10 buildings, this property gives eyes a soothing effect and mind a pleasant feeling.

  1. Villa-Leopolda, France:

It is worth of almost 750 million dollars. The current owner of this house is Lily Safra the widow of Edmond Safra. It is located in France. It was built in 1902. Its space is 50 acres consisting of 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. This house is featured in famous movies named “The red shoes” and “To catch a thief”. It consists of a helipad, outdoor kitchen, and a vast pool.

  1. Promised Land – Montecito:

Its value is 90 million dollars. It is owned by Oprah Winfrey, also called the Queen of Media. It is located in California. It is almost 40 acres consisting of a tennis court, tea house, 6 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms artificial pond and much more. This mansion has houses scattered all around USA, Chicago. It seems to be most outstanding.

  1. Xanadu 2.0, Medina, Washington:

It costs 125.5million dollars. It is owned by Bill gates, the famous co-founder of Microsoft. It is located in Washington. It is a modern designed high tech property named after the title character in “Citizen Kane”. This house has all the modern technology like temperature changes etc. There is a pool, gym, library, halls, garage and other amenities.

  1. Palazzo di Amore, Beverly Hills, California:

Located in California, this house cost 195 million dollars. It is owned by Mogul Jeff Greene. It is the country most expensive house. It consists of garden and a big revolving dance can accommodate almost 1000 people at a single time for a party. It consists of theater, bowling alley, 23 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, waterfalls, reflecting pools and a garage. It has 53000 square feet of space.

  1. Buckingham Palace, London:

It is located in London. It is worth of 1.6 billion dollars. It is owned by the queen of England Elizabeth II. It has 19 staterooms, 52 bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, 188 staffrooms, and 92 offices. This house is not for sale. It is very beautiful and when a person sees it he can’t stop seeing it.

11. Pent house at Tour Odeon, Monte Carlo, Monaco:

It is called the most expensive penthouse in the world. Its doors are not opened till yet. Its expected cost is 400 million dollars. It is located in Monaco. It is a skyscraper, 560 feet tall. It is 35500 square feet’s apartment.  It is second tallest building on the Mediterranean skyline after its completion. It is shiny and opulent 49 story building. It will be opened in spring 2015. It will feature the 360-degree view of the water and will have a water slide.

12. Fair Field Sagaponack, New York:

It is a 63-acre oceanfront compound. It is located in The Hamptons. It is valued at around $248.5 million. It’s owned by billionaire investor Ira Rennert.

Nearby residents complained that an 110,000-square-foot home would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. Rennert built the home anyway, but now Southampton homes can’t be more than 20,000 square feet.

Fair Field has 29 bedrooms, bowling alley, its own power plant, three swimming pools, 39 bathrooms a synagogue, two courtyards, an orangery, a 164-seat home theater, basketball court and

There are so many other expensive houses all around the world. This shows the trend of property buying. Every house is beautiful in its own way. The increasing trends of skyscrapers houses show that in the future there will be more sky high building and the world will be full be beautiful and amazing property.


How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.

How to protect your home from the heat of the sun in summer.


Take start from outside

Take a round of your entire home back and front. Observe carefully that if there is a crack or any other problem with the walls of your home, from which the heat of the sun can directly entre inside the house, Fix all the problems by yourself.

Take a round of the windows

If the windows in your house is probably old there is any other problem with the windows, and they need to replace. Then replace them, but if you cannot afford it then repair the old ones. By painting them with white color because except black color all other colors reflect the heat of the sun. If in the winter they caught rust, then first clean them properly and then give them paint.

Make shade of a big board

Make a shade of big plastic board. But if it is so expensive, then the same type of shade you can make from big cloth like the cloth of simple and cheap curtain cloth. Buy a big cloth and make a shade, then tie and fix it above the front door. Tie it before sunrise and untie it after the sunset.

Also take a round of the doors

See all the doors of your home carefully.

Take a start from the front door. If the front door is made of wood then there is no problem, but if the door is made up of iron or steel that can conduct heat then you have to paint it with white color like the roof and windows of your home, but if they are already have a fresh color then there is no problem with it.

Roof tops

Also have a look of the roof tops. Make sure that the roof tops of your house is in good condition. Paint roof with white color and look for any problem that need to be repaired then repair it.

Polystyrene Insulation


Also apply Polystyrene Insulation on the roof tops. Is another type of insulation that is used to keep houses cool in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. However, the solid form of polystyrene with no pores is a better option for insulation of house. While making house that is the best time for the installation of polystyrene with sheets are placed within the wall bricks and topped with cement. Unfortunately, if you missed the installation of the polystyrene sheets during the construction process, then you can still add polystyrene sheets after the construction and top them with a layer of cement later. But, this process is a little bit worthy.

Taking a look to the lawn

If you have a lawn in your house good, also take a round of it. Grow grasses and Shrubs in your lawn. If your lawn is large in size then also plant some trees in it. You have no need to keep a gardener, but you can maintain your lawn beautifully by taking help from the internet and reading some books. Help means that to know about the plants that which plant grows in summer, which grows in winter, which plant grows soon and which grows late. If you plant a shady tree like the tree of grapes and the tree of apples it will make your lawn and house cool and fresh.

Now take a look inside

First check all the electronic devices. Like refrigerator, AC, charger and other devices. If the devices like fridge and AC in your home are old, then you need to maintain them. Fro protecting yourself from high electricity bills, then you will have to use the electronic devices like charger, TV, fan, computer and AC with care, care means that when these devices will not be in use unplug them you will safe from high bills. Fridge and similar devices produces heat so keep them outside of living room or area.

Take a round to the windows from inside

Check all your windows from inside the house. Also white wash the windows from inside. If it is not in your budget than you can only color windows from outside, then you have to make curtains of such a thin type that only passes light.

How to make a room cool without AC

IF your AC is not working properly, you can’t pay the electric bills of your AC, You can’t afford an AC and you want to make your room cool. Then you have to keep open the curtains of the rooms after the sunset and close them back after the sun shine.

IF your room have a window which is open in your lawn keep it open all the time.

You have a fan, if you are not in the room then turn on the fan, but close the door and windows. When you come back to the room turn off the fan and only open that window which opens in the lawn of your home.

If your room have no such type of window then if possible make a window of such a type that opens in your lawn.

Professional services

There are a lot of companies who provide professional help. Makanpoint also provide similar services. So if polystyrene Insulation



The trend of apartments in Pakistan

Trend of Apartments in Pakistan
An apartment is a small kind of house that contains bedrooms, baths, a lounge, kitchen and maybe a drawing room sometimes. most of the apartments has reserve parking and they are located in colony type areas. An apartment looks a like a room from outside and a building contains several apartments. An apartment may also be called as a flat.

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Everybody likes to live in a huge house that contains big bedrooms, huge halls lawn etc. But as we all know Pakistan is a developing country, here most of the people are unemployed. Jobs are less, people searching for jobs are more. Even those who have jobs don’t get much salary to fulfill all their needs. In this situation, a good house is enough for these people. People search for cheap houses but a separate house nowadays is not at all cheap. Even if you build a house by investing your money still it would be really difficult. So apartments are a solution for this problem. An apartment is just like a house but it’s cheap. It has several other advantages too. So people in Pakistan are getting attracted towards it.

Let’s talk about trends


now let’s talks about the trends of apartments in several big cities of Pakistan one by one. First talk about the capital of Pakistan that is our beloved Islamabad. Islamabad is not a big city but it is one of the famous cities of Pakistan. It is mostly known for its peace and beauty. It doesn’t contain that rush other cities have. As Islamabad is a beautiful city so it’s not that cheap. In fact, it is really expensive. It is included in the ten most beautiful cities in the world. The rate of the property is quite high there. According to dawn news the following areas of federal ca

How to decorate a luxury bungalow

How to decorate a luxury bungalow

What is a bungalow?

It’s a huge house with many storeys. It contains many rooms like big lounge or hall, a huge kitchen and many bedrooms. As it a huge house so decorating it in a way that it will be attractive is quite difficult. But don’t be tensed, there are many ways to decorate it luxuriously so that whenever someone comes to your bungalow he would not be able to control himself from admiring it. As you’ve spent so much on buying a bungalow you must have to spend on its decoration too, but that would not be a problem for a millionaire who has bought a bungalow.

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Let’s start from outside

Let’s start. The porch of your bungalow must be neat and proper. There must a garden as people like to sit there. Place some chairs and a table in your garden. Garden must contain fresh plants. Assign a gardener to do this job. Keeping your garden clean will have a good effect on your health too. If you’ve extra space you can make a small swimming pool too. Put chairs and table across it to sit. Having a swimming pool in summers is great fun. You can invite your friends or family to join you in swimming. This will help in remaining fresh in summers. You can have a barbeque grill there too. After a swim, having barbeque with your friends will certainly make your day. If you still have space (as it’s a bungalow) you can a small basketball court too. If you have kids or you’re young or interested in sports this will be a perfect thing for you. You can play in your free time. This will also make your game strong.

Moving towards inside

TV Lounge

Now talk about the inside of the house. The passage must be decent. Placing things that doesn’t suit or looks extravagant will have negative effect. Decorating lounge properly is very important as it’s the place where everyone sits together.  A TV lounge definitely contains a TV. Place a shelf for TV so that you can also put VCR and CD player etc. there. Lounge must have sofas and a table.  You can also place a crockery showcase. The good crockery that you don’t use daily can be placed there. Some guests or family members who don’t like to sit and lay there. A side table along with sofas is perfect. You can place different decoration pieces and your telephone there. You can hang some decoration pieces on the wall too. Curtains must be matching to your sofas. The other furniture like tables and TV shelf must be according to the color of the room too. For example the walls are of light brown color so place sofas of chocolate brown color with curtains of the same color. Other furniture like shelf can be dark brown. This will definitely give a soothing effect to eyes.


Dining Room

A dining room must be simple. Place a simple dining table. Wooden dining tables are now a days very popular. They make the look of the dining room really classy. You can place small tables at the corner and put some vases there.


Bedroom?  It’s a private place so you can decorate it completely like you want. But your guests or friends like to visit bedroom too so it should be attractive too. Use good lightening. Place more bulbs and put some table lamps too. You can paint the wall completely of one color or you can use pattern or designs.  Put good and bright color carpets. Place a bed of your choice for example single or double. There must be a dresser too. A full long mirror with a table to put your stuff will be good. Or you can also have a dressing table. Put some sofas across dressing table.

If you have extra bedrooms left that are of no use because you small number of family members then there are so many things you can utilize them into.

  1. A guest room: We all are familiar with guest rooms. There are some guests who like to stay for night or two with you. You don’t want them to disturb in your privacy in bedroom so you let them spend the night in guest room. Guest room must be very decent and comfortable. Wall colors and print must not be too bright. There must a bed so they can sleep properly. Having a mirror is a must too because guest may need to get dressed next day. You can place tables and chairs too.
  2. A gym: It may sound ridicules but having a gym in your own house will save your time and make your house look more luxurious. You can buy different exercise items and put them in that room. Those items are expensive so you can only buy if you’re rich (that you definitely are because you have that bungalow haha!). You can make that gym commercial or you can only use it for yourself and your friends and family.


Bathrooms are necessity and frequently used part of your house. A bathroom can be simple but decorating it will make it more interesting. Use the paint wisely. Colors combinations like light and dark blue would be perfect. Place a bathtub with a shower. Use curtains around it. Make cabinets which will be useful and also look really nice. Separate bathrooms and separate toilets would be perfect. Use good quality accessories like sink and taps.

Drawing Room

Drawing room is mostly used by guests. It is the part of the house that is not opened until some guests come. So it must be really decent and elegant. Use classical colors paints. Curtains and carpets should not be too bright. Put sofas and table that match each other accessories of the room. Put vases with fake roses and other decoration pieces on table. Don’t put TV there as it may not look proper. Decorate walls with sceneries that are decent.

The decoration of your house depends upon your choice but if you want to make it impressive so that your guests and friends would admire it, you should follow some rules. By making good combinations and keeping certain things in mind you can make your bungalow the best and the most impressive.

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Written by Makanpoint staff.

Housing schemes in Quetta

Names of housing schemes in Quetta

Agha siraj housing scheme

Ahmed villas

Airport villas

Anwar homes

al hamza housing scheme

Al khair housing scheme

A one city housing, Barori road

Asif avenue

Baba fareed housing scheme

Benavolent fund housing scheme

BismiAllah housing scheme

Chashma housing scheme

Chiltan housing scheme

Chaman housing scheme

Civic housing scheme

Eman city housing scheme, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3.

Faryal housing scheme

Garden town, Chashma. Pictures

Gulistan town survey 482/2

Gulshan e afrasiab

Gulshan e Jinnah

Gulshan e Khalid

Gulshan e Najeed

Gulshan e sami

Gulistan town housing scheme “Baleli”

Jabl e noor housing scheme. click here for Pictures

Jinnah town

Kasi town “Baleli”

Khan zada villas

Madrasa road housing scheme

Madina housing scheme

Model town

Model town extention

Manaeel housing scheme

Muslim town

Rabi villas

Railway housing society “Joint road”

Railway housing society “barori road”

Rehman town, Nawa killi

Quetta.  click for Image

Quetta avenue housing scheme “Saeed aveneue”

Satellite town

Samungli road . click for details.

Samungli housing scheme

Sangeen housing shceme

Sanober housing shceme

Survey 144

Survey 31

Survey 53

Survey 57

survey 439 -446

Survey 514

Shahbaz town

Shah jeez villas

Shahriar housing scheme

Shalkot houisng scheme, Western bypass Quetta

Shandar Housing scheme

Sharjah town “Nawa killi”

Subhan avenue

Standard bungalows

Taughi housing scheme

Takhtani housing “Sasti basti” on eastern bypass

Wahdat colony

Wapda cooperative housing society

Yousaf homes

Zartaj housing scheme

Zarghoon abad Nawa killi

Zarghoon housing scheme

Pictures of zarghoon housing scheme

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