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Dha Quetta file

It’s a promise from a branch of state. They sign a pact that will sustain its authenticity. They write that they bound their selves to provide the land. now this is called power of the state. Its almost the same thing like a currency note or prize bond certificate. It definitely has value . like any other commodity Property of dha Quetta will go up and down.  the value of the files will be directly proportional to development. Lucky people may get the advantage of an unpredictable announcement.

Dha Quetta files are in the market. below is a sample of the original file.   ITs 2 pages of text on, 2 pages of affidavit worth 200 rupees.

DHA QUETTA FILE NO:  _xyz__/___ OF CASE NO _abc/_/_

       DHA Quetta hereby bounds itself to allocate 1 Kanal(500 Square Yards) residential file (plot) of

Undeveloped land to _Makanpoint.com______________ S/O _____________ (CNICNo: ______________) against sale of

Land to this authority vide Case No __/__/__.

       Land Directorate of DHA Quetta will issue intimation Letter on production of this Affidavit, duty filled with following details of the nominated person in respect of whom the plot is required to be allocated:-

       Name:                    ___________________________________________________________

      S/0 DO/WO/:      ____________________________________________________________

      CNIC No:                ____________________________________________________________

     Resident of:           _____________________________________________________________


  1. Possessor of this Affidavit File shall be fully responsible to ensure safeguards against loss/ damage/ theft DHA Quetta shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in this regard and no duplicate/ copy of this Affidavit shall be issued against loss/ theft or damage to the extent detrimental to veracity of the document.
  2. This affidavit can be verified from DHA Quetta as and when deemed necessary.
  • After nominating a person, the Allottee his/ her legal heirs shall be deemed to have received cost of the file and DHA Quetta shall have no liability at any stage.
  • If at any stage the sale/ title of the land is found to be faulty/ illegal/ irregular, DHA Quetta will have the right to cancel/ withhold this plot file on legal grounds or recover the cost of faulty land from the Allottee or his/ her legal heirs as the case may be.
  • This Affidavit should be sold/ purchased through authorized/ registered dealers of DHA Quetta.
  • Do not remove the currency Note attached, without which the Affidavit will not be accepted.

Signature & Thumbs Impression of Allottee:                          



(CNICNo: _________________)

Major                                                                                    Lieutenant Colonel

 Assistant Director Land                                                  Director Land

                                                                                                                                          Date: ___________


       It is certified that I, _____________ S/O ___________ (CNIC No:                                         ), have received following 27 x Affidavit Files from DHA Quetta against acquisition of land vide Case No __/__/__:-

Ser. File No Ser. File No Ser. File No

              HANDED OVER BY                                                                          RECEIVED BY

Signatures:         __________________                                         Signatures:    _________________

Rank:                  __________________                                          Name:            __________________

Appointment:   __________________                                          CNIC No:        __________________

Place:                __________________                                         Date:              ________

Those people who want to file their land should contact us. We help you achieve incentives. .

If your land exists anywhere in the locations of Dha than call us. We will send you a lot of information on whatsapp. Most people who call us are not sure if they can establish trust on the basis of internet marketing. But when they start receiving prospecting matter they remember ourname. Most people who visit our office establish trust in the first 30 minutes. Some how people are developing land and its moving toward better and better condition.

Dealing in acres is a very interesting factor. its rough walkin and tough talking. We in our sphere of influence can contact and provide the right type of Local MALIK SAHAB. Kind of people who have very good reputation. We are the  locals of the locations.

Fore more information please call us. 

0316 8001000  –  0812 841000  –  0812 842000



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