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Dha Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta

Defense housing authority Quetta

Defense housing authority make housing schemes, maintain them and provide municipal services in its area.  Dha is planning to launch housing society in Quetta. The project is not officially announced and  the location of the society is yet unknown. there is very little information available right now. But the office of Dha is already in place.

The news paper adds by DHA

After the newspaper adds by DHA authorities things became very clear that there will be some high quality housing in Quetta.

Dha  published an add  to make them a logo. This add said that the logo and motto of Dha quetta are in making. Please send us your ideas and suggestions for the new logo. The suggestions can be submitted up till 15 feburary 2017.

Add published by Dha

Dha published another add in newspaper about hiring people for management and office. Which consisted of list of positions. These postions were office management people to driver and cook. the add was published on june 25 2017.

Add in the newspaper for hiring staff


Location of Dha is unknown right now. location has not been announced yet.  but there is general speculation that it has to be close to the city and must have some direct link road to Quetta airport. It should be constructed in an area where the ground water level is sufficient enough. which means the north eastern or western part of the city. hanna lake dam spin karez dam and now mangi dam are close to this area.

Land acquisition has not officially started yet. but general public is showing interest in the speculated areas. We at receive calls from karachi. people call us from karachi and islamabad and ask us to buy them land in those locations in acres.


Other housing societies by Dha in different cities of Pakistan. 

Dha has made housing housing societies in other cities of Pakistan. All of these societies are successful.

Islam abad Dha

Islamabad Dha

Lahore Dha

Karachi dha

Karachi dha

multan dha

Multan dha

Peshawar dha

Quetta needs housing more than any other city. The launching of Dha in Quetta will normalize the high price of land in Quetta.

It is too early for speculations and there is not enough information available. we advice to wait for the official announcement.




Makan point writes articles about different housing societies in Quetta. Writing mistakes are possible. This is not an official page. This information is only for the education of public.


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